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  1. lincolnowl

    Our fault again

    He’s clearly playing at the wrong club. Its not hard to play at Hillsborough - if you play with the right intentions, at the right tempo and give it the lot you will get support. I actually think the fans have been remarkably patient this year.
  2. lincolnowl

    Alan Nixon

    There’s no way Bruce is a Chansiri type appointment. For a lot of the reasons pointed out in this thread. I also think suggestions of talks with us will be used by Bruce and his reps to push interest from other clubs - like Reading and one or two others who might be thinking of him. A stalking horse.
  3. With the current state of affairs, DC being absent post Norwich, no action taken regarding the manager things just don’t add up unless: a) we are being sold or b) DC has walked away and pulled the plug. Which do you think is more likely?
  4. lincolnowl

    New owners new boss?

    For all our sakes I hope DC is selling. I get the distinct feeling he’s either pulled the plug or we are being sold.
  5. There’s been a few people having a look at our last couple of home games. One of of them might have been Steve Agnew, who was Bruce’s assistant at Villa.
  6. lincolnowl

    Was DC at the game today?

    DC won’t attend at game again. Those who confronted him behind the South Stand gave him the perfect excuse to walk away. That’s exactly what he was after too. The writing has been on the wall 12 months. Long hard winter ahead. Things are going to get really tough. Possibly worse than pre-Mandaric day. The plug has been pulled.
  7. I thought Lees’ reaction to the goal he scored, in front of a half full Kop, was very telling. Very muted, almost reluctant to engage with the fans. And that, in a single moment, sums it all up doesn’t it? No passion, no enjoyment, no hope. As for the big lump cupping his ear, he can sod off back to Kosovo.
  8. lincolnowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Go and get Paul Cook from Wigan. A bit bit of uncertainty there with the takeover. He’s a great manager and gets his teams playing the right way.
  9. lincolnowl

    Bannan last niight

    Player loses ball with no movement or targets ahead of him shocker
  10. I don’t know why you’d raise any hope of FF being in the squad only to stick a pin in it an hour before kick off.
  11. lincolnowl

    Fessi today

    Matias got off the bus. No FF.
  12. lincolnowl

    Just seen this on FB

    Spencer Fearn is a decent bloke. He’s building his coaching credentials and had a very entertaining team at Frickley last year. His background in education services, of sorts, might be of use to the Academy. He was already involved in the Academy its potentially a good move all round.
  13. lincolnowl

    Are we as a club on a whole, just too nice!!

    Soft mentally and physically on the pitch yes. But it I don’t think anyone inside football would describe SWFC as a nice club. Cold to fomer players and employees, detached and indifferent when it comes to governance. we just don’t forge those lasting relationships with legends in the way other clubs can and do. At boardroom level I don’t think anyone would describe any of our owners for the last 30 years as nice: not the old guard, not Milan and his dealings and certainly not the current incumbent.
  14. lincolnowl

    U23s at Hull

    Seeing as the owner has said we are up the creek without a paddle if, by some miracle, we get promoted I doubt he sees it as “transitional”. Part of any managers job, football or business, is to squeeze the last drop out of every resource available. At minute we are letting some of our resources rot away, ne’mind squeezing them. Ineffective management by a man who believes in ineffective football, part of the the problem with one of the most ineffective football clubs in the history of the game. Such a waste.
  15. lincolnowl

    U23s at Hull

    Hutch was available for selection last night. Jos seems to think Kirby is a better option on the bench. He’s a card! The amount of money in wages the club aren’t seeing meaningful use of is a scandal really, especially given our FFP position and approach to ticket pricing. Enjoy your football. Just not your football club.