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  1. Perfect chance for us to sing 2-0 and you F'd it up .
  2. Agreed. And loved that he played the ball and kept on running for the return. Decent shot too.
  3. You dumb poo, It's C U next Tuesday.
  4. AS above. Also thought they were loud and supported their team well. Probably in shock being 2-0 up.
  5. We can praise when it's due and criticise - win or lose. I don't think Lees is captain material and haven't for a long time. It's about opinions innit
  6. Nuhiu did a superb job today. Palmer was his usual standard. Shyte
  7. I bet Stripping is Jos' party trick
  8. Heard rumours Guv'nor found out where he lives so Stanton has had to flee to 'ull
  9. Wow, Doom has gone up in my estimation. Although he's generous with the 4 and 6's. Joao was an 8 too
  10. Agree 100% that Bannan should be captain. He thrives on pressure and would love the responsibility. He's found his club now should be captain for all he reasons the OP says. lees needs an experienced centre half next to him - which he hasnt got. Hector might help a bit - but no way should he be captain
  11. Best interview I’ve heard from Jos. Sounded human (and pissed of with the team without saying so)
  12. You are of course correct sir. He’s great and clapping too. Dare I say it better than Lee Peacock?
  13. You reckon Jos? I can see why you’re paid so much. But it I actually thought it was a good interview from Jos - he almost sounded human too. I think he was pissed off how we played and recognised where things went wrong.
  14. I watch him closely waiting for him to prove me wrong. He never does. No where near the player we need. Watch how many times players go past him.
  15. He was poor today to start with - but came Into it. I’d like to encourage those runs - more of them would make a difference. Baker can do the same on the other side. I like Penny - good player. Need to keep his confidence.
  16. Ffs. I’m fishing these are my genuine thoughts. Until we beat forest 7-0, finally avenging that 7-1 they inflicted on us
  17. League 1 player. Semedo is better. Hes awful.
  18. We’re not a good side. We’re slow with a lack of movement or urgency. Not sure how jos can inspire anything here though - he sounds dull dull dull. We know we have youngsters in and we should cut them slack however... 1. Dawson. Average keeper but zero distribution skills. Slow or gives it to Lees who has no distribution either. Why the hell cant we play westwood - out stand out keeper. One of the best in the championship 2. Palmer. Rubbish. 3. Lees - misses so many headers and lets players run across or behind him. So quiet why is he ca
  19. Yep, I'll probably still get one (IF i can afford it - serious question mark over that with current pricing trends). That's the problem innit But as daft as it sounds after all the poo we've been through, I've always felt part of the club - or the club was part of me. Apart from maybe with Dave and the carehome crew. No I feel as distant from the club as I've ever felt. Sometimes I wish Owlstalk and the internet / Social media didn't exist. So the Star would tell me everything is fine and whether we won or lost and who scored. We know too much now!
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