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  1. No doubt an embarrassing moment for any seasoned professional. But it seemed to have given him the kick up the a**e he needed, he has been pulling off some impressive saves as of late.
  2. Sheffield United clean sheets - 13 Sheffield Wednesday clean sheets - 8
  3. I'd be more worried about Bywater if I was you.
  4. Bramhall Lane? Isn't that in Stockport?
  5. From my understanding there isn't a Loyalty Points requirement for the Beamback tickets.
  6. United have had 3 penalties this season. Wednesday have had 2 penalties this season. Think the difference is we haven't conceded a penalty, where you have conceded 2.
  7. For anyone pointing out my post count, 200 posts in 7 years, equals a post a fortnight. I'm mates with a lot of Wednesday fans, mainly from living in Stannington and Hillsborough (for my sins). They agree when I say that neither club should be in the positions they are. We also would like both Sheffield clubs to be in the Premiership. Our Derbys would put shame to all others in the Prem. one day I hope we can see it!
  8. Was hardly a novel though was it? I personally have never asked anyone who they think is better. Wednesday don't enter my mind before the match, nevermind get brought up in conversation with Away fans.
  9. You debate your own opinion, yes? So I debated that I don't see the point in the size argument. Hence carrying on the debate...Do you follow?
  10. I really don't understand the point in arguing over who is the biggest, what difference does it make? We're both in League 1, size, history etc. Counts for nothing in this league. If anything we get a worse deal as smaller teams come to our stadiums wanting to do one over on us. Nobody has a devine right to be in the Premiership or Championship, you have to earn your place there. Both clubs lost that right. Do you think it's a bit sad to ask every away fan you come across who is the biggest club in Sheffield? Does it really mean that much to you?
  11. You have jobs? I'm even more impressed. I prefer to spend the extra cash on a nicer car, not a fan of personalised number plates, or even stickers for that matter. But each to their own!
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