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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    Hooper has also been shocking last 2 games
  2. No excuses tonight

    If it’s still 0-0 after 5 mins replace Hooper and Rhodes with Nuhiu and Jones
  3. Jones and Nuhiu ahead of Abdi, Matias, Joao !!! Something weird is definitely going on. I’m beginning to think there must be some mad stuff going on with Abdi and Matias’ contract. It’s gone beyond a joke.
  4. :-(

    What I don't understand is that IF DC is buying the players and not CC, surely he would then make CC play the said players??? DC should have sacked CC last season for either a) wasting loads of money on players and sticking with the same team that lost at wembley or b) not playing the new players chosen and bought by DC. what is really worrying is that not only has the football and tactics gradually deteriorated but most of the players also seem to be getting worse
  5. Clap away......

    14 points off top place after 13/14 games and some people wonder why so many fans think we need a new manager. Bottom line is we are massively under achieving and only a new manager will give us a chance of finishing in the play offs.
  6. bring back dave allen and fanny jaffacake legs type signings. Chansiri can keep his £150m investment.
  7. so annoying. Rarely works
  8. George Hirst

    Bang on. And for me it doesn't matter who is in charge of recruitment. I don't care who bought the players or picked the players to be brought to the club. The fact is we need a manager who can get the best out of the players we have and CC is failing at that job.
  9. David Garrido

    she has deffo put some beef on. She carries it well though but I think some regular exercise would do her the world of good. Don't want her getting diabetes or heart disease
  10. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Was FF our leading goalscorer last season? Not bad considering he was uninterested, wanted to leave, hated the club, the fans, his manager and team mates, pretended to be injured etc etc
  11. Colin's Comments

    My mate did some work for him a few years ago when he still lived in Sheffield, said he was sound, they had some owls/utd banter and Warnock didn't really have a bad word to say about Wednesday. One of those Sheffielders that would like to see both clubs in the premier with utd 1 place above us
  12. David Garrido

    yeah it is. lucky fella
  13. David Garrido

    I know her boyfriends cousin. Apparently she is a really nice person.
  14. Man of the match

    Reach for me, fantastic performance. Brilliant return for Lee and only looked 75%. Can't wait till he's fully fit