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  1. And of course C. Because Mr Hemmingham has a good friend on the payroll at Hillsborough... A friend who, as part of his job description, has to tell Mr Chansiri what is popular and what is not... A friend who does this by gauging public opinion about ALL club matters... Perhaps this friend is not doing his job because he is such a good friend of Mr Hemmingham???
  2. If one of your pork pies costs £1 to make then I hope you would not sell to a fellow fan for more than £1 because you would be ripping off a fellow fan ? Face value only.....
  3. If a tout has bought a ticket with the intention of selling for a profit that's wrong - that can't happen at SWFC now due to TPPs so no issues there. If a SWFC fan can't get to a match for whatever unforeseen reason they should sell for face value (or ideally return to the club - there's always a waiting list for sold out games). If a SWFC fan wants to go to a game but someone is happy to offer him silly money for the ticket then it's up to him. Those advertising tickets should only EVER ask for face value. Those ASKING for tickets can offer what they w
  4. Here we go with same the age old argument. So.... I've just bought a car for £7200 that I'm really happy with (hence the reason I bought it). I don't want to sell for it for £7200 because that's what I've just paid for it, I'm really looking forward to driving it and it's worth at least £8000 to me. Then someone comes along and offers me £10000 which means I can replace it and take my family on holiday into the bargain. He's happy, I'm happy. Can I proceed with a clear conscience as long as he doesn't support the same team as me?
  5. The 20/30 people under the police hut would have been club employees who had nowhere else to sit as the stadium was "sold out....." Also noticed the 30 empty seats in the directors box and 100 empty seats in the executive area.... In the opinion of the club were these seats too good for their own employees who were made to stand, against ground regulations, in the cold??
  6. One of Hemminghams worst crimes is taking WAWAW to L**ds. It was one of our few unique songs which developed from the 70s - when it was muttered under your breath to fellow Wednesdayites in away pubs and on away terraces. It developed into OUR chant, it is even now used on our shirts. It was taken to L**ds Rhinos by our self obsessed trumpeter for a few quid on Friday nights because he hadn't the ability to come up with something for them. It is now sung by L**ds United (Hemminghams ex employers) because they share the same fan base.
  7. Maybe it's because the continuing presence of the band comes under the remit of Trevor Braithwaite.... Trevor Braithwaite who runs the steering group meetings.... Trevor Braithwaite who works in the same department at SWFC as John Pearson..... John Pearson, who was a schoolmate of a certain self obsessed trumpeter.
  8. Perfectly reasonable people tend only to react in such a manner when the situation warrants it Nigel. The bloke was being rude, obnoxious and threatening and deserved a good telling off which is exactly what he got - after that I moved away. Anyway - why are you now referring to me as "the guy in the white suit" when we have known each other for several years through Wednesday and used to chat on a regular basis in the Wednesdayite lounge???
  9. Anyone else looking forward to seeing our mate again in a couple of weeks?
  10. A couple of polls doing the rounds on social media at the moment. Not sure why the club wont make it official???
  11. I've never really understood this sitting in rows thing if I'm honest... If there's 9 of you, surely it's better to have 3 rows of 3? With a row of 9 you could spend the whole season and never speak to your mate 8 seats away.......
  12. As a fellow Aspergers sufferer could I politely point out that you tried to "teach him" rather than "learn him" .
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