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  1. Their fans actually believe they are bigger than L**ds. I hate l**ds but that isn't even up for debate
  2. Stevie may's calendar goes from march 31st to April 2nd. Nobody fools stevie may Stevie May can win a game of connect 4 in 3 moves Stevie May once walked down the street win an erection. There were no survivors.
  3. never in doubt, go on madine. *waits for 'madine's back on form' thread*
  4. your not a realist though. he's played three games in the championship and hasn't been fully fit for any of them. Once he's fully fit and able to play at best then you will be able to judge him properly. HOW BAD WAS TORRES LAST SEASON!! He has started brilliantly for them this year, took him 18 months to adjust to a new team in the same league and he cost 50 million quid. Madine is young he will learn all the time, we may not see his best at this level until next season. Personally I don't think it will take hi that long to adapt, once he's fully fit and has a run of 4 or 5 games in the side he will kick on from last year.
  5. a lot of young players are like that, nearly every wednesday fan thought holt was crap and wrote him off as a kid, madine is still very young and learning his trade. He will score alot of goals at this level some point in his career (Lambert) I just hope that is with Wednesday and not in 6 years time with someone else
  6. The OP is either a pig or an idiot. Wednesday fans have a worse memory than goldfish. Rooney was crap at the euro's because he hadn't played for ages, all players take time when they miss pre season.
  7. in the thread GOALS FROM TODAY which is right next to this one
  8. why does gary madine only have to have 2 off games before everyone starts saying he's not good enough? short memory for most wednesday fans. he hasn't had a proper pre season, will need to play more games. If DJ sees him as a long term partner to rodri then he was right to start him.
  9. Always loved JJ, loves wednesday like a fan. Doesn't always make the best decisions and delivery isn't always there, if it was he would have left to go to the premiership a long time ago. Always exciting to watch
  10. keepers kirkland weaver bywater defenders buxton lee jones beevers llera ???? ???? reda ???? midfield jj ????? lines semedo ????? ????? jones ????? madine lowe ???? ???? depends on who fills in the blanks, but i think if jones an get around 8/9 players in of the quality of player he says he is going for (antonio, treacy etc) then we should do very well.
  11. the required standard would be - seen as good enough to cope with championship attackers, you would look at things such as positional play, pace, how good they are going forward, can they pick out a pass etc whatever kind of player jones is looking for, do they tick the boxes. jones has been at this level a long time so he will know what attributes the player needs or if they have the potential to if they are young
  12. a lot of people are disappionted because we have signed a player from league one who won a team player of the year. I find this very puzzling as the majority of players in our squad that people think can make the step up (semedo, madine, lines etc) came from teams who were in league 1 in the last two years. People need to get a grip, where we get players from is errelivant they will have been watched multiple times to see if they have they qualities/pedigree jones is looking for. His record for players and knowledge of the championship means nearly all the signings if not all will be of the required standard.
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