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  1. What he said . Also, although I haven't checked we've probably spent longer in the top 2 divisions than them.
  2. If Middlesbrough had spent the last 22 years in our position their average crowd would be half what ours has been. Their recent history is better than ours due to HUGE investment but overall we are a bigger club.
  3. Strange that 20 odd years ago Stockport and Bury were a division above Man City. Haven't checked but I think that's right. The same season Manchester Citys Derby was against Macclesfield Town.
  4. Sunderland were definitely fitter than us. First to every ball .
  5. Good point, but the size of those clubs mean their fans don't aspire to those things. The size, ground, history and fanbase here means we at least should be competing at the highest level. I still maintain we are the best fans in the country.
  6. WeWycombe have an excuse for cheating though. They are a tiny club with poor players, their only chance is cheating. Sunderland are a big club with some very good players. A bit like Leeds in the sixties, they don't need to use those tactics. They do it because they get away with it. I can never wish Alex Neil well.
  7. Drives me mad. Easy to stop, just apply the rules.
  8. This is really stupid but that post actually brought a tear to my eye. Sorry.
  9. Almost exactly how I feel. Since 1966 I've had about 8 decent seasons and won one trophy. Never been Champions of any league. Our fans are the best in the country and deserve so much better.
  10. We have been worse than Sunderland and Ipswich for far longer and are surrounded by other clubs, not just United. I think our prices are higher too . We are the best fans in the British Isles.
  11. I think you mean cheat don't you. His Preston team were an abomination and a disgrace to football
  12. Great photo . It was rare in those days for anyone to take a camera in. I did it a couple of times and I even took my Afga cine camera once. I love seeing non press photos , have you anymore?
  13. No one thought we'd be in with a chance of automatic with 3 games to go so we've nothing to lose. It's a longshot but outsiders sometimes come in. I hope we don't play for a playoff place, that will come anyway. Go all out for three wins and see what happens.
  14. I remember him well. Thanks for letting us know, I wish you all the best. RIP Harold.
  15. Great post. You don't know what you've got till its gone.
  16. Chelsea's success has been bought with money stolen from the Russian people by a close friend of a brutal tyrant who has murdered his opponents, some in foreign countries, and has now launched an unprovoked invasion of a democratic country. And some Chelsea fans chant his name. Shame on them .
  17. That's correct and it still annoys me now! Sunderland finished 5th and lost the final. Everyone in football agreed we were desperately unlucky to go down, yet the FL ignored precedent and inexplicably promoted Sunderland.
  18. That's because we did! One of the best nights ever! After the 2 draws I expected defeat but we surprised everyone. It was a shining light in the darkest of times.
  19. And why are the EFL phoning them? The deadline (s) have passed, if the administrators haven't contacted them, the EFL must assume they have given up
  20. Credit to them, they kept going, didn't time waste at 2-2, and on the the whole played fair.
  21. Really pleased for him Always gives 100%, can't ask for more.
  22. Don't think he said that did he. He said "all" victims of the war. Crafty way of not upsetting his mate in the Kremlin.
  23. We've been in trouble for a quarter of a century, no-one cares except us. I like WBA, got friends who support them, I wish them well but hope Bruce never wins another match and is sacked.
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