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  1. lukeswfc

    Lincolnshire Owls

    haha hes my dad. i'll let him know he's famous!!
  2. lukeswfc

    Leeds Match Live Streams

    From Bet365 Please note: You cannot use Bet365 to watch Leeds-Sheffield Wednesday from the following countries - China, Ireland, UK, France, Netherlands, USA, Turkey - due to broadcasting rights. Live Streaming is only available to customers with credit in their account.
  3. lukeswfc

    Kieran Lee

    To be fair to jj, thought he was our best defender tonight!!
  4. lukeswfc

    Kieran Lee

    He must be shocking if he can't get in at RB ahead of a LB playin out of position. Might as well give him a crack at it. Surely can't be any worse!
  5. lukeswfc

    Who's season card still hasn't arrived yet?

    Mine came today!!! Boom!!
  6. Looked harmless enough to me, it's the kind of thing me and my mates would do just messing about! Hope there isn't anything else in it, need everyone to be fully focused on promotion!!
  7. I saw that earlier. Looks like banter to me!
  8. lukeswfc

    Mellor's goal

    Pleased Mellor scored , Deserved it after a fantastic performance!! Ran his knackers off tonight.
  9. 3 1 Wednesday , maybe a bit optimistic but ww will win!!!