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  1. iI thought Monk was an underwhelming appointment and was a bit gutted when the news broke on Friday. However, rather than having a hissy fit and slagging him & the club off I went on the internet and read for myself his managerial record. I then felt a lot better because he's actually done pretty well. He is still young, still hungry, try's to play decent football and has experience even though he is only 40. Deffo better than Pulis, deffo better than some other unknown Jos type, deffo better than sticking with Bullen, probably better than Rowett, less risky than the Cowleys. I'm looking forward to the season again where as after the QPR game I was dreading it. UTO.
  2. Football fans are so fickle its unreal. A couple of solid unspectacular performances and he's suddenly our most important player. Same with Nuhiu - comes on as sub and does well and suddenly he's the best striker we've had since Hirst. Everyone forgets the inept games where he scored about 5 in 3 years !!! Both are very limited and are squad players at best but if we really want top 6 we should be aiming for much better. Im sure we can manage till xmas and then bring in better - or at least we could if we had a manager
  3. Exactly. Doesn’t matter who we think should come in as manager but we are allowed to express our opinion that Bully clearly isn’t the one to get the most out of this team.
  4. But all the true Wednesday fans said we were amazing against Reading & Dingles so he has to be given the job? 9/12 points so he has to be given the job? Etc etc Wonder what they’ll say tonight?
  5. 60 mins in. 2 shots. Zero on target. But I’m sure Bully will get us promoted
  6. 0 shots on target yet Fessi sat on the bench
  7. Anyone worried that Bullen may be a bit like CC in that he has his favourites and is afraid of dropping them? I’m amazed that FF didn’t travel to Millwall or get any game time last night. But I also thought Nuhiu was a fave but he was dropped last night so I was wrong there.
  8. If you are happy losing 1-0 to 10 man Millwall that’s up to you.
  9. They had a player sent off in the first half
  10. To play well and get 3 points. When we play better teams we won’t get away with poor performances
  11. Rubbish. We’ve been gifted an amazing August re: fixtures and we blew it at Millwall. We should have 10 or 12pts. We are lucky to have 9
  12. 9 out of 12? Could argue 10 or 12 would be better especially given the teams we have played
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