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  1. What time scale do you think the Chairman is working to for the appointment of the next manager? How late do you think he could possibly leave it? And at that point does he go with the staff we already have in place? Is the best option now to keep Bullen in place to avoid any more disruption to the players? If a new manager is hired could this have a detrimental effect this close to the start of the season?
  2. I remember Bruce signing Christophe Dugarry at Birmingham...what a signing he was.
  3. The Fletcher substitution really puzzled me. We were on top at that point I bet Huddersfield were happy to see the back of him so early.
  4. Can't wait to sign Andy Johnston
  5. Ah....Dejan Stevenbiatch, Jugoslavian tinternational......great mamories
  6. If any fellow owls have made a sun dream team please feel free to join my mini league. Pin:8065235 Password;fockers UTO WAWAW
  7. We really need to patch this guy up for the last game if possible, without him or Antonio we have no threat what so ever.
  8. Really look a poor one dimensional outfit without Antonio/JJ
  9. Odemwingie sat in his Range Rover outside the ground right now. Apparently he was refused entry.
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