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  1. Poster was almost right. Josh Onomura - dislocates elbow.
  2. Plenty of places in Yarm roughly 10 miles outside Boro. Not much in Middlesbrough itself.
  3. Thanks Joel - has that secured them the title do you know ? I thought they had to win but could be mistaken ?
  4. The same 2 fullback positions that Carlos replaced tonight. Must be a mind reader.
  5. He used to do a fine rendition of Tom Jones and Delilah at 11pm on a Saturday night in The Ball !! Bruno was Ok - it was his daughter that was the real scary one..................
  6. Wasn't it Snodgrass who dived at Hull minutes before FF got sent off ???
  7. Hark Now Hear - Boney M Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na hey hey hey - Bannarama
  8. Yes the commitment is correct although you can turn down tickets on 2 occasions throughout the season without it effecting your membership.
  9. You just pay a registration fee which I think from memory was about £40 and then they deduct the actual cost of the tickets from your bank account when they come on sale for each match - approx 2 weeks before. You then get the tickets through the post. Not aware that it is a closed list ?
  10. so there was c15,000 empty seats in the whole ground ? not a chance.
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