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  1. We’re not fu##ing Barcelona!! All this playing from the back, passing across the back 4, short corner routines - it’s not working mate!! Changing formations every game so players don’t know where they are. Get a settled formation where the defenders know what they’re roles are and try getting the ball forward more quickly. Tonight was utter garbage. Our build up play couldn’t get any slower if we tried. At some points it was like watching a mass mannequin challenge. We made a bog standard QPR side look like world beaters. Sort it out!
  2. The passing and ball retention tonight is dreadful! Great block by Hector!
  3. Jos can't win whatever he does can he? If he plays the likes of Boyd, Jones, etc he gets slated as 'they're over the hill' or 'stealing a wage' etc, and if he plays the youngsters he gets slated for using kids. Lets face facts, most of us would have settled for a point before last nights game against a strong side who are one of the favorites to go up. The 11 that started last night all put a good shift in and until the last 5 minutes we'd all have been saying what a great performance it was. Dave had run himself into the ground and Onomah was injured so had to come off. Bringing Joao on to use his pace on the break made good sense and on another night could have worked. You can't blame Kirby or Dawson for either goal.... Barnes would probably have danced around Jones, Hutch, Boyd or whoever else was playing. For once why don't we look at the positives: We're 1 point off the play offs; unbeaten at home and have just got 5 points from games against 3 of the leagues strongest sides. WAWAW.
  4. Completely agree with that. Hate to say it but I thought L**ds looked a great side. The intensity they play at is unreal and will be interesting to see if they can keep it up all season given they have a number of injuries and a thin squad.We rode our luck at times tonight but earned a great point in the end. well done lads!
  5. Disgusting prices for POTG tickets....people either cant afford them or don't like being ripped off and will stay away.
  6. There doing something to the drainage system! (Not sure what?) You can still get through via a diversion on the side roads past Waitrose. In some respects it actually makes the traffic in town a lot better as HGV's cant get through.
  7. The price of walk-up tickets is ridiculous!! What's the point of having 10K to 15K empty seats in the stadium every week? Prices at Reading last week were £25 and there's tickets at Villa next week for between £20 and £25. Why are our prices so inflated? Chansiri is making a visit to Hillsborough totally unaffordable for fans who aren't in a position to buy season tickets.
  8. 1 nil up against a team on a dreadful run and low on confidence. We have the choice of building on the lead or sitting back and inviting Norwich back into the game and which do we choose? 2nd half was absolute dross! Carlos it's time to go!
  9. I completely agree with Matt_1. I can't understand what Carlos is trying to do? Last night in the 1st half, at times Butterfield and Bannan were so deep it was like playing with 4 centre backs. When Lee came on in the second half and it was switched to a diamond, this allowed Bannan to get further forward and we improved a bit, but overall I thought we were lucky to get anything from the game at all, especially as Loovens should have been off early on. Carlos is completely deluded if he still thinks we're going to get anywhere near the playoffs playing this way. Sort it out Carlos or find a new job!
  10. Absolute garbage....it's like watching paint dry. No urgency, no pace and no excitement.
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