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  1. Remember this against Sheffield United?

    The undateables
  2. Hillsborough From Above

    Apparently shot by syp helicopter last year on way to filming garden muck movie.
  3. Song at Preston

    And that's just directed at the players and staff, should we witness another no show like at Preston.
  4. O'Neill wants Westwood to leave

    We're all Westwood aren't we
  5. Sounds like a jimmy Saville saying.
  6. Channel 5

    Don't despair we'll be on BBC one before they realise it.
  7. Atdhe nuhiu

    Pity the dumbwits in the north stand one who works for radio Sheffield call him a donkey arrive 8 mins late attack him for being on the bench and when hooper went off said why take winnall off unbelievable, Well done atdhe.
  8. What rhymes with Farlos Sprout?

    Delivery van, fickle fan
  9. Owlstalk survey

    Sim ~ 56
  10. Get out of jail for free cards

    How do we get there I don't care......
  11. Today It All Gets Put Right

    So Ben Marshall is our saviour today.
  12. Head and Shoulders above the rest

    Barry chuckle!
  13. New stadium wishlist

    Just settle for the sign outside saying next fixture premiership match v man city.