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  1. I don’t know. all I know is he overpriced it because he didn’t want the job & it was like talking to a brick wall. They wanted to reuse/modify/bodge what was already in place.
  2. This. my mates company went to quote the job. as you can expect it can be very hard to explain to DC & co.
  3. A lot of the lights either don’t work or damaged. The ground currently scrapes through the lux test by the skin of its teeth.
  4. Mercenary. took the club on a ride & should’ve been sold after the Norwich debacle.
  5. The players were asked not to go to Manchester on a Christmas do . 100%. They went anyway. hard to say whether this is cause of the outbreak though.
  6. There’s a few players that need long contract offers based on the under 18’s game last night. about time we started producing & making money on academy players
  7. https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-12-09/fa-youth-cup-live-stream-southampton-fc-vs-sheffield-wednesday-third-round-december-2021
  8. I received a email this morning confirming they’d processed the purchase for me after informing them of the error message
  9. Anyone found a way around this? multi season ticket holder using refunded cash…
  10. Middlewood road is full of fallen trees
  11. On the way to Grimsby early 00’s I said to my mates I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna catch the match ball today…. I did
  12. I think that ‘rumour ‘ was regarding the old police place around the corner
  13. I’ve heard we’re acquire the Jubilee sports club on claywheels lane. doing it up and putting 3G pitches on etc
  14. Ruined some classic shirts there (worth some good money)
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