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  1. bobtheowl

    Caption this

    I meant resign goddamnit!!!
  2. bobtheowl

    Joost Van Aken

    Agree 100 %. How anyone thinks player bashing benefits the club in any way, especially with our limited squad (in certain positions) and slim chance of adding to it is beyond me. Let's try and support every player we have, on and off the pitch. After all, that is our job, and apart from spending money it's the only thing we can do to help improve our situation. If you need to boo, please save it for those that don't put in the effort, or better still, the opposition. Who knows? It might even gain us a few more points!!!
  3. bobtheowl

    Heres summat radical

    Sometimes Owlstalk/the average fan offers up good ideas. I wonder how often these make it to someone in a position to implement them?
  4. "Any punishment for breach of the rules will be determined by an independent panel (the ‘Fair Play Panel’). But what are the potential punishments? Previously the Football League has only been able to either; fine promoted clubs (a fine the Premier League didn’t help them collect), or impose a transfer embargo for historic overspending (which always like a stable-door/horse scenario). With this change, a wide range of punishments are now available. Nothing is off the table; the Football League are now able to impose a points deduction during the current season, or demote a club from an automatic promotion position into the play-offs (or out of the play-offs altogether). Transfer embargoes are also available (with the earliest one potentially applying during the Summer (2017) Transfer window." Thanks for the info OP. Not sure I like the sound of this though! Let's hope Chansiri's Monday night optimism amounts to something...
  5. A little different to mine!
  6. bobtheowl

    Any live feed for today??

    Channel 734 freeview.
  7. bobtheowl

    I don't want Forestieri

    There have been many times both this season and last (and I'm sure there will be more) that if Forestieri wasn't on the pitch we wouldn't have won. He is one of our most important players and I honestly believe that in spite of the Norwich situation, he loves playing for us. Can we stop trying to create issues when really we should be supporting our whole team? UTO
  8. I have a seat number, it was allocated when I chose my block.
  9. bobtheowl


    Great read which I'm sure sums up a lot our fans feelings right now.
  10. bobtheowl

    New club crest

    This has been my avatar from the beginning.......I love it. So far, this season has been great but I truly believe next season will be memorable one for all Owls fans, for all the right reasons.
  11. I'm sorry, but why does it bother you that it's on sale? As you said, no-one is forcing anyone to buy it. They will put limited numbers in the shop for those that would moan if it wasn't on sale. Simple supply and demand. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if we hadn't drawn Newcastle in the cup.
  12. An adequate necessity. Well done Wednesday.
  13. bobtheowl

    hows it pronounced?

    Thanks for that dmw. I think I'll stick to his first name, or just say it in Yorkshire though.