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  1. lincolnowl

    Brentford at home : prices

    That will balance the prices once the United tickets are announced; ”you can watch the Owls in 2 consecutive home games for a bargain average price of £157.80”
  2. lincolnowl

    Why was Hutch not rested

    The manager who got the most games out of Hutch, rightly or wrongly, was CC. Both he and Hutch agreed that it was best just to keep him going while he could. Hutch doesn’t feel the rest benefits him, quite the opposite. Not saying that’s right, but I think that’s what we’ve seen here.
  3. lincolnowl


    Not an excuse for a very flat, laboured performance but I think the pitch looks better than it’s currently playing. Uneven, bobbly and means players are taking extra touches and not attempting short sharp interchanges.
  4. lincolnowl

    George Boyd.

    Jos thought he was a wing back. By my count yesterday was his 5th game in his preferred position. Clean slate for everyone, including Boyd, Palmer and Fox.
  5. lincolnowl

    Rumour heard on Golf course.

    I love how everyone thinks it’s all part of a master plan (or masters plan to fit the theme of the thread) in reality DC isn’t that clever, or pro-active. As you were.
  6. Andy Kilinis saying his goodbyes to the security men
  7. Weaver and the Assistant Manager have watched the 23s. To balance that, I haven’t seen any first team players knocking about.
  8. Weaver and the assistant manager have watched all of the 23s match so far, so they aren’t in any meeting.
  9. lincolnowl

    Van Aken

    He’s dog meat. Horrific. For £4.5m as well. Christ. On. A. Bike.
  10. lincolnowl

    Our fault again

    He’s clearly playing at the wrong club. Its not hard to play at Hillsborough - if you play with the right intentions, at the right tempo and give it the lot you will get support. I actually think the fans have been remarkably patient this year.
  11. lincolnowl

    Alan Nixon

    There’s no way Bruce is a Chansiri type appointment. For a lot of the reasons pointed out in this thread. I also think suggestions of talks with us will be used by Bruce and his reps to push interest from other clubs - like Reading and one or two others who might be thinking of him. A stalking horse.
  12. With the current state of affairs, DC being absent post Norwich, no action taken regarding the manager things just don’t add up unless: a) we are being sold or b) DC has walked away and pulled the plug. Which do you think is more likely?
  13. lincolnowl

    New owners new boss?

    For all our sakes I hope DC is selling. I get the distinct feeling he’s either pulled the plug or we are being sold.
  14. There’s been a few people having a look at our last couple of home games. One of of them might have been Steve Agnew, who was Bruce’s assistant at Villa.