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  1. Reads as a desperate plea to increase revenue by getting people to spend even more. That's the crux of it. If we don't it's I told you so. Dissapointing.
  2. Not generally his biggest fan, he's steady but lacks quality. Thought he had a decent first half.
  3. Problem looks tactical to me, need to change things round. Westwood and Palmer playing well.
  4. Hutch is in the squad, great news.
  5. I think he said Joao is back in training next week.
  6. deano


    Better then to another Championship team.
  7. deano

    What's wi all moaning?

    FF AND LJ in that team makes all the difference IMO.
  8. deano

    What's wi all moaning?

    I don't think cup games are a sensible indication, will be plenty of unexpected results regardless of team selection.
  9. deano

    Van aaken off

    I think it was, which says to me he didn't really know what he was doing. At the time our priority was to find a ball playing centre back to replace loovens, I think we lost sight of finding a complete defender and thus ended up with a player good on the ball but not much else.
  10. deano

    Van aaken off

    I think you would have to say Abdi is the worst signing, high transfer fee and salary, hardly ever played and no re-sale value. As poor a signing Rhodes was at least he scored a few and has some value left in him. Van Aken, granted, was a shocking signing it would seem. At least if he is loaned a slight chance remains he can develop. Abdi takes it for me.
  11. Suspect Westwood struggles to train consistently, hence why Jos wouldn't play him. Assuming that's correct it makes sense to only use him when necessary.
  12. deano

    Team v Luton

    I would also prefer the lowest placed team at home in each around. Having said that I'd prefer one of the giants to a game we would probably lose anyway such as Wolves, Southampton away etc.
  13. deano

    Gary Hooper

    fizz off, bye bye. Jos's last words to us
  14. I like that. How about a ball winning, play making, box to box, goal scoring, work horse who can sweep up at the back and be our fox in the box