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  1. How is it look at me? I'm becoming embarrased that fans are so forgiving of Chansiri for not sending a letter to the EFL when they told him to (to avoid a deduction) or do they not realise? Then he tried to stiff the ones who didn't want to toe the Billionaire party line - sounds reminiscent of former times....
  2. I think you and others have misconstrued my comments. It's not glory grabbing, I’m just not prepared to let the Chairman off scot free for his mistakes, the relegation was his fault so why should I take the hit and pay for the next few years in the hope of getting back to square one. I've put more than most in miles, money and sponsorship, been there from the 80s onwards without stopping. I'm not embarrased, why should I be - just because you don't accept my point of view?
  3. No ban, my account is live with hundreds of TPP's I've accrued. The club took the view that you and others would take the rebate option, hence why refunds weren't offered. Expecting fans to take the hit. I've done more than my fair share in miles, money and sponsorship for many years - putting a lot more into the club than some of those criticising me.
  4. Sent three letters all unanswered, plenty of time given on each for them to respond - each one was received by the club. Didn't want to start proceeding but club fobbing me off and not communicating forced my hand. Have got fee back and club officials note on MCOL filing is that they admit the claim in full.
  5. Have been doing that for 50 years, time to learn from repeating the old mistake and stop being sat at away games wondering why I bothered.
  6. They applied for the claim deadline to be extended by 14 days and then paid days before the deadline. **** housery of a level not seen on the pitch.
  7. There's just no need for it. You disagree, fair enough - no need to be spiteful. I disagree with you as I don't want to waste my time and money for the next two years trying to get back to what we were before the Chairman grossly mismanaged the situation. Minimum this year and next year paying him to get back to mid Champ... and watching players get 20k+ per week while fans are screwed over by him. The team will be gone when they stop getting paid from your money. I support Sheffield Wednesday, not the players when their contracts are over, not the Chairman.
  8. So I have just received a refund for my 2020/21 Season Ticket after taking the club to the Small Claims Court. I wasn't happy or proud having to do that but the club, or rather its current owner forced me to do this. I don't accept being told by the club to take my credit as a League One Season Ticket or as merchandise (however have nothing against those that did take the option). It was done on principle as I don't accept the club not adhering to consumer law even though they threw out new lucrative contracts left right and centre to players and decided to try to shaft fans out of money to fund it. The buck stops with the Chairman for mismanagement that ultimately cost the 6 points which relegated the club last season (even though the team were poor we would have stayed up on points without the deduction). I wasn't planning to go to League One games as I knew it wouldn't be a case of walking the league and I had lost the desire to watch a poor product (the Chairman chose the Managers and to chop them frequently). Should the club go straight back up (which I hope they do) I don't see myself going straight back to games as we would be no more competitive in the Championship than we were before - thus going round in circles and wasting time/money with the Chairman's vision. I will be back one day - fans last longer than owners.
  9. Wrexham and their Hollywood owners are using their name value..... Jamie Paterson?
  10. Paul Mullin signed for Wrexham.....
  11. This pathetic rhetoric of not having your best players available - you never will, its 46 games of attrition of which there are bound to be injuries. You don't need to be nostradamus to see that. But Monk made the decision of who to sign in the summer. Without central defenders for whatever reason? Back up for defence is Dunkley who isn't near a game after two months - you knew that before you signed him Gary. Luongo isn't fit so the backup is Pelupessy - you renewed his contract Gary and we all know he isn't lower division level on a regular basis. You made the choices on quality signings this past few months, bye Gary.
  12. They're just not in as high demand as strikers are.
  13. A lot of decent names (and wage demands) still not picked up with the start of the season looming. Forestieri, Winnall, Lee, Nuhiu and Hutchinson haven't been taken as of yet. Decent Championship players like Tom Huddleston, Daniel Ayala, Chris Brunt, Nathan Dyer, Ikechi Anya etc. Its the market realization at the minute of who blinks first - do players go without a job/wage and not play or do they take a short term contract and pay cut from what they are used to. Or will clubs pony up the demanded wages whilst seemingly trying to cut their cloth with little income around. This is why free, good strikers are at a premium and they will knowingly wait for a good deal and play clubs off of each other. However if we take players after the start of the season they always play catch up with fitness/sharpness (see Wickham).
  14. 153 years and we have never had a points deduction, its embarrassing to me and should be mortifyingly to the club owner who's watch it happened under. I withdrew my sponsorship of the club a year ago because I hadn't been happy with our direction as a club for a few years (and football's direction in general). I felt my contribution wasn't appreciated and rather than going to every away game I only went to select ones last season as I felt like I was taken for granted by the club and players. I have had an apathy about our club for the last few years, after buying into the new ethos of a long season ticket bundle I now have only one season left of my season ticket before I have a choice to make again. I haven't missed football over lockdown and had little interest in watching our matches on the tv as it was more of the same apathy. If the deduction stands our owner has to humbly apologize to all fans as the buck stops with him and the only thing that will fix this is putting an arm around fans, making a connection with the fans and winning football.
  15. Of course the issues are deep routed off field, that's not hard to see, its a mess and will take a long time for the chairman to turn around if he even understands the problems. Football isn't real world business if you get into it expecting pure plaudits you might as well go and run your own totalitarian state. You have to galvanise the fanbase, however his poor decisions mean he needs to get the most money out of the fans as possible to keep our head above water in the league which destroys all faith. if he understands the problems he has caused then he can start to rectify them by clearing the decks in the summer giving the club much needed headroom - if he wastes the opportunity it shows he has learned nothing and we will continue on the brink of FFP and continue to struggle until he executes his exit plan. On the pitch Monk has continually been thrown under the bus by the players, however he isn't helping himself by panicking and chopping and changing players and tactics. We have to claw to the end of the season and then the answer on the pitch comes in the summer by making wholesale changes wether everyone likes them or not - wether that is Monk or the next man. Tom Lees isn't a leader - he needs leading. He shouldn't be captain and as one of the higher earners should be moved on next year at the end of his contract. Loovens made him look good because Loovens was a leader - we need leaders. Barry Bannan isn't a leader, his quality isn't in doubt but we are far too reliant on him. He needs a box to box beast by his side in the mould of the much vented Mo Diame to rival Luongo. Many of the out of contract players should go - Nuhiu has been here too long and become too comfortable, Winnall isn't good enough to get out of this league, Rhodes (out of contract or not) has had more than enough chances to do the job, Forestieri has reached the end of the line with us - he hasn't fulfilled his potential and I think its a lack of desire due to becoming too comfortable at the cub. Pelupessy isn't up to the standard required and none of the loans should be made permanent. Westwood and Hutchinson should go, they have served us well but as high earners its time for all parties to move on - wether fans like it or not. If we can keep Fletcher on reduced terms he must be retained. Harris and Obubajo should be moved on if possible, if not they have a year to go until their contracts are up and then they leave. Its a big job in the summer on and off the pitch but big changes are required we need leaders, we need quality, we need youth, we need fight and we need desire.
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