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  1. Westwood Lorfa Lee's Dunkley Palmer Shaw Louongo Green Bannan Reach Windass
  2. Always liked Paul Cook, no issues if its him. As for those saying they hope it's a foreign manager, surely that depends who the foreign manager is.
  3. Sure, the question is whether the experience would improve his as a player to the required standards.
  4. Seems to have the basic tools to be a good player, I'd like to see him retained and sent on loan in this country for a season. Having said that Sean Flair generated excitement and hes not pulled up any trees since leaving.
  5. I'd be happy with Cook. I'm not going with the generic I want a foreign coach, although I'd be happy with the right foreign coach who's capable of stamping an identity on the team. Just to say foreign would suggest you would be happy with a Jos or Karanka for example.
  6. It's great to see us go on a little run of form, N.T has been able to keep it tight at the back whilst also committing more players forward. On the other hand, I cant help think we have been a little fortunate during this little run and need to bring in a manager who will give us an identity.
  7. Depends on out ambitions, great work rate pops up with the odd goal but it's an area we certainly need to improve.
  8. Also hoping we get a shackles are off reaction, be interesting to see how we react.
  9. Hopefully Westwood still starts....surely
  10. Not read all the replies but it's easy to say in hindsight. Obviously looking at it now he should of taken him down but he would of thought cover was ok behind him. You cant foul someone every time they have a run, people would then say we give away silly free kicks.
  11. They score lots but concede lots, could suit Pulis tactics imo.
  12. No problem with Hutchinson returning at all. Hes better than Joey so it's a no brainer for me. We are not in a position to do much else I suspect.
  13. Liam Shaw will be knocking on the manager's door.
  14. Striker with pace and can hold the ball. Left back. I really think we need a goal scoring midfielder, we dont have one. They would be my priorities.
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