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  1. 1 nil up against a team on a dreadful run and low on confidence. We have the choice of building on the lead or sitting back and inviting Norwich back into the game and which do we choose? 2nd half was absolute dross! Carlos it's time to go!
  2. Towcester Owl

    In possession - a weak 3-5-2

    I completely agree with Matt_1. I can't understand what Carlos is trying to do? Last night in the 1st half, at times Butterfield and Bannan were so deep it was like playing with 4 centre backs. When Lee came on in the second half and it was switched to a diamond, this allowed Bannan to get further forward and we improved a bit, but overall I thought we were lucky to get anything from the game at all, especially as Loovens should have been off early on. Carlos is completely deluded if he still thinks we're going to get anywhere near the playoffs playing this way. Sort it out Carlos or find a new job!
  3. Absolute garbage....it's like watching paint dry. No urgency, no pace and no excitement.