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  1. I'm not fan of Moore but the only grumble I can have with the line up is Theo missing, although Shodipo dis play well v Wycombe. For me Theo needs a place in the team, wing back, midfield or up top.
  2. I know this is SWFC we are talking about but I can't see us getting all them injuries in training in this short space of time. Pure speculation on my part but this must be covid related, at least in part.
  3. Hardly surprising we conceded given the patched up defence, and to be fair 2 of the last 3 goals have been wonder strikes. I'm so pleased that we are now displaying the quality our calibre of player suggest we should at this level, its exiting to see and I expect us to continue now throughout the season.
  4. Stupid decision to bench Theo if he's not injured, twice the player Shodipo is. Paterson has to play at the back if Palmer injured which he obviously is, unless revert to a 4. Front 3 or Windass midfield? Don't like the tickering I have to say unless it was forced.
  5. Shodipo left wing bang, why play a lesser player out of position, doesn't make sense for me. Palmer must be injured so Paterson covering, needs must.
  6. Dropped Theo, if he's not injured that's a stupid decision imo.
  7. Can't disagree with that mate, good post.
  8. Sod Wycombe, let them worry about us.
  9. Nailed it, although Hunt could feel a little aggrieved
  10. Congratulations, weirdest response to a football discussion I've ever seen. Freak.
  11. Goals per minute is a much better reflection
  12. This is league 1 you don't need Gerd Muller, Windass is an average championship striker which makes him a very good league 1 striker. Technically, he's much better than our other striker options.
  13. The league position is OK, but for whatever reason i just don't trust this team. However, we have good players returning from injury now and its time to turn draws into wins, today is a good start.
  14. Windass would of bagged most of them.
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