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  1. City win at Everton. Pigs cant mathmatically win the league now
  2. Stranraer. Been to Stair Park over 50 times and 30+ away grounds, as far away as Inverness, Dingwall, Elgin and Peterhead.
  3. Whittington Moor. Usually at least 10 get others train after away games
  4. What about Marlon Harewood, pre-season friendly away at Kilmarnock
  5. Tony Pulis' post-match reaction | Forest v Wednesday Watch video here Tony Pulis' post-match reaction | Forest v Wednesday
  6. Tony Pulis' post-match reaction | Forest v Wednesday Watch video here Tony Pulis' post-match reaction | Forest v Wednesday
  7. The rascals have got a Charity shield success on their honours list. Dont think thats right. Theyve never even played in it
  8. Up and Down?? Must have missed the Up's
  9. I don't read books as a rule, but, having lived through the three seasons in the book and attended the majority of matches it covers , i bought a copy for nostalgic reasons. Read it cover to cover in 2 days and found it well written and captures the feelings of the time. We were smaller in numbers then, the football was beyond terrible, but, we had the best of times and when people say the highs are so much higher when you have been this low, they are 100% correct
  10. The Hawthorns has been good over the years, as has Rotherham
  11. FA Cup 1991 lost 4-0, and League Cup a couple of years ago, Lost 2-1
  12. Been 10 times . Won 6 (3 league, 2 cup , 1 Shipp cup) Drawn 2 ( 1 league, 1 cup) Lost 2 (Both cup)
  13. Weve probably got a better record at Molineux than we have at Hillsborough. Dreadful home record against them
  14. Another unhappy ground was Gay Meadow Played Shrewsbury there 8 times. Won 1 Drew 4 Lost 3 New ground, played 1 lost 1 At Hillsborough Played 9, won 1 drew 6 Lost 2 Total Played 18. Won 2 Drew 10 Lost 6. 2 wins out of 18, and one of those 2 wins was a league cup game when we were 2 divisions higher
  15. In the 80's we alays struggled to win in London. Eventually, we beat Chelsea and Spurs, but the Highbury Hoodoo continued. I've seen Wednesday play Arsenalat Highbury 18 times . Won 0 Drawn 3 Lost 15. Included in the defeats were a 7-1 beating were it was 1-1 with 20 minutes to go and we were the best team. And 3-1 up with 10 minutes to go on our last visit (3-3). Another visit ended in semi -final defeat to Brighton. Only been to the Emirates once to see Scotland, and they lost 0-2 to Brazil. Dont miss going there at all
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