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  1. Wildsmith 5 (Dawson 4) Palmer 4 (Baker 6) Lees 3 (Neilson 5) Van Aken 4 (Thornily 4) Pudil 6 Boyd 5 (Fox 5) Bannan 6 (Reach 5) Pelupessy 4 (Jones 2) Hutchinson 6 (Matias 5) Forestieri 6 (Joao 6) Nuhiu 6 (Fletcher 5) All in all, players didn't know where they were playing. No runners from midfield. Defensive 5 all at sea. Wildsmith is a good shot stopped but nothing else. Dawson looked rusty. I think this probably sealed our relefation.
  2. Not unhappy with this at all. 1) All our players waded in to help a team mate 2) We maybe showed a nasty side Good stuff
  3. The 8" is diaganol - so it's still a fairly significant difference. I bought our new 49" to replace a 42" and it was physcially the same size unit - disappointing until you power on and notice the bezel is much thinner! I would stick with LG or Samsung for features and quality. Get 10bit HDR if you can. In reality, I probably wouldn't notice. If will be the quality of the input that makes the difference tbh. There's still to many SD channels anyway!
  4. Devisive and not that good. Cash in the chips (or just get rid anyway)
  5. Activity monitor will help and there are 3rd party battery apps that will give you details. But my macbook 2012 is having the same issues. It's purely down to age. A replacement battery will sort it. I must get around to getting one. The 10 hours I got when new was awesome!
  6. Why do they all post on Owlstalk though?
  7. Best thing was the huge cheer when Nando gave Dave the ball for the penalty.
  8. it’s because we played 4-4-1 all those years under Dave Allen. We were allowed to try and even it up.
  9. Ha it is! Media ***** and big critic of chansiri is caught red handed
  10. Tell me why you chose your username... ;)
  11. They had 20 attempts on goal? They didn’t have one on target until the 2nd half!
  12. He makes this off mistake - but his overall contribution far outweighs those. Replacing his quality by signing someone else would cost a lot more.
  13. Westwood is still the better if the three. But if we got good money for Westwood I’d be happy to stick Dawson in. With Wildsmith as backup.
  14. He’s shown more commitment to the club than almost any other player this season. And made a bigger (positive) impression. He loves us and we love him
  15. I thought He was the stand out player first half. I know it’s only one game but he looks streets ahead of Palmer. Very handy squad player to have. Move Palmer on.
  16. We need two quality wing backs. And a strong centre back - ideally with a bit of pace. We we could probably do with a tough tackling midfielder too 3-5-2 and 3-4-3 suits us so much more than the 4-4-3 Carlos played all season under him.
  17. Good luck...... let me know when you're conncted and I'll invite you to my retirement party
  18. Nope, that's why now that we've proved it's success and that's it's a viable product it can roll out to other areas that BT or Virgin can't / won't reach. And yes, the boss has decent internet speeds ;)
  19. It’s a position I think we need to improve. But he had a great game yesterday. And I’d say he’s improved under Jos. Plus us he’s not Palmer.
  20. I didn’t see what he did to be honest. Ran around a lot chasinh shadows and looked a little lightweight. He he did want to get involved and work hard though. I was trying to refrain from commenting as didn’t want to sound too critical on a brief debut appearance. Delighted for any player that forces his way through the system and into the first team side.
  21. I was particularly impressed at him helping hunt at right back and holding the key back position as Boyd and puddle had both bombed forward at some point. Played so well for the team yesterday - and of course he’s outstanding as an individual. He’ll be here next season I have no worries on that.
  22. He got a really hard kick on the knee or something. Nothing he could do he was making a good challenge. It REALLY hurt though - I feared his knee cap had popped out or something. While I agree he’s subbed a lot - on this occasion it was a bad looking injury.
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