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  1. flippinghell I dream of the day I'm called a glory hunter for supporting swfc! I'm a season ticket holder and fancied going to derby as i can't make the birmingham game due to work, does this make me a bad person?
  2. Anyone gonna be going on train from Nottingham? Not been to pride park before and I'm not sure what pubs to try
  3. The thing that annoyed me most yesterday was llera's fowl throw. He did it countless times against Charlton and it was fine. Same style yesterday and its a fowl throw? If we cant even get consistency with such simple things as throw ins across the board then what hope is there??
  4. My mates dad is a barrow fan and I went to watch them in the fa trophy final a couple of years ago against stevenage. If its the same walker then he was the stand out player that day and scored a stunning 30 yard screamer to win the match in extra time. Would be interesting to see if he could cut it at this level but thought id have my say as iv seen him first hand
  5. My missus is from Manchester and hated football when we got together but now is a season ticket holder with me and she loves it!
  6. I go to the railway up past where the travellers used to be. Good ale and a nice beer garden, road parking next to it as well. On the train at Lincoln station now heading to shef can't wait!! hope u enjoy the game mate
  7. It's just something my macclesfield fan mate texted me that's all. I know next to nothing about him myself.
  8. Just a thought with megson saying bids were for lower league strikers what people would think about emile Sinclair? A mate who is a macclesfield fan said he heard a rumour we might be in for him. Don't know too much about him myself but he has scored a few already this season.
  9. Hopefuly the delay in announcing it is because we want to announce more then one signing at the same time today :D
  10. Hopefully means his family are coming to the game.
  11. I'm guessing he means pissed off rather then pissed drunk I wouldn't have thought megson would let his players drink the day before a game, unless he no longer is one of his players...
  12. Possibly megson was out on signing player business
  13. There is a rumour ( granted on footballrumours) that ipswich want otsemobor as part of the deal for Scotland which would explain the move for wiseman.
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