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  1. Id prefer Lees to stay, despite his woeful distribution hes too good for league 1 and always seems committed to the cause. If I recall correctly hes a Huddersfield fan, I'd be surprised if hes not playing in the championship next season.
  2. He's just not very good, having said that league 1 will suit him better. Not championship standard unfortunately.
  3. Jose Semedo was fantastic for us in league 1, but couldn't really step up to the championship. I've been no fan of Joey P, not due to his commitment to the cause, he just lacks a bit technically, similar to Semedo. JP could be valuable to us in league 1.
  4. It bugs me when managers change strikers for the sake it, just keep your best players on the pitch.
  5. They look vulnerable in behind, agree with calls for Harris.
  6. I do agree, my point is that Chansiri recruited a manager who he thought could get a reaction, he was wrong, again.
  7. I'm not blaming the manager as such, but the appointment was made to keep us up, unfortunately it couldn't of gone much worse so its another terrible decision by Chansiri.
  8. A quote from Chansiri before appointing Moore. The appointment was made to try and keep us up, hence Chansiris emphasis on its significance. As we are going down, the new manager hasn't won a single game, taking one point with some favourable fixtures, nothing we can say this was yet another terrible decision by Chansiri.
  9. I hope fans immediately chant for Chansiri out on our return to games.
  10. Palmer Lee's Dunkley Borner Hutch Shaw Windass Bannan Reach Rhodes
  11. The not Monk or Pulis bounce has now gone, need a proper mgr.
  12. I agree, looks like a solid base to a 433 to me.
  13. Be happy with 4 points from the next 2 games.
  14. We never got a new manager bounce when Monk left as the shackles were tightened further when Pulis was appointed. I think we are seeing sensible common sense management now, which the players are reacting positively too.
  15. Have to question how Kachunga starts ahead of Windass.
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