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  1. Wednesday on Tour

    Summat To Eat 'Boro Way.

    Plenty of places in Yarm roughly 10 miles outside Boro. Not much in Middlesbrough itself.
  2. Bannan easily and by far the best player on the park. Total class.
  3. Wednesday on Tour

    George Hirst

    Ah ok thanks Joel.
  4. Wednesday on Tour

    George Hirst

    Thanks Joel - has that secured them the title do you know ? I thought they had to win but could be mistaken ?
  5. Wednesday on Tour

    George Hirst

    What was the final score ?
  6. Wednesday on Tour

    Dean Smith

    The same 2 fullback positions that Carlos replaced tonight. Must be a mind reader.
  7. He used to do a fine rendition of Tom Jones and Delilah at 11pm on a Saturday night in The Ball !! Bruno was Ok - it was his daughter that was the real scary one..................
  8. Wednesday on Tour


    Wasn't it Snodgrass who dived at Hull minutes before FF got sent off ???
  9. Where has this stat come from ?
  10. Wednesday on Tour

    Wednesday songs

    Hark Now Hear - Boney M Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na hey hey hey - Bannarama
  11. Wednesday on Tour

    Next year...

    Yes the commitment is correct although you can turn down tickets on 2 occasions throughout the season without it effecting your membership.
  12. Wednesday on Tour

    Next year...

    You just pay a registration fee which I think from memory was about £40 and then they deduct the actual cost of the tickets from your bank account when they come on sale for each match - approx 2 weeks before. You then get the tickets through the post. Not aware that it is a closed list ?
  13. Wednesday on Tour

    THAT Southend match 40 years ago

    My first ever game !
  14. Wednesday on Tour

    Steering Group - just back

    so there was c15,000 empty seats in the whole ground ? not a chance.
  15. Wednesday on Tour

    Jack Hunt

    Yes a bit OTT but doesn't it p*** you off how some posters need to slag off our players at the slightest opportunity ? They belong at the lane.