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  1. Bullen referenced him as part of the current coaching team in his post match interview
  2. It’s a pointless debate as the current owner is not interested in investing the money it would take to fund the changes, but at least retaining the current site and buying another equivalent site might be the way we would go. United have that set up. The Academy buildings pee all over their first team set up.
  3. He’s got a point about lack of investment in the infrastructure. We we should have left middlewood road, or at least got another site to split the Academy from first team, by now.
  4. Great, Malek’s about to recommend every player U21 in the country that he knows everyone here will have to google. Exactly what you love to see right now.
  5. Only just seen Blackburn Rovers spent £5m on Sam Gallagher. Remind which club club is well run again?
  6. Another Portuguese manager. Wonder which super agent suggested this one?
  7. The irony of anyone associated with SWFC getting frustrated with the EFL for taking their time in lifting any embargo when we’ve just handed over some fairly questionable accounts over 3 months late! Maybe this is their way of teaching us a lesson.
  8. This time last week Mr Biggs suggested we would be out of the soft embargo imminently. Still does not seem to be the case. Appreciate DCs had a bit on this week, but it’s imperative we get out of any sanctions now and appoint a manager who can get us out of this division. Nightmare for me is Lee Bullen given the gig, embargo lifted 2 days before deadline day and we sign leftovers on loan from PL clubs.
  9. Isn’t there a roll over period for released players that means they get paid for a couple of additional months and even have rights around ongoing medical treatment? Or did I just dream that?
  10. I’ve given up on any hope of us being a PL club anytime soon. Give me some decent football, a well run club (TM) and some enjoyable days out with friends and family.
  11. Always got the feeling he really didn’t like our fans. Very indifferent. He’s not alone in that, I always think Tom Lees is reluctant to show any passion with our fans and he’s the captain. A very talented player, but his initial month or so was rubbish and he looked very unfit. Have to question his professionalism too, always very heavy in pre-season. He was a good player for us. But real value for money? Probably not.
  12. Forestieri went on to congratulate each player after the presentation. Didn’t see anyone else from the seniors squad or management present.
  13. That will balance the prices once the United tickets are announced; ”you can watch the Owls in 2 consecutive home games for a bargain average price of £157.80”
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