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  1. Love it. Weather is fun down here. #wawaw
  2. This weather isn't great at all. Zero team info as just a spectator tonight. But Byers bannan vaulks looks amazing. But Fish bash and Denis does too with this weather
  3. Each player may have an appearance bonus. A win bonus and a goal bonus. All contracts different.
  4. Was first 4 games. Now includes tonight and Saturday. Not saying it is everything to the lads. But it helps.
  5. Charters on river . Spoons always decent. Quite a few of us in peacock at minute .
  6. In case anyone missed the first 2 posts. Let's do it again. Charlton’s Sean Clare appeared to have an item thrown at him during today’s defeat at Sheffield Wednesday. The right-back, who started his senior career with the Owls, was seen reporting the incident to the assistant referee in front of the North Stand at Hillsborough around ten minutes from time. Addicks boss Ben Garner confirmed an accusation was made to the fourth official after what appeared to be a vape was launched towards the Charlton man. “Something like that, apparently,” said Garner. “I’ve not spoken to [Clare] or seen it but something was said to the fourth official – that something was thrown at him. We’ll look into that and hopefully the powers that be will deal with that if something has occurred.”
  7. Totally agree. Everyone is allowed to post on here. Some have different privileges. That's all I meant my old friend
  8. Name them Ian. Unfortunately I was in the south stand boxes again today. So can't be me.
  9. It's always same. Sue the club and you're welcome. Show some (stupid) passion And get hated. Wasn't me. So that's my stance on both
  10. How do me and you watch the same game when many others don't.
  11. Come on Neil. It shouldn't have happened. But no need to make an issue out of it. Clare was a ******** with us. But I can't argue any case for chucking stuff at him.
  12. Ok. I'll try and help. Adeniran is our player. Fizz is our player Bash is our player. They are solid individual ppl
  13. I'd say Celtic will take him off our hands. Maybe £3m
  14. Not at all my friend. I know you love this forum and I appreciate the effort. Keep it real
  15. Goal against mk is the memory we need from bannan. £25k a week ?
  16. Wow. Do you want a Lifetime ban? Denis fizz and bash are the way forward
  17. Come on. I know that. But we still look better without him
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