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  1. As a club we’ve always been rubbish at this type of thing. Far behind our neighbours in that regard. A very cold, inward looking club. I always laugh at the “family” club tag. It just isn’t.
  2. Very professional. And not at all trouble causing or damaging to the club. still, AMADEU doesn’t speak to the press CHANSIRI OUT
  3. “Badly advised” “hearts in the right place” “loaded” “Spendaggedan”
  4. https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/18958888.go-wrong-watford-vladimir-ivic/ lovely. Just lovely.
  5. He’s a good player. But he’s not good enough to be replied upon as a teams only outlet for pace and trickery. This combined with quite obvious physical fatigue (I don’t think Harris has ever been the most reliable physically which is what cost him at Cardiff) lead to a down turn in his productivity.
  6. The one your referring to was against United in that Worthington Cup game. Fight broke out in Kop, ends up on pitch and Wednesday fan gets lead away. United fan end ups stood on his own in front of Kop. Chucks a couple of Vs and next minute some bloke in an oversized shirt over his hoody ran on and sparked him. Might have done so by running up the disabled ramp on North, but I might be getting carried away with that.
  7. Steve Bruce started to make home games interesting again. Other than that, Carlos in 15-16 and Megson in 11-12, it’s been a joke for 20 plus years.
  8. Our facilities are miles behind those of our nearest and dearest. They are also much more pro-active locally and hold a much higher reputation for harnessing young talent. Wednesday are very backward, inward looking club that is cold and unwelcoming. Some good progress was made with some coaches a few years back, but they’ve mainly moved on owning to, in parts, the above.
  9. Fletcher may well have played his last game for SWFC. The rumour I’ve heard/read suggests he’s off to a lower Prem outfit for £1m.
  10. A minor point bearing in mind Dawson is cementing himself as number 1 anyway, but this quote is interesting from Monk, I think: "He felt he had pain in his shoulder in training so he ruled himself out so that's why he wasn't in the squad," said Monk. He’s also mentioned any return date for FF being up to his pain threshold a few times. Surely these “legends” aren’t having the clubs pants down?
  11. Chansiri’s right hand man, and general parasite, makes an appearance in the background early on top.
  12. We’ve got caught out by FFP because of a complete lack of forward planning. Chansiri hasn’t created a sustainable business model and incrementally improved us, and neither did he chuck serious money at it Wolves style to guarantee promotion. This is like death by a thousand cuts.
  13. He’s not for me. I’ve given up on the hope of seeing SWFC back on the Premier League. There’s too many broken pieces to the overall club. I just want to see players in a blue an ms white shirt having a go, on the front foot and looking to attack and looking to cause the opponents problems. instead we have a defensive, patchy coach muddling his way through.
  14. People getting excited by him playing up top with Fletcher - I’m struggling to remember a single game where they’ve played well together. Not even a suggestion of any understanding or a partnership there. Granted their time together has been limited, but you usually get the sense that there’s something there quickly.
  15. Bullen referenced him as part of the current coaching team in his post match interview
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