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  1. Some of our players improved dramatically when Bruce came in. Maybe Van Aken will be another. Difference with Bruce for me is that I trust Bruce more to make the correct judgement as to whether or not he deserves a chance.
  2. My mistake. Think it’s Lee who’s been offered 1 year deal
  3. According to Sheffield Star Westwood only offered a 1 year deal
  4. Surely if things were so bad we wouldn't have been able to sign Iorfa, Aarons and Lazaar and we would have sold some players
  5. I am really surprised at how many people want us to sign Lazaar and Aarons given their injury records
  6. I always thought KL had a good injury record until this serious injury has kept him out for the last 18mths or so. Was he injury prone before SWFC?
  7. Westwood should have been signed up ages ago. Imagine extending contracts of Nuhiu and Joao before Westwood !!! I’m actually dreading next season without Westwood and Hector
  8. Worst thing is all the other results going our way today. Gutted
  9. has anyone ever asked Bruce about Abdi?
  10. I've got more respect for SB finishing his family holiday rather than him cutting it short to start a new job. However, I am also a bit worried that this could be his last decent pay day and he may not have the enthusiasm that he has had previously. Time will tell but surely better than another unknown European like Jos.
  11. Out of all our previous managers I am sure that Bruce will have the best contacts in the game re: getting in some decent loans if we can't afford to sign players permanently
  12. Jos out definitely but who is gonna pay the bills if DC leaves? We are stuck with DC. Best we can hope for is that he employs someone experienced to run the club
  13. Agree with this but will be shocked if it happens.
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