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  1. I don't care what pig fans say ... they all seem to forget ... mr Hincliffe ..
  2. Wednesday wounderland.......my old fella, is in wednesdayite...and he as NOT been asked to vote on owt....
  3. freshfish...if you don't like my posts don't read them. it is a free country ... it's as easy as that....and ive told you all WHAT I HAVE been told .btw. name of the invester is Spencer fearn.....But whats the point of telling you the name of the guy who told me, you don't know him.do you (DUDE).
  4. dude your talking like a blade.....you know i just wanted to share with fellow wednesday fans what i was told this moring ....and i get this....forget it
  5. Im not naming him...ill get him trouble ...and they are Friends to...if you don't beleave me , so be it..
  6. if you thinks its gonads ....pm me and ill given you my number and ill tell you all about it...infact ill get him to talk to you on the phone...
  7. wewantsturrockback .the guy that works with me is not friends with anybody with Turners group...
  8. the bank and two major share holders are playing silly beggers . thats the main reason the top guy from Turners mob walked away.
  9. Guy who i work with knows one of the investers VERY WELL...
  10. Somebody showed them £8 million yestaday and it was rejected.
  11. The old badge ..owl sat on branch ....and our proper crest...ive never liked the new owls since we started using it in the 70's
  12. I never gave anything to chesterfield or rotherham collections........let em fold for all i care...tinpot towns ...i will never forget what they said when our money worries started.
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