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  1. I thought he was very poor tbh, extremely limited player.
  2. Lots of worry on here about the line up. We have pace down both wings, players in the middle who can supply to them and height in the middle for crosses. But can we function defensively? Murphy and Harris need to work their socks off today that's for sure.
  3. Have to agree, wasn't sure about him initially, thought he could be too error prone but he's been fantastic.
  4. Sometimes a good manager with clear instructions makes all the difference.
  5. We deserved to win, wouldn't say we we dominated but encouraging nevertheless.
  6. Not sure I agree, I think our best opportunity to beat them is to sit deap, that's how Monk sets up his teams and probably why his Birmingham team beat Leeds twice last season. Luckily for us we also have a bit of quality who will hopefully pick them off when the opportunity arrives.
  7. Hopefully we can arrange swap + cash deals involving Rhodes and Winnall, I'm sure plenty of championship clubs would want them, although wages would probably be an issue.
  8. No Rhodes or Winnall on the bench, need to get at least one of them out.
  9. Hull have some really good offensive players. This will be a difficult match.
  10. Hull have a few good players in offensive positions, but leak goals. If we can keep it tight I fancy us to get a couple with our new found massivness.
  11. Nuihu and Fletcher - I'm not convinced it's unlikely they will start many games. If it keeps working I think Monk will keep playing them.
  12. Hopefully Lees is back by the time Borner picks up his fifth, be hard to replace him. Needs to prevent a rush of blood or go in too hard.
  13. That's the line up I'd have gone with, don't be surprised if we don't press high. I think we will play the same as we did v Huddersfield. Id fancy Monk to win a tactical battle with Parker.
  14. Only change for me would be Lee for Murphy.
  15. Tom Lees must be fit and Winnall in the squad. Video of them arriving on Twitter.
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