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  1. Reach would have been probably been better hitting it - but maybe a bit of hindsight there though. FF took a step forward just as Reach passed to him which meant the ball coming too fast - so he didn't have time to adjust his feet properly.
  2. Gordon's brother. Not only a line dryer but washes using a scrubbing board in the Don.
  3. Basics. This is how odd sock accidents happen. Disgraceful.
  4. I'm not sure when I became a washer woman tbh
  5. Couple of minutes in the tumble when you bring 'em in at best. Or stick 'em in t'airing cupboard on'tank
  6. Been poor last 3 or 4 games (although a decent 2nd half cameo against Preston). However, He carried us for a long time this season. I do wonder if left wing back is his position though
  7. For the first 40 minutes the ref had a really good game. Wasn't taken in my Mitrović's falling over (although should have booked him for it). After that it went down hill. Then he even have them a free kick cos Matias ran past a player. Neither linesman nor ref saw the 3 day late challenge on Pudil though. Ref's are shocking this year. Really poor (not just against us). And more and more players get away with diving.
  8. Disgraceful. It's washing line drying weather
  9. I call bullshit. Never heard a peep out of them till they scored.
  10. I'll boo butterfeet every time I see his name. He not a scapegoat - Jones is nearly as bad quality wise but at least has put the occasional shift in. Ironically it was Butterfeets best game in a Wednesday shirt. Still poo but his best game.
  11. Agreed (I didn't think they were outrstanding - just had confidence and momentum). But we did okay, defended well and just lacked quality om the final ball
  12. It's not disgraceful. His 'performances' have been. fizz him and his confidence. I bet he doesn't give a poo anyway
  13. That's he's let the side and fans down EVERY time he's played. Waste of money and shirt.
  14. No it wasn't. His lazy ass shitness cost us numerous games. He shouldn't be allowed to set foot in Hillsborough.
  15. Maybe not. But we aren't really (although 3 points wouldn't go a miss)
  16. Yeah chap will be different to High Green. Hell even neighbours can get fast internet sometimes and the next door can't!
  17. he's mentioned 1 player. And that could even change. Don't get your knickers in a twist
  18. My mother lives in HG. So I'll sign her up. She'd probably be a repeater site too as she lives high up
  19. http://blissinternet.co.uk/wifi-my-area Try without the 's' - could be your browser not redirecting or somat. Anyway, link is active. The Superfast scheme doesn't necessarily reach everyone though
  20. you're not getting those speeds :D But if you and a bunch of people you know what to register here: https://www.blissinternet.co.uk/wifi-my-area then it''s possible Bliss could roll out an internet provision in High Green. They've done the same in Treeton where it was only (crap) ADSL and it works great. I work for Bliss' sister company
  21. we don't need wingers in this formation. It suits out strengths. We just need decent wingbacks
  22. Rubbish. We were poor, most of the squad injured and had no fight. It was the latter that made us relegation contenders. Luckily Butterfeet and Jones aren't in the side any more and we have a bit about us.
  23. Said pretty much the same as the OP earlier. Ideally I'd also like a good CB to repalce Loovens - perhaps an experienced one and someone who can be a ne Sammy Hutchinson. Although that migt cost a few $$$$$ !
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