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  1. Anyone into punk/ska should come up to the South Sea, Broomhill Friday night. Also might be an acoustic folk punk type on first. https://www.facebook.com/events/114865672017109/?ref=14 Free entry, no wristbands etc.
  2. Danny Batth and JP McGovern were at loan at pigs before coming to us.
  3. Morning guys, Got a spare ticket for today in the North stand, Kop side. Bought it through Living Social when the deal was on but now the person I bought for can't make it. If anyone is interested, get in touch. If you have Twitter, tweet @serpico_ia as won't be on here as much. Can meet outside the ground before KO. £12. Cheers Jez
  4. They were stood on the south stand bridge with the flag and Neil Mellor before the game
  5. And so is everyone saying that our League One squad is better than our Championship squad. And my comparisons are looking at players we have brought in full time and ones we have shipped out. So not as ridiculous as you might think. Lines has played 20 odd minutes in the Championship so hard to say. Fair play we haven't seen much of Mayor either. The point I am making is we have come along way since November 2011, a whole league up in fact.
  6. If Rob Jones had stayed with us, he would have got murdered at the back and booed out of Hillsborough quicker than Darren purse. I was sad to see him go as anyone else. But it was the right thing to do. We had players like Sedgwick, JOC and Prutton in the squad last season. You telling me you'd rather have them over Antonio, McCabe, Mayor? Come on now, get a grip, we were buzzing when all these signings came in. Young prospects. Exciting players who sadly aren't filling their potential. But it's still far superior to last seasons squad.
  7. How people have negged this I will never know!! Most sense in this thread!! Sarcastically cheering when our players get subbed is fine but clapping a cracking goal by someone who helped us out big time last season is not acceptable?? I did clap Marshall when he scored yes, and when I saw him coming out the players entrance at the end, I told him it was a cracking finish. People need their heads looking at. I am by no means happy with our performance today, and especially Bothroyd in the first half. Running with the ball and creating nothing. Stayed on the floor when he thought he should have h
  8. Absolutely crazy, guessing he didn't notice we started with 4 white players today. Ever so embarrassing.
  9. Can't remember the last manager of ours that didn't do this. Thought Laws, Irvine, Meggo and now Jones have always had everyone back for corners!! Often wondered why myself.
  10. Anyone want to justify dropping Daniel Jones?
  11. And you think booing won't get him up for having a better game? How about ignoring him and not give him any attention?
  12. Then sack him when we go on a bad spell, get Jones back in to play football, sack him when we go on a bad spell and then get GM back in to put pride and passion back into us. Come on guys FFS get a grip.
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