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  1. Can somebody just check with Neil to see if we are allowed to post the fixtures on here?
  2. I agree 100% with everything you have written here.....but you are still wrong.
  3. My son has started at Liverpool uni. He is wondering if he is the only owl on campus. Would be great if someone could contact me especially if you're a first year undergrad so that I might pass your details onto him.
  4. Whisper it quietly but I felt FF was half the problem. Left Reach with way too much to handle as FF was even less help than normal. Don't t know if he is trying too hard, or if he has the ar$e on, but he doesn't seem to want to play for this team ( or this manager)
  5. One more point than the third place team will do me. Or is it 'one point more', suddenly realised that I have left myself open to ridicule from the grammar police.
  6. Go on....pull it. I dare you .....I double dare you!!
  7. I thought that their drop in form might have something to do with 20 odd blokes chasing odd shaped balls around on their pitch every other week.
  8. I thought this was going to be some sort of Duran Duran tribute. New songs on Sunday vs new moon on Monday. Back to planet earth I suppose
  9. Nine times out of 24, the third placed team have won the Championship playoff final. I don't understand how Reading are so unfancied.
  10. When was this? Somewhere in Summertime??
  11. I'm with mozzy, Kieran Lee is always my default Wednesday player when asked for a man of the match.
  12. Not so sure. Fulham have some games in hand and starting to look better.
  13. Wouldn't bother. I can't find it listed online.
  14. I turned down a replay ticket back in 93 thinking they'll be another trip to Wembley. Didn't think I'd have to wait half my life.
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