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  1. Megson

    Agreed, dont subscribe at all to these names. Sure, they have done ok but a good manager can put a poor team into the play offs such as Huddersfields manager last season.
  2. Carlos YOU said

    I certainly hope so
  3. We have supported the team and it makes no difference. It's time for change, CARLOS OUT CARLOS OUT at every opportunity.
  4. I go to most home games, i will not be going again while CC is at the helm, cant justify the cost.
  5. The fans respect for you is dwindling, it is quite clear a change is required.
  6. I think our issue is that we are just too predictable, a bunch of technically sound players who as a team are too one paced. We do miss a FF to bring something different, LJ has it in his locker and would of liked to see him get a start.
  7. At least its 11 players in the postions they know. Two wingers, two strikers that thrive on balls into the box and two in central midfield who can pick a pass.
  8. SWFC Team For Barnsley

    Im sure CC said something about Van Aken playing left back during yesterdays press conference. Wouldn't be surprised by this.