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  1. Don't think people should be taking tests to satisfy their curiosity.
  2. Do you accept that you have taken this club backwards, putting us on the brink of a points deduction whilst not even owning our own ground. Further, we have players on expensive contracts likely crippling us further should we be relegated to league one. If that's not depressing enough the style of football is horrendous, results equally as bad and we have to pay ridiculous ticket prices for privilege of all this.
  3. Seeing the obvious doesn't appear to be your strongest skill. If your looking for guarantee's then you will be disappointed.
  4. That we don't have Monk anymore.
  5. Changing the manager might not change the mid to long term outcome but right now we need a short term fix, we are fire fighting and need to put out the flames.
  6. It's a forum for opinion, I'm well aware that it's not our decision to make.
  7. It's not a case of right or wrong, it makes no difference to have sympathy for Monk, it's clearly a challenging position. We need a reaction from the players and changing the manager is the only realistic option.
  8. Our position is short sighted, of course other factors are influencing results but changing the manager is the only thing we can change. Fail to change and we fail to change.
  9. I think its generally accepted that a new manager often sees at least a short term improvement in results, that's the situation we are in. I agree the players should not down tools, of course, it's disgraceful and any that have done that should not be offered contracts. We still have to change the manager.
  10. We need a change has it ever been more obvious.
  11. What would you do, changing the manager is the only option.
  12. You can be as sarcastic as you like, the only realistic option we have is to change our desperate position is to change the manager. Clubs chop and change managers all the time, we are no different.
  13. Unfortunately we are in a short sighted position I would expect most to appreciate that. The only change we can make at this stage of the season, as we begin to flirt with relegation is to change the management, which has been nothing short of woeful for months. Got a better idea, perhaps you think Monk is doing a good job.
  14. Wasn't a problem when we're 3rd. Problem is Monk, he's utterly clueless.
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