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  1. Assuming same players are fit, my only change would be Winnall for Nuihu.
  2. Best available team for me, possibly could have had Winnall starting but he might not be ready for 90mins.
  3. Be happy with a scrappy 0 - 1 to be honest.
  4. Happens to everyone eventually, he hasn't got the legs anymore which I think he accepted himself. Been a really good player for us, would frequently be one of our best players in his earlier days with us, a real warrior and will be a shame to see him go.
  5. We should do everything we can to keep Westwood. If he's here he should be first choice, absolutely no doubt about it.
  6. Tend to agree, too much of a risk to have several injury prone players all in the same position.
  7. Our other strikers are all broke, saying we need better isn't going to help. We have better but they are not available. Nuhiu isn't bad as an alternative, like I say he has his quality's.
  8. Nuhiu isn't that bad, has his quality's and did well today, as he often does. He's never going to be a FF type but he's a good player.
  9. I must admit I also had a little look at that, even more unlikely but a one game swing could change that. I'm just enjoying having something to grasp to from what did look like a complete waste of a season.
  10. Not an elegant player, but as others have said he has some of the qualities we need. You have to say for 200k Bruce has already shown what a bit of experience and knowledge of players gets you, you don't have to pay millions.
  11. A whack is better then a twist isn't it, so long as nothing got broken. Hopefully ok
  12. It hasn't taken Bruce long to sort us out, I actually thought Nuihu and Winnall did well but if Joao and FF are in that team today I think we win.
  13. We are a point closer after a tricky away game with Bolton next to play, if anything our position has improved, still odds against but we are one of the form teams.
  14. Now we have Aarons we don't look quite so one dimensional with one up top. With Reach on the other side we have quality on both wings. Just need to get players high enough up the pitch to support and get on the end of things.
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