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  1. The Flag isn't a bad pub - they're friendly enough to non-Watford football fans. I used to like the Southern Cross (again, about a 5 minute walk away from Watford Junction). They do reasonable food too...
  2. Illegitimate site's down! :sad:Correction: Started working again. Saved myself some money!
  3. Farnborough's about an hour on the train to London isn't it? Plenty of London Wednesday fans up there too.
  4. It tends to vary, mate. We 'always' meet centrally though, so that it's easy for everyone to get too. Leicester Square area has proved popular in the past, as has Tattershall Castle (on Embankment). Venues are often posted closer to the time. Welcome to London though - I'll be joining you in August!
  5. Start running for cover guys! I've just landed a job back in London starting in August, so you can all experience my great company (Ha!) at future nights out.
  6. Just down the road from you, mate - in Chichester
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