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  1. I cried, not ashamed to admit it. It's the hope that gets you! But looking back at it now (and having re-watched the game on Sky) we really didn't do that badly. Hull just stopped us playing in the final third, which ultimately was our undoing. But THAT atmosphere with those fans? Incredible. I wouldn't actually wish it away, even though we lost!
  2. Dean contacted one of the other turnstilers and he said he'd get mine as well. He's rung Tim (so have I) and left messages but we haven't technically got them yet. Imagine they're pretty busy though sorting everyone out!
  3. Deffo are, contact Tim if you haven't been contacted already!
  4. Don't worry guys and gals, we scan STs and member cards with additional tickets on all the time. No worries :)
  5. This deserves endless sharing. Let's give Milan a right send off next week!
  6. Not for me... the internet updates itself in its own sweet time. So you might be updated (lucky you) but others won't yet (unlucky me).
  7. Got back to my car in the wednesdayite car park to find I had a flat tyre, gutted! So I'm there struggling with the jack trying to lift my car up, it starts hailing(!) and a guy comes up to me and my mum and sorts it all out for us. So if you're on here or someone knows who he is, its just a MASSIVE thank you really! WAWAW!
  8. http://www.deltawms.com Delta software is a leading provider of warehouse management systems (WMS), and are looking for someone to fill a technical support role. Full training on the software is provided, and you will take ownership of customer issues as they arise and see them through to a resolution. Often you can deal with the issues yourself, but sometimes liasing with the development team is necessary. Some technical qualification(s) and basic SQL skills would be beneficial (but not mandatory). This will preferably be a full time permanent role, but the directors are open to a one year internship. If anyone's interested let me know, i can put a recommendation in for you
  9. Does it matter, really? We're about to experience an amazing day on Saturday - let's not start all the negative stuff to bring everyone down! There are many reasons people can't get to every game - many that have been done to death time and again, so why don't we just leave it, eh?
  10. I know of another 'aucklandowl' and one of my mates moved out there last year, so you're definitely not on your own! :)
  11. How long have you been with her? If it's longer than say - 3 months or so, surely she should know how important Wednesday is to you, and how mind shatteringly important a play off final would be. Wedding's got to be missed.
  12. Kids under 4 are usually free! Quoted by who, have you rung the ticket office?
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