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  1. To be fair thats part of the reason I didn't turn up on Tuesday. Why should I make the effort in the freezing rain if they don't? What is absolutley clear is that players want Jos out too. So with no confidence, no tactics and the changes every week, it's not suprising they want rid.
  2. If we had 11 new players it would still be the same under this manager.
  3. I disagree with this generally. They've tried their best and are together as a bunch - but it's clear to see we're heading down and they aren't playing fo Jos. They like him as much as we do. Time to go
  4. It all comes from the manager. They have no idea what they're are supposed to be doing, what the tactics are and have zero confidence, This muppet is taking us down
  5. give us a chance we've only played 45 minutes + 3 stoppage time.
  6. Jowl

    Sky Q

    I was told all new contracts are min 18th month. You could pay to get out of the contract after 6 months I guess - but they're gonna charge you the full period.
  7. Jowl

    Sky Q

    I really like Sky Q - was offered it with a deal so thought why not (Actually I asked for it - but only cos I could). I've found it much better than the old version, the UI is slick and quicker on the new HD. But the real featire is the splt screen so I could watch footie and F1 for a bit. Don't have it multiroom though
  8. Cheap Chinese == shitty bug riden backdoored software + hardware. We've covered zones at at least tado does that and more.
  9. https://protect.somfy.co.uk/uk/somfy-protect.html I found Screwfix normally cheapest
  10. Arlo are Netgear aren't they? urgh. I went Unifi for external. Not cheap - but works well and quick and easy setup
  11. On second thoughts not sure how well that integrates ^^^
  12. https://www.somfy.co.uk/ any of the products on there any good. I use the Somfy protect products and they've proven very reliable. I might look into the blinds myself
  13. https://www.tado.com/gb/ I have a dual zone setup. Never bothered with individual radiators. They are newer but we don't need really need that much control. We tend to use the RFID tags for the door lock - although you can use your phone. That's saved me a couple of times when I've walked out without my keys cos I've changed jeans! The Hue have Bayonet and Screw fittings. We have bayonet - which are more UK centric so stock isn't always as good but not normally an issue these days. Most of the rooms we have just white ones in. But we have some coloured ones too. Ha
  14. oh, Nest Smoke alarms too.
  15. The Thermostats have matured. I use Tado - it's excellent. Mum has Nest which is okay but does't seem as accurate. Hive is another option. Switches - lots of cheaper options now but Philips Hue still king. Integrates with so many things and great support with other products. The kit itself is top standard Alarm - I've gone for a Somfy wireless alarm. It's very well put together - but is battery powered rather than mains. So fair, when we've had triggers it's been brilliant and notified people we've chosen to be altered - who checked with us if all was ok. Has a nice int
  16. Could try https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva It's pretty decent. Be careful though and always recoverto another location. The more you write to the card, the less chance of recovery. There are specialists but it's usually $$$. So depends on the data's value to you
  17. you spend cheap on a printer, you get expensive inks. Spend a bit more, and with proper ink it will last you longer and be mroe economical to run You won't get cheap to buy and cheap to run
  18. Chromebooks are also a good idea for schools (with the right infratructure etc). But using Chromebooks and having an O365 subscription is weird - they're really designed for Google Docs (and are managed by googel Gsuite). But yep, A mac seems like overkill for what you need. I'd suggest Lenovo or Fujitsu laptops. A basic i3 model would be fine - but get one with SSD rather than hard drive.
  19. I remember him with us - not sure if I actually saw him play. It was after the bung scandal wasnt it? Wasn't it Grobelaar at Liverpool when they were rumoured to be bidding for Tim Flowers. Grobelaar ran out that day, threw a bunch of flowers in the net and said that's the only flower going in these nets.
  20. Fessi is our most talented player. a Game changer and makes this happen. Always involved in the best moments of the game. But I don't think you can drop anyone after today - so bench for me too. He'll also make a massive impact coming on
  21. PLayed along side some experience (and in a three) and he looked a lot better. Would still give the captaincy to Bannan and Let Lees just concentrate on being a good defender.
  22. I think he's generally in and out of the game a bit too much. Good finisher though and has pace. A run of games can only be good for him. Can make things happen - if he's on form
  23. all this leaves a bad taste in the mouth
  24. Original ink is always best - people will disagree but I've seen it so many times. Eventually it'll fizz up your printer. Laser suffer less with this - but it still happens. Colour lasers are expensive to run. Look for business inkjets. The £150-£250 Epson Workforce inkjets have high capacity ink carts (comparable to laser toner capacity) but are much cheaper to buy.
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