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  1. Cheeky [email protected] - you already get into every home game for FREE!!!!
  2. If it is available Pit Stop on Tomb of the Kings road will have it on. They have numerous TVs in there
  3. Pardew had a dream, for a dancing football team ...................................
  4. Think DC was interviewing potential candidates as this was taken shortly after
  5. You probably don't have enough priority points for the North End
  6. Were on the first one - my mate is in the Rasta hat at 1:20, I am behind in the blue wig!! Anyone know the coach route in now & approx what time team arrive??
  7. I booked room in Ibis Wembley for the Friday night last September :-)
  8. Steve Evans is illegitimate He aint got no birth certificate He's so fat he can't see his own dik Big, fat, ugly [email protected]!!!!
  9. I was on the terrace behind the net. There was some trouble on the away end prior to kickoff (fairly standard for that time!!) and it all then got a bit boisterous when Curran got sent off. The kid who got on the pitch & started chasing the ref was stood with his mates next to us before being grabbed by the cops. The more the police on the pitch "faced up" to the crowd, the more the Owls fans played up!! Stopping the game IMO wasn't necessary - if it'd have carried on, everything would've died down. The Owls fans should've respected Big Jack though when he appealed for calm - to carry on was out of order. A bit into the "delay" the kid who chased the ref was back on the terrace - the cops had chucked him in a van, taken him up on the moors, taken his shoes & left him!! He legged it back & jumped the turnstiles back into the away end. At the time it seemed a "good laugh"!!! I got home that night & heard on news all about a "riot" somewhere - I though it sounded really bad ............................ then realised I had been there!!! It wasn't anything like what had been reported though!!!
  10. They wanted to get away from the prat who used to sits 4 rows behind the home team bench!!!! :-)
  11. Good - at least it will now stop those piggy [email protected] claiming they play at the oldest football ground!!!
  12. I went to that game - got free tickets on the kop as my Gran used to sell Owls lottery tickets!!! Got there at 2:30 - me & my dad found a massive open space right near the top of the kop so stayed there as it was a cracking view ................ we looked left & wondered why all the dirty L**ds fans were looking our way, looked right & it was full of lads in red & white who were also looking our way!!!!! We were in no mans land .......................... scarpered quick to the front left of the kop instead before it all kicked off!!!!
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