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  1. Either you didn't read the full post or you didn't understand.
  2. osowl

    Team for Millwall

    Hutchinson in the middle for Jones Pudil in CB for Hutchinson Reach at LB for Pudil A.N. Other in RM for Reach, maybe Boyd to do the grunt work behind Mattias?
  3. osowl

    George Boyd

    I fail to see what he offers. All I hear is he's played out of position. Well what is his position at this rate? Even Palmer offered more!
  4. The difference is in how you play, not just numbers on a page. Asking the RM to tuck in to shore up midfield like Carlos wanted, is not the same as playing 442 with proper wingers. Not saying any of these is right, since with our squad I still see 433 as the way to go. One thing I agree with: Who'd be a manager?
  5. A CB , a CM and a RM. That's all we need. Others will say more but if we play 3 at the back then that's all we need.
  6. osowl


    Next year FF left Nuhiu CF Matias right Joao off the bench as CF or on the right. Midfield needs some work if we play 353.
  7. 1. New LB unless Reach is going to play there. 2. New RW with pace and trickery (assume FF or Reach on the left). 3. New CM since this is the weakest spot in the team. Who the players available are that we can get, that's for someone else to suggest. Of the above, CM we need most as I don't know how Lee will return after so long out, Abdi is a crock, Jones is a waste of space, Hutch we can't rely on, and Bannan will fill one of the two spots unless he is sold. RM we need to balance our attack, since unless we play Joao on the right we are too predictable with Boyd, Palmer etc.
  8. That's the real question that needs answering. Not signing a new contract we can all understand. But how does not signing a new contract stop him from playing whilst he is here? Either there is some idiotic clause in his current contract that is triggered if he plays for the first team, or this is Chansiri being ridiculous. If the current contract triggers some automatic extension or huge wage rise then why not just say so?
  9. osowl

    Bullet after Bolton?

    I said on here before Jos came in, that changing to 3 at the back is not a simple transition. I don't know what the best way forward for this season is right now, to keep it or change, given a lot of effort will have been put into it and we don't have much time left to turn things around. I'm not advocating sacking Jos, he's had an uphill battle since he took over, but I just cannot see how our players, either existing fit ones, or those who come back into the side, are going to win anything with the current setup and the current squad.
  10. Actually not quite. The other way is to get rid of as much dead wood as possible, but then spunk maximum cash on replacements during the summer and get promoted next year before the transfer embargo kicks in. HMSPTL is still alive and kicking!! UTO
  11. After was it the Burton game I swore I never wanted to see Jones or Butterfield or Fox in a Wednesday shirt ever again. So for me, definitely LB, and since we got Pelupessy, another DM.
  12. Having a body in a position is exactly what the OP is getting at. They are not asking which do we have the least players for, they are asking who is the worst player/s in our first XI when everyone is fit.
  13. Rhodes to score the winner from the penalty spot!!
  14. osowl

    Forget about the Premier League.

    Ah remember the off season with "too many strikers", and somehow we are now fielding a team without one in the starting lineup?
  15. osowl

    Young George Hirst

    True but the thing for me is the current strip has now been forever tainted with memories of Morgan Fox and Jacob Butterfield disgracing it!!