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  1. Amazing how bad it is. it never work properly fecking scunthorpe is on it now WTF
  2. Was it the Wealdstone raider causing trouble (do you want some) He was on the kop today. And the fighting at half time was a bunch of idiots being racist to one of our own fans then I heard they started fighting with stewards.
  3. RIP felas if this is true, puts a different light on the game :( saw this tweet Robbie Ervine â€@_robman92 3m3 minutes ago Rotherham fan dropped dead at the stadium today from a heart attack poor sod 0 retweets 0 favorites
  4. On millers mad there's a thread about a fan receiving CPR before the game
  5. I was wrong anyway because its not the shadow that blocks the sun :)
  6. if the ball was close To the sun how could it cast a shadow covering the sun, further away = bigger shadow. Don't need to be stevie hawking to know that.
  7. Cheer up Jack it was only a bit of fun, Unless you'd prefer another moaning doom and gloom thread.
  8. Breaking news, The real cause of the eclipse descovered. Simonsens ball is still up there.
  9. :o( do you think the new one will still have access to player?, It's a joke its one of the best if not the best footy apps
  10. talking apps. since i got my galaxy s4 i cant find the official football league app so i can listen to player on my phone. is it available on andriod as i can't find it anywhere.
  11. Singing shouting and cheering as it goes in the net, and it's.....
  12. This is funny. 'first team to put a ball into space' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bWpMCptD30
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