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  1. David Garrido

    she has deffo put some beef on. She carries it well though but I think some regular exercise would do her the world of good. Don't want her getting diabetes or heart disease
  2. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Was FF our leading goalscorer last season? Not bad considering he was uninterested, wanted to leave, hated the club, the fans, his manager and team mates, pretended to be injured etc etc
  3. Colin's Comments

    My mate did some work for him a few years ago when he still lived in Sheffield, said he was sound, they had some owls/utd banter and Warnock didn't really have a bad word to say about Wednesday. One of those Sheffielders that would like to see both clubs in the premier with utd 1 place above us
  4. David Garrido

    yeah it is. lucky fella
  5. David Garrido

    I know her boyfriends cousin. Apparently she is a really nice person.
  6. Man of the match

    Reach for me, fantastic performance. Brilliant return for Lee and only looked 75%. Can't wait till he's fully fit
  7. i'm surprised at how quickly the tkts are selling on the south. Reckon it will deffo sell out
  8. Yes, it is only £55 unless you want a long sleeve one and that is £59.
  9. I thought Umbro were owned by Nike
  10. So going in house to make more profit actually means using some small company in Australia who can't cope with the order and so any extra profit will be completely lost by low sales because let's face it, loads of people won't bother getting one now. Lets hope this is a lesson learnt and DC is doing a deal with UA, Nike, Adidas etc for next year.
  11. Anybody know how many games he played last season?

    Why? Unless another team have never seen him play, never looked at his stats, never heard of him or seen him and are in the top 10 most gullible idiots in the world, why would anyone pay him to part of their squad?
  13. I wouldn't be against FF going for £15m or so because every player has their price. I'm just fed up of him getting blamed for everything. we have a poor game - FFs fault. FF has a bad game - he has a bad attitude and wants to leave. SW has a poor game - its FFs fault for tackling him in training. KL has a quiet game - its coz FF wants a bigger contract and KL is still better than Messi. Hooper doesn't score for 6 games - FF should have passed him the ball more. Just seems bizarre that the most exciting flair player we have had in years and years and everyone would rather see a mediocre player like SW or an absolute donkey like Nuhui because they apparently give a million percent. Give me fessi anyday
  14. So in his first season when he was brilliant all season was he being tempted by a new contract every week just to keep him interested? Are you psychic? are you his psychiatrist?