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  1. He was my M O M today. He battered em
  2. Not sure someone with your username should comment on strikers. But Lowe had much more impact than watt
  3. Huddersfield won't be going up that's for sure. We just have you a lesson. Rhodes is a good player though. You'll be lucky to still have him in feb
  4. 1st goal was very lucky and the 2nd one was lucky on a deflected ball to the winger but the cross and finish were superb. He took his goals very well.
  5. Clark showed what a classless nob he is and how he's on borrowed time by running to their fans at the end. And shaking their ref hand at the half way line
  6. More confident than ever. We just battered a very average side. It's us and probably Charlton to go up. And we'll beat them at hillsborough.
  7. Best ever atmosphere at Hillsborough. Although celebrating our equaliser (winner) against the pics this year in the beam back was pretty loud (and utterly mental)
  8. Nerves gone - just anticipation now.
  9. Think we should mainly stick with Megson masks for now. Maybe a Milan one for last game Think we should mainly stick with Megson masks for now. Maybe a Milan one for last game of season. I've got my Megson mask for today
  10. I think it'll be a draw tbh. I'd settle for that. 3 points would be a wonderful Christmas present though
  11. Most nervous I've been all season. Doesn't help that I've haven't seen Wesnesday play for a month. Looking forward to pre-match and then a great atmosphere for the game though.
  12. Has Sid had some Semedo blo Has Sid had some Semedo blood? His recovery is remarkable. All the best Sid and family.
  13. Jowl


    I'd go for wi-go only unless you really need to use Internet while on the move. A lot of establishments and most homes have (free) wi-fi now. Or you can use a smartphone as your data point - cheaper than a dedicated 3G sim.
  14. Jowl


    There is some discounting going on with some firms (PC World?) iPad 3 is due out Q1 next year - although March / April I suspect. It's still worht buying an iPad 2 now. I wouldn't upgrade from 1 to 2 though - might as well wait a bit. I did upgrade from 1 to 2 when the second one came out. Didn't really need to - although I do like how fast and light it is. It's like my iPhone 4 now seems more sluggish compared to 4S
  15. Jowl


    I use mine for casual web broswing. much easier than a laptop - it's light m quick start and excellent battery. Also watch a lot of Web-based TV/Video's (ie Live Freeview stuff, iPLayer, Sky etc) E-mail of course, Games too. You can even get decent Word Processors / Spreadsheet on it (Microsoft are working on office for it), I dare say, it *could* replace my laptop - but I haven't made the full transition yet. As for models, go for 16/32gb in the colour of your choice. Some kind of cover / case would be handy. I'd stick to Wi-Fi models unless you have a 3G data tarrif and plenty of cash fo
  16. Just got 3. Ordered yesterday, arrived today. Awesome service!
  17. Cheers Don't worry about applying though :)
  18. Could the clever admin (or a mod) who came up with the brilliant idea please change the title to the correct spelling of technologies so I look slightly less stupid. Thankyouplease
  19. Stupid iPhone. Oh you can change iPhone ok? FFS (yes, in lounge)
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