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  1. We gone up a place tooday without even playing. At this rate if we played no games, we'd be promoted by January. Which means we wouldn't even have to spend in January
  2. Good innit. Are you er.... man enough .... to put yourself forward for chairman/person though?
  3. I've had a season ticket for 32 years, minus 1 year when bottom Delve was really taking the wee wee. I will seriously be considering when my expires at the end of the season. Chansiri is disenfranchising people and I'm not sure my money is going to the benefit of the club overall. Or even just keeping it in existance.
  4. I haven't seen the off ish ul poll result that the members decree we accept it from the EFL yet. I love running the club though. Surely OT can do it. We sort everything
  5. Week 1: Chairman is outsted following a 3-2 loss Week 2: On the back of a draw at Sunderland and a win at home against Dull, an extra 10,000 tickerts have been sold Week 3: We draw again after a 90th minute equaliser. Manager sacked Week 4: New Manager Mick Mccarthy wins 7-1 against Leeds Week 4, Day after Leeds victory: 6 goal Fernando Forestieri is sold. To Leeds. for £5m Week 5. Nu-chairman ousted. New manager sacked. New OT member appoitned Chairman. Week 6.....
  6. How much fun would that be. Votes for each player sale poll - or buy. It'd make Chansiri's first 18 months seem like a stable and boring environment
  7. I'm falling in to the OT trap ( the doom mongers live for it when we're doing poo - as the chairman is) - but IF we sold FF it would be a full on meltdown and probably justified. He's the one really creative asset we have. It would be the signal that the dream really is over. And I think the start of the end for Chansiri
  8. Mansfield want to pay in installments over 1500 years. Could be a deal breaker to be honest. Leeds will pay in 2m installments but it ends when they next sack their manager
  9. That's we're not happy pay premium for substandard ? That might not be the players fault - bt if people perceive a lack of effort or quality it's going to come out.
  10. The runs Lee makes, getting in the box make a huge difference - we miss that so much. Similarly hooper links up play so well - another big miss.
  11. The ratings are genuine. The last sentance less so
  12. I thikn Chansiri and the CEO have that covered tbh
  13. If we're talking about what we need it's two good wing backs, A commanding centre half and a tough tackling midfielder who can break it up and set the attacks going. Which we've pretty much needed for 10 years
  14. Booooo Owlstalk But to be fair you didn't write FACT.
  15. Yes we all know it's pre-season. But if you can't see the worry signs and the bigger picture after that performance, you're only fooling yourself.
  16. Hooper has been injured for about 2 years. Almost like there's more money to pay outi if he ever played again for us
  17. I think you've nailed it 100% We're going to have a year (maybe 2) of this unti we're clear of FFP IMO
  18. and to be fair he should be asking the CEO or Chairman this.
  19. Westwood will be going no doubt. Chansiri played championship manager in the first season and the fans are now paying for it
  20. I think Nuhiu and Forestieri will be our best partnership. I could see Joao playing in a 3 with them sometimes too. I think we should just play all our strikers - cos the defence isn't up to much anyway
  21. Dave Jones is number 3. And utter dog poo. Awful player
  22. Fox but in two good crosses. Palmer got extra marks for going off injured
  23. While the resuult isn't that relevant, the performance was awful. Pedestrian, lack of positioning, lack of control on the ball. I didn't expect much from a pre season friendly but came away worried for the season!
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