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  1. taylorslandlord

    Final Outcome....

    DC brings in D taxis no 1 driver to rescue owls having had some football experience in the past, but due to hard times had to take a steady job driving. He comes as the best tipped driver in the company and he will no doubt put those tips towards January transfer budget.
  2. taylorslandlord

    Secret Santa

    P45 and a free D Taxi voucher
  3. taylorslandlord

    The year 2018

  4. taylorslandlord

    Time to flex our collective muscle

    Have a referendum, they seem a popular straight no nonsense democratic way of deciding things.
  5. taylorslandlord

    It’s the injuries stupid

    What coach manager lets a player come on without warming up, or is FF an exception to the rule, did so Tuesday night and yesterday hence now another big earner sat on his PlayStation for the coming weeks on ££££ .
  6. taylorslandlord

    Dig in

    There I was, a-digging this hole. A hole in the ground, so big and sort of round it was. There was I, digging it ...
  7. taylorslandlord

    Ref for Friday..

  8. taylorslandlord

    Megson v mick

    Race off on a mobility scooter along penistone rd.
  9. taylorslandlord

    Where is everyone watching the match?

    At the s2 sewer
  10. taylorslandlord

    The pitch at Hillsborough

    Victor Meldrew
  11. taylorslandlord

    The missing link...

    Need a captain
  12. taylorslandlord

    Just checking on the new stand...

    Narden carlos you moonlighting, yes need to get this finished during international break, helping shareman to make improvements without breaking ffp.