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  1. We should’ve sold to the highest bidder after the Norwich debacle. got his pay rise & done fizz all for 2 years+ (bar a wonder goal) mercenary.
  2. The vast majority of the team is soft & bottlers. ...bottle 50/50’s ...don’t back each up in confrontations. why didn’t our players kick up any sort of fuss with that challenge? we need a squad overhaul. We won’t get out of the league with such players.
  3. Westwood odubajo lees iorfa fox harris bannan lee murphy fletcher nuhiu
  4. Westwood odubajo lees iorfa fox harris bannan lee murphy fletcher nuhiu
  5. Beattie in. bullen / Thompson down to under 23’s
  6. Jaguar building on it (if/when permission is granted) DC met with the owners but they were way off in valuations. they expected him to get back in touch when/if we got promotion....could be a long wait!
  7. 4 points minimum required there. we look a far more dangerous side playing two up top so hope we keep it that way.
  8. Nuhiu has had a bit of a fall out with LB I believe
  9. Westwood odubajo lees borner palmer hutchinson bannan luongo harris fletcher murphy Basically screwed if Fletcher gets injured & we persist with the formation. Joao was a player who could do the role (not as good!)
  10. He’s struggling in the system we’re playing. Loungo-Lee-Bannan-Hutchinson to choose from in the midfield 3. The role doesn’t suit Reach.
  11. We need to use the money on a couple of replacements or it’s a pointless move.
  12. Maybe so but he’ll always possess the attributes to cause teams major problems. he needs to be the main man at a club.....Maybe he’ll get that at reading. Him & the big striker who scored against us Saturday could form a decent partnership
  13. None of our remaining strikers have the talent & technical ability that Joao possesses. Antonio used to receive the same stick about his work rate (some of it justified on both accounts) and we all know how that ended up. 5m-7m is a great price for reading imo.
  14. CC’s training (or lack of) methods were just as bad
  15. It did go under a major refurb & to be fair most of it needed doing. Bruce just pushed for it to be done.
  16. He’s still off though...
  17. He was having a meeting with DC 2-3 hours ago at the ground.
  18. Jansson & Pinnock at the back. A potentially brilliant partnership.
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