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  1. Millwall away last season was the one for me, he should have gone as soon as he announced that line up
  2. Hi ReginaldD, i’ll Start the bidding at £40 good luck with ride and fundraising, great effort so far
  3. We wouldn’t be as bad as this under Carlos, and I agree it was time for change but this has been a disgrace of a change
  4. glosowl

    FIFA 18

    I’m an old fella, didn’t realise such things were an option, I’ll ask my son to give it a try. Thanks for the tips
  5. glosowl

    FIFA 18

    I only play on career mode and I’m finding it barmy, i’m no good at the game but have lost games 6-3, 5-3 and 4-3 with a 3-3 draw and a 4-3 win in my first five games, real arcade feel to it compared to last years game
  6. glosowl

    FIFA 18

    So disappointed with cm this year, the games are far too high scoring, it’s like basketball just like fifa of old
  7. Trying on iPhone, will only offer me the listen live option, had no issue last week watching the rangers game
  8. Yes, same with me, was going to wait a few days, then ring if nothing has arrived.
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