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  1. deano

    CC on Talksport after 10

    I agree, dont see what the issue is in having an interest in a former manager.
  2. Joao could comfortably play at a higher level. Need to get him on the ball more in dangerous positions.
  3. deano

    Joao News?

    Hope this isnt true, we need at least one off LJ or FF in the team.
  4. deano


    Agree about starting him but Joao is also capable of scoring from nothing.
  5. deano


    How do you defend against him? He has everything. Good job we got him signed up on a longer deal because if his application is correct he can achieve whatever he wants in the game.
  6. They had a couple of chances but we look much more solid since went to 4 at the back. Think we have another gear to go up if needed.
  7. deano

    Marco Matias

    Them 3 give us a bit of everything, SF is much more aggressive in the air then AH, will get us higher up the pitch and is a more complete footballer IMO. Although you would have to concede AH has been more of a goal threat of late.
  8. deano

    Marco Matias

    I like MM but lets be honest FF is the better player. For me our best available front 3 is currently; Joao Fletcher FF
  9. deano

    Today’s line up

    Quite like that team, great to have Joao back really rate him.
  10. deano

    Danny Batth on loan

    Im not convinced having a right and left footed CB is as important as some make out, lees and loovens were both right footed, Englands entire back 5 were right footed.
  11. Like i said anything can happen and really hope we get the win of course but its no surprise that line up provokes a negative reaction.
  12. Shocking starting 11, really bad. You never know whats going to happen but if he thinks that line-up represents our best chance of winning then in my opinion we have every right to question his judgement.
  13. deano


    Good, get fit now Lucas. Look a different team with him in a front 3.