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  1. Perhaps, but his stock is relatively high imo.
  2. Sure, but more chance Pulis would take us up imo. Don't want to sound like an advocate for Pulis as I don't want him in charge but I'd take him over Mr out of my depth Bullen.
  3. How can you compare someone who has never been a permanent manager (Bullen) with a vastly experienced manager like Pulis with years of prem experience and promotions to his name. Certainly not my first choice by a long way but the mind absolutely boggles how someone can compare the incomparable.
  4. Bullen Zola Coleman You're welcome
  5. Could be better could be worse appointments
  6. I see Rowett and Monk as steady hands, will do a decent but unspectacular job. Maybe that's what we need, would much prefer them to some of the names suggested. Wouldn't be my first choices but not a disaster.
  7. Sure, but a slow starter don't you think. I can't take him seriously as a realistic candidate having previously and so publicly acknowledged he was out of his depth.
  8. Appoint the best manager for the job ASAP. Bullen isn't a manager.
  9. Bullen.... No Zola....... No Coleman..... No The 3 horrendous options.
  10. Nothing to suggest he's good, so he's crap.
  11. They can only say no, perhaps we can pay a higher salary. Worth a pop.
  12. Would be a great appointment imo, I've previously mentioned him but as most agree it's hard to see him coming to us.
  13. Let's face it, it could be anyone. Can't say I've read one credible link thus far. Could be absolutely anyone.
  14. Put yourself in DC's position, in what world would he consider JS.
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