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  1. Fantastic, all the best. There are so many unsung heroes behind the scenes( especially in the lower leagues) in football.
  2. Thats not what I said. My post refers to the TACTIC. The players and management are well aware that it's the specific tactic that fans are unhappy with. I'm not going to explain again so goodnight to all.
  3. The tactic has only started this season so that's not a relevant question.
  4. Fans started booing when the GK and full backs pass to each other in the area. This is not booing the players, it's booing the tactics, which nearly cost a goal. The players and manager know this, and it should continue. It's the only way of letting them know that , amazingly, in this instance, fans know better than this manager. It's a stupid tactic which puts us under unnecessary pressure, it deserves booing .
  5. As Homer Simpson often says "it's funny cos it's true". Brilliant. cheered me up a bit.
  6. Exactly. We play well for 15 minutes every game, trouble is the game lasts 90 ! I don't know what they do in training because every game follows the same pattern. Give Dele, Dennis and Corbeanu freedom to drive forward, stop saying Wimbledon etc are wonderful teams, and stop letting BB take every thing! Just those 3 things would transform fans view of the team.
  7. 20,000 Wednesday fans there yesterday (astonishing crowd), and every one of them can see the problems. How can Moore not see it? Bannan shouldn't take everything, don't "respect"Lincoln City, play attacking players, stop playing it out, and shoot!!!
  8. Absolutely correct , more like 15 minutes though. But why only 15 (or 20) minutes. Give Dele and Dennis freedom to drive forward and play Corbeanu and Moore might just, just hang on to his job. Anyway, you OK mate?
  9. Most do, yes, but I heard Warnes interview. I know it's easier when you've won, but it was insightful, honest and interesting. He spoke of two incidents where he was angry with his own players (after they won 3-0 away!). Win or lose his analysis of the game is interesting and totally different to Moore's inane comments which are always the same. I believe we have good players and someone like Warne would have us easily in the top two if we played on the front foot and stopped giving too much respect to the likes of Cambridge and Lincoln.
  10. Missed a Jackie out!! And I never got the Zigger Zagger thing either. I wanna be in that number, when the Owls go marching in . It's all gone quiet over there . All we are saying is give us a goal . We shall not, we shall not be moved .
  11. We've got Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Sinclair on the wing, on the wing.
  12. I'm not comparing him to those three but Corbeanu actually dribbles past players and just could provide that spark, he deserves a chance. Adeniran and Dele Bashiru drive forward, and Jack Hunt can. We need to be much more positive and stop "respecting" teams like Lincoln and Cambridge.
  13. Exactly. Refs do nothing abpout blatant time wasting do they. It's infuriating . From the tenth minute the Oxford GK was wasting time, all the ref did was that silly "rolling the ball" motion to him. I said "as usual he'll book him in the 90th minute", he didn't even do that!
  14. Absolutely true. No excuse at all. Players can't help not being very good but they can show effort from the first minute to the last. To be embarassed like that in the first half is inexcusable. Oxford, Wimbledon and Cambridge have been more determined to win than us, and they were all non league a few years ago. Why do we treat these teams like they're Liverpool ??
  15. I agree. I know Newcastle are "his" club, but his treatment of SWFC was disgraceful. No integrity AT ALL. And he knew the fans despised him before he went, yet Wednesday fans adored him. As you say he has a long history of this behaviour.
  16. I don't think I'll ever see Wednesday in the top division again.
  17. Last sentence, NO they would not. We are the best fans in the country, bar none. I try to be positive, and will go to Hillsborough for ever, but I can understand the outrage felt by fans who have been woefully let down for 25 years.
  18. Terrible news, will donate. Nothing else I can say but I'll be thinking of you.
  19. A fan says they follow Sheffield Wednesday, a supporter goes to games. The clue is in the word. The people who say we're all the same if we're Wednesday fans are wrong. The person who goes to all the games is a better supporter than someone who goes occasionally, how can they not be ? It's no good having 40,000 "fans" who never go, the club needs supporters. And a good supporter goes through thick and thin.
  20. The 2 most famous clubs were there in the 30 mile area, City had just been given a new ground with space for expansion, and Manchester is very trendy due to the BBC thinking Manchester is "the north".
  21. I loved it. You can't score if you're not in their third of the pitch AND, they can't score if they ARE in their third of the pitch. we're far too predictable. Jack Hunts cross was perfect, they idin't expect him to hit it first time. Break quickly, use wingers. Stop over complicating things.
  22. Exactly. Football isn't complicated. People overthink it. Incredibly fit would be nice though !
  23. Agree. I think some fans are being far too harsh using words like dreadful, clueless etc. I thought it was an improved performance, great goal and determined team play. Yes, we made mistakes and rode our luck at times but that's football. We HAD to win today to keep in touch, and we did. The result is all that matters.
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