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  1. Yes but I want big Mick! But if the Fulham manager became available then I would be happy with him of course so yes your correct. I just don't want a foreign unheard of with no measurable record at this level.
  2. I get that and it's a fair point, but until we have appointed a manager of whom we know has the ability to get the best out of players (we don't with the foreign unknowns,) then we don't know if a half decent manager with a decent measurable track record at the this level would have more success.
  3. Yes we still have the nucleus of the Cc team.
  4. I must admit that I would like to see an established British manager with a track record of promotion while we still have the nucleus of the Carlos team. Since DC came in we have had 2 unknown managers with no experience of British football. We would have a better idea of how good we are, or not, with a manager who we can make a comparison relative to his previous clubs/budget etc.
  5. deano

    Proving his Point...

    He is a good keeper, don't think anyone disputes that. Tactics on the other hand....
  6. Remember in Carlos first season when we lost at Burnley 3 - 1, the result was poor but he identified that the performance was a turning point and he was correct, it was. Tonight wasn't a turning point, we did not put in a performance which serves as a template for future games. Jos has failed to find a way to best utilise our players, some of which are high end championship players.
  7. deano

    To the Jos out brigade

    Top scorer was on the bench for a start. All about opinions, but for me 1 point in 15 isn't good enough. They have a manager who gets the best out of a set of players in a consistent effective system. Unfortunately jos has created the opposite.
  8. deano

    To the Jos out brigade

    It's a decent point in isolation but you have to put that into a wider context. Jos has a decent set of players but he doesn't know how to use them effectively. I'm hoping for a change.
  9. We are better then that, 1 point out of 15 and absolutely no ambition to win the game. We have good players who the manager has no idea how to use and fit into a consistent effective system. Need a change for me.
  10. Not good enough for me, teams putting in a shift (shouldn't they every game) but we are better than simply defending for our life. We have good players more than capable of going toe to toe with these, we have barely put 2 passes together. New system and manager required regardless of the outcome of this match imo.
  11. Cheers, at least that gives us a further option behind.
  12. Do you know if MM is in involved?
  13. deano


    Not sure it is a risk in so far as football management is concerned. You could make a case he has been successful in every job he's had.
  14. deano


    Totally agree, he would sort us out.