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    RIP Ian (Milkshake) Hemingway

    Rest in Peace Ian. Didn't know him well but met and spoke to him at the ACL games and he was always so friendly and chatty to everyone down there.
  2. As far as I know he wasn't offered a deal here. He did get a nasty injury around the time which put him out for a few weeks but shortly after he signed for Nuneaton from Worksop. Played for our U23s on trial and scored
  3. Steve_Whitton

    Remember David Hirst doing this?

    Think it was because they needed a professional so as not to smash the camera. The advert was done in slow motion apart from the last bit
  4. Steve_Whitton

    FF twitter

    Poor? 2 assists will do nicely. He was immense for the first goal
  5. Steve_Whitton

    'Spend whatever is necessary'

    OK I could be wrong. Still wouldn't trust that translator!
  6. Steve_Whitton

    'Spend whatever is necessary'

    Did Chansiri actually say this? No he didn't. Pearson said that Chansiri would spend whatever is necessary.
  7. Steve_Whitton


    All 3 clearly told the bench they were carrying knocks. The changes were forced
  8. Steve_Whitton

    Our groundsman

    Slight problem here. Our groundsman didn't say that the pitch has improved. The article says the pitch has improved. Your attributing a quote to him that he didn't say
  9. Steve_Whitton


    "yeah cus we are now playin really exciting stuff.." Agreed. I look forward to the calls for Gray to come back in 12 months time
  10. Steve_Whitton


    "Think Meggo took the pride with him when he went gardening" Took his sh#t football with him too