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  1. taylorslandlord

    The pitch at Hillsborough

    Victor Meldrew
  2. taylorslandlord

    The missing link...

    Need a captain
  3. taylorslandlord

    Just checking on the new stand...

    Narden carlos you moonlighting, yes need to get this finished during international break, helping shareman to make improvements without breaking ffp.
  4. taylorslandlord

    Julian Nagelsmann

    Let it all out, these are the things that we dream about come on I'm talking to you
  5. taylorslandlord

    Marco Matias

    He's doing the knowledge test for licence for D taxi's along with several others.
  6. taylorslandlord

    Hillsborough From Above

    Apparently shot by syp helicopter last year on way to filming garden muck movie.
  7. taylorslandlord

    Song at Preston

    And that's just directed at the players and staff, should we witness another no show like at Preston.
  8. taylorslandlord

    O'Neill wants Westwood to leave

    We're all Westwood aren't we
  9. Sounds like a jimmy Saville saying.