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  1. Wildsmith Fred Lees Pudil Hunt Abdi Reach Clare Fox João Dave We looked more stable with the 5 in the middle switching to 5 at the back when required
  2. Maybe we are asking for guaranteed game time if he does go out on loan, it seems we have been asked to do this before with premiership youth As he is an unknown quantity at senior level this may be putting some clubs off
  3. We'd just been banging on about the problem being a lack of crosses and so celebrated when that first one came across, spilt my coffee!
  4. He didn't just score, it looked a world beater from the kop!
  5. But who is responsible for recruitment? If it's Carlos then he's at fault but he keeps saying he has no dealings with transfers
  6. Don't panic and throw money at it. We did that with Rhodes last year CMs having to move back to get passes from central defence doesn't stop us getting forward on the wings. As we saw from the Preston stats our wide men pretty much stayed still all game
  7. I don't like the pressure at the moment and it will probably come to a head this year with the blunts in the same division and huge expectations of automatic it could turn out to be quite a busy one for staffing
  8. I thought Carlos said he didn't deal with player transfers?
  9. There are plenty of examples of chairmen that have thrown huge sums at the club and its not necessarily paid off, especially in the premiership. I think that despite not achieving promotion in 2 years we have done fairly well despite missing two good opportunities. We at least did create those opportunities and only in part due to the money spent. What Huddersfield achieved is enough momentum to get them over the line similar to us in year 1, hopefully the patience of the fans and consequently the chairman won't hinder any progress we have made. I'm not saying Carlos is untouchable, he should be given at least some time to show improvement this year
  10. How about giving us the first home game back in the Premiership free, use the card points for priority
  11. Still trying to find that elusive killer pass to Rhodes
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