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  1. I'd swap Rhodes for Marriot, possibly Dele for Joey but not much in that one, unless Brown is fit then he would come into the middle. If Lee's or Lorfa are fit one would replace palmer. Ideally I'd prefer 4 at the back but that doesnt seem likely.
  2. Obviously it's not a must win game, but it's an important game not just because of the points deduction and 3 points, but because our home form is disastrous and we seek confirmation - are we just continuing where we left of last season, if so a new manager is a must, or can we turn around our home form and put last season behind us.
  3. Would be a good addition right now as others have said. I do find some of our recruitment puzzling, why did we sign Kachunga if we are going to bring Rhodes on ahead of him, and if we intend on using Rhodes why did we sign kachunga at all, another body in the middle like Irvine would of been more useful imo.
  4. Anything less than 6 points would be a failure imo.
  5. We have always done it under Monk, I agree its ridiculous, I've said this before that it just sums up how he wants to play the game. It's all about the percentages for him.
  6. He was one of our best players in the first few games, hes done quite well imo. With regards his best position, I'm just not sure yet, we don't seem to have any consistency in forward positions.
  7. You know what Brentford were good tonight but I'm not convinced they are going to be as good as last season.
  8. Dont worry, Monks just said judge the home record at the end of season.
  9. 1 win in 15 home games, keep that up and it's less than 3 a season!
  10. We aren't a creative team, we are the product of Monks huff and puff football.
  11. Thing is away teams set up more defensive in the main, we just dont have the quality to break teams down. Monks huff and puff football just doesnt cut it.
  12. But how many times have we heard this or similar. Its 1 step forward, 3 back.
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