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  1. I think Da Cruz deserves a start, can always bring Rhodes on at half time if it doesn't work. Not much to lose really, Rhodes has done OK but a non scoring centre forward who doesn't effect the game isn't going to be a great loss. Nothing against Rhodes, but he's hardly the first name on the team sheet.
  2. I share your concern, but do you change the entire formation for this reason? Tough choice imo.
  3. It's hard to know what we want. No points deduction and the scores are looking good. However not so much with a points deduction!
  4. Doubt it's anything to be concerned about. We recently topped up the extra 20% of non playing staff wages. Why pay that if we was struggling when not strictly necessary.
  5. Wouldn't be having a trial if it was so simple.
  6. The burden of proof is simply "sure" these days in crime trials, although it amounts to the same thing. But, as you rightly say its not a criminal trial.
  7. Not sure if you're serious but if only it was so simple.
  8. You shouldn't read too much into the timescales, we have no idea how much material there is to scrutinies.
  9. In our current formation he would be a more defensive alternative to Harris. Much like we see M.O come on J.M on the other side.
  10. Thanks for this, I think everyone realises its highly unlikely but absolutely nothing wrong with grasping to a little bit of hope, surely that's what it's all about. I will keep an eye on the table and see what happens.
  11. Can we get a decent manager then please
  12. Fletcher walks on, gets injured immediately, walks off, refused contract, mmmmmm.
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