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  1. Has potential, the attributes required for a modern midfield player and if a reasonable fee can be agreed it could be good business. Would like him to get stuck in more and have a bigger impact on games. Note Spurs still chasing Grealish. Perhaps this would be a way of part funding that, albeit only slightly.
  2. Gypsyowl has been known to get early info, I expect this to be true. Good news.
  3. Can see why you suggested this, appears a good fit from the outside.
  4. No way would that team be in a relegation battle, not that that will be the team as it won't.
  5. Heard suggestions he's not good defensively, but we didn't get a sniff that day.
  6. Remember him standing out against us for Hull at Wembley. Hopefully he's still got it.
  7. Maybe signing him to play on the wing. He's played there before but can only speculate.
  8. Assumed he was out of contract, perhaps a loan deal.
  9. All down to his character I suppose, would certainly be a factor in making any potential decisions. We need motivation in our players.
  10. Similar to the position Fletcher was in when we signed him. Regular top flight player, 29, who is now on a downward trajectory, albeit better then what we have and a better scoring record then Fletcher I suspect.
  11. Agree, he's not fast I don't think but sometimes if a player is just better then you have got it would be ridiculous not to sign him. My opinion is that we have no chance.
  12. Agree to an extent when comparing some squad players for very successful teams. However you can't seriously suggest Mikel wasnt at a level way beyond anyone we've had since our glory years.
  13. Hopefully it's all part of the negotiation and a compromise can be found.
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