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  1. Yep, kind of player we need so long as they still have the fire in their belly.
  2. We will only know if the decisions make sense when we see who we recruit, we've no idea who we have lined up.
  3. He wasn't great when he returned from injury for the playoffs but you can't be overly critical about that, obviously his injury record is a little concerning, however I doubt we will get better than a fit Windass at this level.
  4. We were a better team with him in it. I'd have been happy to see him in the starting 11 next season. Be interesting to see if we stick with the same formation next season, that will clearly be relevant to recruitment.
  5. Whilst I agree, the circumstances are very different tomorrow. Should we be winning a league game by 1 goal you have no need to push on for another, tomorrow we have that need thus changes the dynamics.
  6. It's now a one off game in which we have to win, we are losing 0-1 but have the full match to recover, we are at home we know what we need to do and I believe we have the team to do it. If we was playing Sunderland away and scored any early goal giving us the lead, would I expect us to go on and claim 3 points, I'd be hopeful but certainly wouldn't have been surprised if they scored an equaliser. What it does mean is the margin for error has gone, we have to get the first goal.
  7. Let's be honest they should have scored more than 1.
  8. Hes played evey game this season so he is fit, the uncertainty is if he is carrying an injury. Was he limping, moving awkwardly or display anything to suggest he wasn't comfortable? I didn't see anything.
  9. Just because he wasn't involved as much doesn't mean he wasn't fit! We bypassed the midfield for much of the game and wasn't pressing, nothing to do with fitness.
  10. Just because Bannan hasn't been involved much doesn't mean he's not fit! We aren't playing our usual game which has reflected on the quality of our performance.
  11. It's not just about the size of the pitch.
  12. If we end up playing Wycombe we need the big lads in defence
  13. I'd prefer to play Wycombe at Wembley should we make it so I'll be routing for them. I know we recently lost v Wycombe yet won v Mk but i just feel their spoiling tactics will not be as affective at Wembley.
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