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  1. 442 with Fletcher and Nuhiu was always going to finish like it did. FF should have started. No complaints about the rest.
  2. Three rather than four, to be precise.
  3. 1st HMSPTL about to set sail!!!
  4. On the contrary given the disruption to our preseason, it would be an advantage to have them return to us. And from what I can see its those two positions we need plus a CM (unless we play 3 at the back and need another CB) and our squad is done. There are always better players out there and who knows we might get them. But there's also time running out, our budget, and the issue of no manager. So unless something changes quickly, if we don't get the two from Newcastle back we may find it hard to get anyone in time to finish preseason with us. And we all know hiw late arrivals impact the start to the season.
  5. Can play is different to should play. I agree a loanee is likely to come in. If not we become one dimensional.
  6. Yes, we need a right winger, Harris plays on the left doesn't he?
  7. unless hes staying and 1000 people on here need to apologise haha
  8. by next year though we will have a year of better accounts to show the progression so we wont get embargo unless the club dont keep to the plan
  9. Well it seems the sensible thing is either sell him to Norwich for maybe 3-4 Million, or he has to be our first/second choice striker. I say that since I don't see other clubs coming in for him, so we either sell him or use him. Steve Bruce, over to you then...
  10. next year hmsptl Rhodes back 25 goals heard it here first and then I woke up
  11. As far as I can tell, we need 6 wins and maybe more. Can see Derby winning most of their games so that would likely be 5th place. Then we are relying on Boro having a few draws. AV looks to be a big game for us in more ways than one as others have said.
  12. Three different questions, performance, recruitment and personality. Performance is debatable since Megson did well in League 1 with a decent budget when Laws got to 9th in the Champ (and one win from playoffs) with players from the spare parts bin. Recruitment fair enough, though again different league, different budget. Personality is always the most subjective!
  13. First proper manager since Brian Laws! What a state we've been in for so long. Ok ok Meggo was here but just the knowledge and charisma Bruce has.
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