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  1. Even when it doesn't really matter we get a terrible draw .
  2. Well said. The culture of "no platform" and ostracising people for saying words and having opinions different to your own has to stop. Other peoples opinions should be tolerated, examined and debated against if necessary. No one should be labelled in this way. We all have opinions we should express but in a tolerant way. We have to live together, may as well try to get on. On Pulis though, I reiterate, even if you don't like the man, or his methods, his success is OUR success. If you want Wednesday to stay up you have to wish him success.
  3. Surely all Wednesday fans are in Group 2. Why would you not want Pulis to succeed ? If he succeeds, Wednesday succeed. Is there really any Wednesdayite who WANTS him to fail, get us relegated just so they can say I told you so ? I hope he wins manager of the year for keeping us up, then again next season for winning promotion.
  4. This is true. I used to tell my Blades fan mate that they got every thing going for them, deflections, ref decisions, other teams results (e.g.Leeds falling apart), Billy Sharp "penalties"! , no injuries, etc but he thought it was sour grapes. It was, a bit, and I'm not suggesting Wilder hasn't performed miracles, but margins are wafer thin and a few own goals (which they got) and dodgy penalties (which they got) can make a difference. In the Fulham game a normally reliable goalscorer (Mitrovic) hit the bar with a penalty to finish the game, then they got a decidedly lucky one themselves
  5. That says it all. I'd settle for five years in the PL and an FA Cup Final spot. For now I'll settle for boring football and fourth from bottom. Pulis won't stand for anyone not giving 100% and that's all we can ask for at the moment.
  6. You've mentioned something there that nobody dare comment on. Children can listen to the radio with songs calling women whores, about shooting people, knives, gangs, drugs and guns and no one cares but use a phrase that "is not in line with their standards" and you're suspended. Who makes these rules, exactly who is offended by the common term "handbags" ? I use a leisure centre where, in the changing rooms, the most offensive misogyinistic hateful songs are played through the speakers. Children are having swimming lessons so I once complained that it was not appropriate for children to
  7. First ship to reach Titanic, pity we can't get points so easy
  8. I remember Brentford coming with a kid in goal and about 7 injuries. We hardly had a shot.
  9. It just makes a mockery of "the Wednesday family, all in it together, kissing the badge" nonsense.
  10. I wouldn't have given it a try. I'm no Einstein but I could see that it wouldn't eradicate debates and I was right it's made it worse. Let refs make mistakes (and they blooming well do!) , let fans abuse them for it and get on with thegame. On the second point you're right it has absolutely ruined that moment of pure joy when you see the ball hit the back of the net.
  11. Not on the pitch he wasn't ! Off the pitch I don't know but instrumental in the Charlton revival. RIP.
  12. It's not is it. Our club seem to be useless at everything, on the field and off. It's embarassing . I paid for those 5 games in February 2019, that's 21 months ago. It was clear I couldn't watch those 5 games in March 2020, 8 months ago. Asked for my rebate in June 2020, 5months ago. And heard nothing since. I love Wednesday but clearly Wednesday couldn't care less about me.
  13. Don't think they've got many injuries even now , certainly not as many as us.
  14. Me too. It's great to be fair and sporting and nice but it means you win one trophy in 85 years and end up bottom of the second division
  15. Agreed. We are one of the nicest, unobtrusive, sporting, fairest teams around, yet we keep getting red cards for yellow card offences. Last "horrible" player we had was Chris Maguire. We never learn. PNE dive, cheat, waste time, con the ref, moan, yet get more penalties than us. Nice guys win nothing.
  16. He scored 31 in 126 games for United from midfield. Perhaps he could teach Bannan, Joey and Reach something. To say Bannan takes free kicks and penalties his goals record is appalling.
  17. And they get a penalty every game, 2 against us usually!!
  18. I agree with every word! If Pulis can just stop us conceding after 85 minutes it's worth 10-15 points!! And that's down to mentality and strength of character.
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