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  1. Saw Harry at the game yesterday, still in the same seat towards the top of the North stand. He has made a remarkable recovery considering the severity of his injuries and his age. He will be 90 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday H
  2. Carolina Railhawks still have a team, now known as North Carolina fc
  3. Are you sorted mate? Ive got a spare, collect sheffield, day or chesterfield, night
  4. Some really good news from today. Harry has made his first return to Hillsborough since his accident today. Still looking in great shape for 89 years. He is in hospital next week to remove the plates in his jaw, and get back to eating solid food. Wish him well
  5. 1 spare ticket for Hull if anyones interested. PM me Thanks
  6. Had several visits to Charles Clifford to have plates in his jaw . On liquid food, but still in good spirits. Itching to get back to Hillsborough, hopefully wont be long now
  7. Quick update. Harry is home, in a bit of pain as you can imagine, but in good spirits, and hoping to be well enough to be at the Preston game. Will keep you all up to date
  8. Weenys dad passed away on Wednesday. RIP to both of them
  9. Quick Update H has had an operation, all went well and he is a bit more comfortable. Typically, he was reminiscing before the op with his son in law about seeing Rimmer and Robinson back in the 1930's at the first game he attended. Lynn, his daughter and John , his son in law have asked me to Thank you all for concern and sympathy you have displayed, and appreciate all the good wishes shown.
  10. Harry's op was cancelled last night as he is still bleeding from his broken nose. Being assessed again today, he is having 3 plates in his jaw. Went to his first game in 1936, and before that , used to watch the games from his bedroom window before the stands were developed. Still drives himself to home games, calls in for a pint then makes it to the upper section of the North. At 89. Remarkable man
  11. Thank you and thanks to your friend too. H has been going 82 years and had a season ticket every year since they started. First one codt him a Guinea. Having an operation later today.
  12. Just had a call from a good friend, the man's son in law The man who had the fall is Harry Johnson , 89 years old, He is currently in the Hallamshire, being moved to a High Intensive ward. He has broken his jaw in 5 places, an eye socket, lost several teeth, several deep cuts and severe facial bruising too. I speak to him most home games, he is a really nice guy and im sure we will all wish him a speedy and complete recovery
  13. He wasnt in Russia last week. Only went over for the Belgium game. The tree abuse was from France 2 years ago
  14. The guy on the right is Mat from err Donny. Never misses Tango isnt over there. Only going for the Belgium game in Kaliningrad
  15. 29th July 1998 Lincoln 0 Wednesday 3 (0-3 HT) Andy Booth Paulo Di Canio Peter Athrton Att 2986
  16. Shipp. Played in it twice. Peterborough, Lincoln and Cambridge first year, Peterborough, Cambridge and Huddersfield the second year
  17. Malta was pretty bizarre. Three teams played in the same game . Fist 45 mins Wednesday v Matese team. Second 45 mins Maltese team 1 v Matese team two, then Wednesday v Team 2 for another 45 mins. Same format a couple of days later, and we got beaten on penalties after one half of football. Winning the Shipp cup by beating Cambridge away 5-2 in '76, happy days Crewe 1 Wednesday 8 1990 including a hat-trick by Hirsty. Queen of the South in 1980. (+Kilmarnock a few days later). Sid v Mr Bogie
  18. IF, and it is an If, we go abroad it will be The Netherlands. If not, we are staying in the UK. Heard Wrexham, And a trip North to Edinburgh and Dundee. Not ITK or owt, but heard this from sources who have been correct for the last 10 years and more
  19. There is a pub near the station , table table bar called the Bluebrick which is ok for away fans. The ground is only a shortish walk, and the bars between the station and the ground are usually packed, and home fans only. We tend to stay in Birmingham as long as possible, get the last train into Wolves. You would like to think their fans are all in a celebratory mood, but be careful near the subway as there is often a flashpoint there. Can be a bit territorial, but hopefully you should be OK with a 15 year old lass. Hope this helps. Enjoy the game
  20. team 1 Ron Springett , 2 Smith 3 Megson 4 Mobley 5 Ellis 6 Quinn 7 Fantham 8 McCalliog 9 Ritchie 10 Ford 11 Eustace unused sub Symm 1-0 Quinn 23 mins 2-0 Ford 26 mins 2-1 Bryceland 69 3-1 Fantham 75 mins
  21. A young looking Sid at Queen of the South 1980. Day before his legendary encounter with Mr Bogie Senior, Mr Bogie Junior and Mrs Bogie Them that know, know
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