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  1. It would take a lot for me to part with my collection. Many one offs. got lots of stuff based on 1935 & some from the 1966 final. always on the lookout for a enamel badge & the charity shield programme from 1935
  2. 1935 program,match ticket & original telegram to william walker from Aston Villa chairman Howard Vaughton walker is still Villa’s all time leading goalscorer.
  3. 1935 Autograph book formally in the possession of Derek Dooley. Autographs obtained by Richard Sparling, author of the ‘romance of the Wednesday’ (I have a copy of this in mint condition). It also contains sketches by Harry Heap. Sheffield star cartoonist. a fine piece!
  4. You can actually bet on this and we are favourites to win the whole tournament
  5. 9 players have been self isolating
  6. Definitely happened. unsure of the reason/outcome
  7. Chansiri,Paixao & monk had a meeting this afternoon. vote of confidence?
  8. Cert to get either a red card or injured.
  9. Good keeper. just issues off the pitch (which is obvious)
  10. Dawson palmer Lees Borner Murphy bannan pelupessy Lee Harris wickham Nuhiu
  11. Believe he’s in the same boat as Westwood & Hutch....
  12. I don’t think you’ll get that confirmation. but they aren’t ‘lies’
  13. Windass is our best player tonight. De Cruz shown a few nice touches & turns ... the rest. tug.
  14. So the ‘stats’ didn’t happen? the kids created the most scoring opportunities in the league. The problem lies with those on the end of the them. Reach the latest to miss a sitter Saturday. hopefully wickham/fletcher will start taking advantage. he needs help from his full back though. He gets doubled up all the the time now.
  15. You can’t see the difference from the FF of 15-17 to now? His performances,fitness,persona,rapport with fans/ fellow players? What agenda? And yes it left a bad taste when he refused to play. If your happy with that fair enough.
  16. The league on a whole isn’t very good...... Competitive but no real standouts
  17. If only. was easily worth 10-15m in today’s market. thats when teams like Brentford,Bristol etc sell them on for huge profit & find another gem. the sooner we follow the same model the better.
  18. He’s hardly played for 2+years. the FF that everyone loved hasn’t been round for yonks yet everyone wants him in the side. we should have cashed in after the Norwich game. He got his pay rise & bar a couple of glimpses he’s done nothing. hopefully he’ll be part of the much needed squad overhaul in the summer.
  19. You seem to have missed/ignored ‘these days’
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