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  1. Everyone knows the problems. But for most people it's trumped by the £20 ticket.


    You pays ya money.....



  2. 11 hours ago, Ever the pessimist said:


    Totally. Part of me wonders whether the ref, in the pre game briefing, tells the assistant he only wants him to give offsides and nothing else. 

    I think that the referee and assistants should be permanently as a three: every game they are together and therefore build a trust / reliability between one another.

    I'm absolutely certain of it. I think some refs want to make ALL the decisions.


    I agree the standard is poor - they are just so inconsitant and make basic errors. The real issue is lack of accountability for me.


    That said, I love to give the officials stick during a match - part of the experience for me. And the close offside etc is part of the game and post-match I can accept this. I don't think officials are out to cheat Wednesday - I do think some officials prefer themselves to be centre of attention. I wouldn't want to be a ref though.


    I remember watching Rotherham vs Preston a couple fo seasons ago - work hospitality thing. It was a dull game and I remember the rovrum fans getting irate over a ref decision - which was bang on the correct one. Both sets of supporters gave the ref stick - yet for a lot of it he was bang on. Emotions rule for us footie fans

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