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  1. is quite chirpy!

  2. Wonder if God will take a swap, we'll have Houston back!
  3. Oh Whitney was a Wednesdayite, And it did come to pass, She prophecied we'd lose to Stevenage, So she submerged herself in the bath!
  4. Not worth the steam off my ****! Megson wants to sod off now and get his holiday booked.
  5. Shall I explain my argument in crayon? I would LOVE to be able to work. I would love not to have the physical issues I have and therefore pay over £300 a season to go and watch wee wee poor football and not care, to travel 60 miles plus round trip at extra expense. The issue is not the disability, the issue is the differential in pricing policy in the first place and the fact that some of you seem to be under the illusion that we as disabled people actually enjoy going for free. If I had the choice between going for free and being able to have a normal life, which do you think I and many others would choose? You want to pay £300 to watch dross, feel free. You want to pay £100 to watch dross feel free. To be quite honest, I feel like anyone who has paid to go this season should be refunded because yet again we're met with excuse after excuse as to the constant failings of this club. The whole thing stems back to Dave Richards et al. Yes that's Latin. See, not a fool. fools cannot understand the basis of an argument, let alone offer an eloquent retort when confronted.
  6. Maybe this is the initial issue. As far back as I can remember this is the case. I did a BND in Business & Finance, so whilst I can see that the levy is making use of situations to make further monies, even if its on a smaller scale than a season ticket. What I do not understand is why it took the club so long to make this decision and why indeed it has come out of the blue. Combine this factor with the delicious irony of a relegation and you can see my point.
  7. A fool with the eloquence to illustrate frustration and anger. One would suggest you go read a dictionary.
  8. Previously disabled people have gone free of charge with a helper, the club then decided without warning to start charging £100 a season to go to the games. Bearing in mind I travelled from Huddersfield, then taking into consideration the complete dross served up by Wednesday this season, who in their right mind when not in the financial position is going to pay £100 to go and watch a team SURRENDER to relegation, you may say the team played well yesterday, which may be the case, but this is a season long problem. I've supported this club since I was a little boy, left Sheffield, continued to support the team, travelled regularly and on occasion paid over the odds and what have I to show for it, 1 CUP SUCCESS and a few promotions, and FIVE RELEGATIONS. This club is rotten from top to bottom.
  9. I used to be a West Stand regular as part of the disabled support, but due to not living in Sheffield and transport issues, plus the levy of a £100 fee for a disabled season ticket, I elected not to go this season. How glad I am. Passionless, Pathetic and P*ss poor. You can shove it. This squad could not fight their way out of a kindergarten much less a paper bag.
  10. Oh supposedly Cardiff 05 was supposed to be a new dawn, maybe Cardiff 2010 might actually bear this promised change then, cos we went up in 05 and bugger all on the playing side has changed, apart from all our best players being sold and us ending up back in the crap.
  11. Shocking. Could be the first manager (probably) to relegate two teams from two separate divisions in one season. and I know Irvine's been here since January, but what changes have been made?
  12. There is an overwhelming sense of Passimism amongst all those concerned with the club at the moment. No spelling error. Pass-a-mistic. From the latin "worst". A state of mind whereby fans of Sheffield Wednesday consult a fortune teller to find out where the next complete pass of a football from a player in a blue and white shirt to a player in a blue and white shirt may occur.
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