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  1. Of course the issues are deep routed off field, that's not hard to see, its a mess and will take a long time for the chairman to turn around if he even understands the problems. Football isn't real world business if you get into it expecting pure plaudits you might as well go and run your own totalitarian state. You have to galvanise the fanbase, however his poor decisions mean he needs to get the most money out of the fans as possible to keep our head above water in the league which destroys all faith. if he understands the problems he has caused then he can start to rectify them by clearing the decks in the summer giving the club much needed headroom - if he wastes the opportunity it shows he has learned nothing and we will continue on the brink of FFP and continue to struggle until he executes his exit plan. On the pitch Monk has continually been thrown under the bus by the players, however he isn't helping himself by panicking and chopping and changing players and tactics. We have to claw to the end of the season and then the answer on the pitch comes in the summer by making wholesale changes wether everyone likes them or not - wether that is Monk or the next man. Tom Lees isn't a leader - he needs leading. He shouldn't be captain and as one of the higher earners should be moved on next year at the end of his contract. Loovens made him look good because Loovens was a leader - we need leaders. Barry Bannan isn't a leader, his quality isn't in doubt but we are far too reliant on him. He needs a box to box beast by his side in the mould of the much vented Mo Diame to rival Luongo. Many of the out of contract players should go - Nuhiu has been here too long and become too comfortable, Winnall isn't good enough to get out of this league, Rhodes (out of contract or not) has had more than enough chances to do the job, Forestieri has reached the end of the line with us - he hasn't fulfilled his potential and I think its a lack of desire due to becoming too comfortable at the cub. Pelupessy isn't up to the standard required and none of the loans should be made permanent. Westwood and Hutchinson should go, they have served us well but as high earners its time for all parties to move on - wether fans like it or not. If we can keep Fletcher on reduced terms he must be retained. Harris and Obubajo should be moved on if possible, if not they have a year to go until their contracts are up and then they leave. Its a big job in the summer on and off the pitch but big changes are required we need leaders, we need quality, we need youth, we need fight and we need desire.
  2. The day Birmingham got their decision handed down.... so maybe a few weeks to go.
  3. Hit close to home did it? As you brought my family into it - yes they are incredibly proud as we don't aspire to phone it in.
  4. There's a level of just not caring with some retail side staff in the shop. Other week I wanted a new polo shirt but had thrown my season ticket card away as I was expecting a new one. The old bird with long hair on the counter said I had to buy a new card for £10 to get my points, I told her I wasn't paying £10 when I should get a new card annually for what I pay in sponsorship. She huffed at me so I asked her did she want to lose a £30 sale for a 10p card as I would walk if she charged me - to which she said I needed to speak to the ticket side but I would have to pay for a card. The good lady on ticket counter quick as a flash said no problems and gave me a new card. Common sense and good customer service prevailed, whereas the retail side would have let me walk and lose income.
  5. Nothing against Liam Palmer, but using this type of association means he's a lock in for the job when he finishes up playing. He'll know the place inside out after twenty years.
  6. Having had experience in professional clubs the biggest hold up is securing a sponsor. Once you have that you're away as you already have a kit deal in place unless you have negotiated a new one (which you do up to a year ahead of the lapse of an old deal). Bear in mind the Chairman is the sponsor so we can release the kit when we want to if we have our house in order. Months in advance we agree on a design with the supplier, then its down to the factory lead time (can be 9-12 weeks) depending on if we go standard delivery or expedited (£) to get further up the waiting queue. In this case the only reason we can't have it when we want is internally driven.
  7. @mirodo Any chance you can add all of the friendlies please? Keep up the top work.
  8. I was at both QPR and Brum and have been to all games this season. I took a few days to reflect rather than lash out. Before the Boro game we were in the mix, I honestly think there is no runaway team this year. Its a case of anyone can beat anyone on any day more so than ever. But one thing strikes me, the downfall always comes the same way. Playing favourites and blind optimism from coaches. Square pegs and round holes. Negative tactics and an unwillingness to change their philosophy. Then its a downward spiral and losses until they leave.
  9. I would have had one originally however when I saw it I thought, rip off. The quality for the price was and is poor, even at a reduced price for me the cheap plexi front puts me off. I have a few professional framed shirts and this next to them would look crap. Depends what someone wants out of it though.
  10. The site could do with a pinned definitive injury list for everyone to keep track Westwood – Groin, having injections may be back in 2-3 weeks Lees – Groin, Out until Feb Van Aken – Hamstring, expected back at end of Jan Abdi – Hamstring, unknown timeframe Lee – Hip, unknown timeframe Hutchison – Undiagnosed leg fracture, unknown timeframe Bannan – Hip, expected back end of Feb Fletcher – Was out with tonsillitis a few weeks ago, so may have had a setback from other injury Foresteiri – Knee, out until March Hooper – Hip, out until March
  11. Still can't get a start. We must be trying hard to ship him out.
  12. So we are crying out for creative, attacking players. Forget we have been dire in attack for the last month. Forget Wallace was throwing up Monday morning before the match and had to be kicked onto the pitch. Forget we have played four games in just over a week and most players can't hit a full game. Forget our team is littered with injuries offensively and we are scraping a team together. Its coming to something when he can't be trusted to start (one out of four games) or even come off the bench for a cameo and light a spark in the current climate. It speaks volumes of how he must be rated within the club. A near £4M fee and a year and a half left on his contract. The curious case of Marco Matias.
  13. The only person to come out of the last few games with any credit is Wildsmith. He has been given a chance and has done what would be expected of him. If we are short of bodies why can't we give others a chance to step up. It's a better option than today's non performance. When will they ever be considered. Loovens has been playing injured and it has been a hindrance and has affected his game. But at least he has stepped forward and put his body on the line as Captain. However the rest of the team has no spine or fight. Send Butterfield back ASAP, we have been done. Simple as. Fox is not good enough for this level and now his confidence is shot. Rhodes should take a long hard look at himself. Falling over doesn't register as work ethic to me. Jones is a shadow of the player he was for other clubs. The quicker we get our first team back the better. We need a clear out of deadwood.
  14. Brentford had more zip and were slicker when it mattered. We were as poor as they were good. Our back line was slow, Butterfield was a passenger again and Rhodes worked with nothing. They cut through us without a tackle for the first goal and could have again. Could have been a lot more if they were clinical and Wildsmith wasn't on it.
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