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  1. Sean Clare

    Hes a confident lad, always asking for the ball and doesnt hide.
  2. Absolutely, great to see players with the ability to run forward at players. We have lacked that drive in recent years.
  3. What a half, played very well we looked dangerous every time we attacked. Clare, Boyd and Joao all fantastic.
  4. All good and well playing with no strikers if you have goals in the midfield......but we dont!
  5. Craziest line up ever

    Joao has a stormer, scores 2 great goals and then he sticks him on the bench for the next 2 games! Not impressed.
  6. Dont get it. Not doing himself any favours.
  7. Hoping he plays Hunt and Boyd as wing backs and isnt tempted to use Palmer and especially Fox. I dont think Fox is as bad as some suggest but Boyd is a much better option.
  8. FA Cup Replays on TV

    Well done Wigan
  9. FA Cup Replays on TV

    Looking at the fixtures you would have to say its highly likely we will be the only replay. If that is the case i would of thought BBC and BT will show the game.
  10. Bullen put him in the middle in his first game in charge, hes played every game for Jos in the middle (i think), hes played better in the middle and becomes a focal point of team. Suspect hes always wanted to play central but Carlos wouldnt consider it an option.
  11. Lucas Joao

    Pace, skill, scores all types of goals the kind of player who can make the difference.
  12. 4 - 1 - 3 - 2 perhaps with Pelupessy in front of the back 4.