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  1. Tom Lees must be fit and Winnall in the squad. Video of them arriving on Twitter.
  2. I for one like Carlos and will remember his time with us fondly.
  3. He's certainly not a bad appointment. I believe some post opinions without scrutinising his record.
  4. Sorry if missed, will it be shown live anywhere?
  5. Can't remember a manager been appointed before (assuming one does) and a press conference called, with everyone not knowing who it will be. If it is a manager, you would think leaks as to who it is are imminent.
  6. In the same bracket as Rowett for me, good manager at this level who has just fallen short, probably with weaker squads than ours imo.
  7. Sure, my point is when managers are appointed initial contact always seems to be denied but then they are appointed shortly after. We may or may not be after Cowely, but I wouldn't rule it out on the basis of the supposed lack of contact at this stage, imo.
  8. When clubs say no contact, when managers say they've heard nothing, it doesn't really mean anything so far as I'm concerned.
  9. I think the only explanation to turning down the reported humongous salary increase he/they would have received by joining Huddersfield, is that an equally humongous or humongouser salary is available elsewhere. Hope that's us.
  10. Not sure why people are so surprised, Bullen isn't a manager, was always going to end up like this was just a matter of time. Appointment the best man for the job ASAP, I've said that since day 1, the frustrating this is we have blown a chance to make a really positive start with a fortunate run of fixtures. I don't blame Bullen, this one's on DC.
  11. Don't mind changing the team for a game like this but you need to keep some kind of balance to the team.
  12. Completely agree, a fine example of players fitted into a system, not a system to suit the players imo.
  13. It all depends how you qualify what the best is. He's the most wealthy, spent the most and is ambitious which has resulted in an obvious increase in success and expectation. Does that make him the best, I don't know, but I prefer this to scraping around like we was before. Having said that, given the choice, give me MM with DC's money every day of the week. DC just doesn't have the experience but that's not to say i/we are not grateful for what he has done.
  14. I've been sticking up for him but you can't deny that was poor play.
  15. Plenty will disagree which is fair enough but I do agree. Hope to be proved wrong but I fear what will happen against the better teams.
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