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  1. Did anybody expect anything else today when they saw the team sheet? Especially the back 4.
  2. If they were faking injuries, Abdi and Lucs wouldn’t be on the bench. They’d be the first to fake it
  3. hatcheeks

    Wednesday 1 : 2 Middlesbrough OMDT

    How can Abdi be left on the bench again!!!!
  4. hatcheeks

    Time for Penney

    Rashford was on the bench for Man Utd’s u18s not long before an injury crisis forced LVG to give him a chance. He’s doing ok.
  5. hatcheeks

    Keith Andrews

    Best pundit on tv at the moment.
  6. Pudil should have been on for Fox ages ago
  7. hatcheeks

    Morgan fox

    He’s absolutely awful. Along with Nuhiu, Butterfield, Jones and Palmer
  8. Carlos must really really hate Abdi
  9. hatcheeks


    It’s ok Dom putting this on twitter but when it comes to interviews it’s sll sucking up nonsense
  10. hatcheeks


    We are far worse than than that pathetic Wembley performance. How anyone can still back CC is deluded
  11. Is GH still training with the club? Or is he on gardening leave?
  12. hatcheeks


    I'm just not surprised any more with the bizarre signings. CC hasn't really strengthened the 1st team since the Wembley defeat despite loads of signings.
  13. hatcheeks

    Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    Instead we get Jones. Just what we need against one of the worst teams in the league - a defensive midfielder!!!! Jeeeeesus Carlos