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  1. glosowl


    Millwall away last season was the one for me, he should have gone as soon as he announced that line up
  2. We wouldn’t be as bad as this under Carlos, and I agree it was time for change but this has been a disgrace of a change
  3. Carlos out!!!! oops what a mistake that was
  4. glosowl


    Trying on iPhone, will only offer me the listen live option, had no issue last week watching the rangers game
  5. glosowl

    Play-off tickets

    Yes, same with me, was going to wait a few days, then ring if nothing has arrived.
  6. I used mine as a school jumper back in primary school, happy days.
  7. @TransferCentreL: Blackburn Rovers have rejected an enquiry from Sheffield Wednesday for winger Ben Marshall. http://t.co/35KyWJY2wc
  8. glosowl

    The new home shirt

    you do know you don't have to buy it
  9. glosowl

    our fans tonight

    Sat in the opposite end to our fans, sounded great all game
  10. glosowl


    Probably had no chance to sign him whilst Hull were in the FA cup