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  1. I always think of Billy Elliott when I see Tom Lees, can't put my finger on it.
  2. Has his own way of playing but without his own players, yes a good manager makes the best of what he has and in the most part he has, some players have improved significantly. Fact remains that at the top end of the pitch we don't have the players to suit, more so without Fletcher. I do think Monk is a good manager and hopeful with the right additions upfront we will be pushing again.
  3. Be very happy with Murray in the right circumstances. Would certainly need another striker with legs next to him, but if we did and the second striker was also quality we would have some team. Lots of ifs and buts mind.
  4. That's a good shout, but for me subject to getting a couple of good strikers. Our strength is certainly in that 5 man midfield.
  5. Yes I mean both our goals were from hoofs into the box! We are, at our best, very well suited to the championship. We can play direct, alternatively we have some very good players at this level, a good blend.
  6. I've been saying for a while now that he will get you more goals than Harris, Murphy has a really good shot on him. Not knocking Harris who probably stands out more in games but Murphy can you get 10 a season.
  7. Good line up, just shame we don't have a decent striker. Like the 3 in the middle personally, good technical players.
  8. Now we are talking, would be a fantastic signing.
  9. No idea, if it is it would make sense to announce it as late as possible.
  10. Whilst I'm not particularly enthusiastic about Gregory, I would certainly swap him for Winnall who is very similar to Rhodes. At least Gregory can back up Fletcher and make it stick.
  11. We have plenty of quality but we don't have enough goals in the team. I like Harris but he needs to be pushing for about 10 goals a season, as does Reach who has been disappointing.
  12. Its not as simple as that though is it, the stats you could probably produce are not relative to Garry Monks Sheffield Wednesday and the current set of players, formation and tactics. I'm not saying it would be some kind of revaluation but in the absence of any other decent option, at least he has the tools to offer something different than been a shirt filler.
  13. Don't agree, not when considering the alternatives.
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