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  1. Well it seems the sensible thing is either sell him to Norwich for maybe 3-4 Million, or he has to be our first/second choice striker. I say that since I don't see other clubs coming in for him, so we either sell him or use him. Steve Bruce, over to you then...
  2. next year hmsptl Rhodes back 25 goals heard it here first and then I woke up
  3. As far as I can tell, we need 6 wins and maybe more. Can see Derby winning most of their games so that would likely be 5th place. Then we are relying on Boro having a few draws. AV looks to be a big game for us in more ways than one as others have said.
  4. Three different questions, performance, recruitment and personality. Performance is debatable since Megson did well in League 1 with a decent budget when Laws got to 9th in the Champ (and one win from playoffs) with players from the spare parts bin. Recruitment fair enough, though again different league, different budget. Personality is always the most subjective!
  5. First proper manager since Brian Laws! What a state we've been in for so long. Ok ok Meggo was here but just the knowledge and charisma Bruce has.
  6. Doesn't need to turn our fullbacks into anything, we got new ones on loan!!
  7. swap an 80k a week player for a 15k a week player? If we pulled that off it would be the deal of a lifetime even as a loan
  8. Totally, he's saying don't worry I've got the cash but I'm not allowed to spend it unless increase turnover. He also said don't worry about me spending my own money if one day I leave. It does though prepare us that some action ie sell players is required to sort it out. Obviously he can't actually come out and say, don't worry we'll just flog some players and all will be ok.
  9. I read it as DC saying he wants to keep spending but we need to increase our turnover so he can do that.
  10. I agree only I hope he brings in no-one over 25/26. If we're on a 2 year plan to get promoted, anyone we bring in needs to be saleable in 2/3 years.
  11. This. Great player but one of the few assets worth selling.
  12. 4 points more than we have, that 4 would be the difference between 2nd and 3rd/4th more than likely. But if by some miracle we had a run like that and finished 3rd/4th you would have to be confident in the playoffs!
  13. Hutchinson in the middle for Jones Pudil in CB for Hutchinson Reach at LB for Pudil A.N. Other in RM for Reach, maybe Boyd to do the grunt work behind Mattias?
  14. I fail to see what he offers. All I hear is he's played out of position. Well what is his position at this rate? Even Palmer offered more!
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