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  1. EFL advises swfc and other clubs to put players on furlough. Max claim is £2.5k per player per month. Players are on a month off so not training. What is the fuss about ?
  2. Adam reach was paid just over £2.8m by Wednesday in last year. Be it weekly wage or add ons. That's the figure. Don't blame him. Who wouldn't take it. Few beers in Blackpool tonight with a few ex owls. Wawaw
  3. Ah. Ok. Had no idea was that easy. No probs sunshine. As i say. I've no quarrels with anyone on here about Wednesday. What I am told that is worthwhile I post on here. Wawaw. Simple as that
  4. Wow. You went all the way back to prove what? That's what I was told then. And was probably why pulis isn't with us anymore. I've no reason to talk balls at all. I put on here things that usually stop rumours. I know a bit more. But as I say. I'm an owl. I love wednesday. I don't preach
  5. I said opposite fella. My info is correct. It always is. I don't want likes on here or whatever the such is. I'm an owl. Always will be. And what is said on here by me is what is good for the the club and fans. I liked Adam reach as a player. When I learned about his wages. He is a twaaat. Simples
  6. I'll tell you the info is correct. I ve always been on reach's side performance wise. And was asking a question about why he hadn't been sold even if just for £1m etc. When told he earns that in wages less than 5 months. It's disgusting
  7. No idea about that my friend. Sounds a lot. And in mandaric days I doubt it. But maybe part of a promoted bonus ?
  8. Yes you can all search the wages on Google. But with performances and other add ons. That is how much money this guy was on. It's ridiculous. Bye Adam. Dont come back to Sheffield Adam.
  9. I think Westwood was a great goalkeeper for us. Odd few ******** ups. But commanded back four. I think Chris woods was also excellent at the same thing. His balls up in 1-3 v pigs didn't help him. Pressman was my favourite. Simply for his performance s against pigs. He was just immense. Plus the penalty v wolves. Scott Carson wasn't here long and I did think he'd go onto better things.
  10. Biggest cowards in the world are those that throw insults when not face to face with a man. #wawaw
  11. If reda had brought Rhodes down when through and we 4-3 up v Huddersfield. Rhodes wouldn't have scored 4 We win 4-3. And Rhodes wouldn't have been the legend in our minds at Hillsborough he was. Funny old game
  12. I know that Mr Moore has worked a lot with the defence especially Liam Palmer and borner. And I think palmer seems to be benefitting. He has also had Hutchinson in a few management meetings and given him more responsibility. Bad times at the minute. But we have come back from worse
  13. He really isn't. Why do you make stuff up?
  14. Why isn't it fun? Wednesday away days are best days . Be it away at Cambridge or away at man utd. Apologies fellow owl. But once you realise that we aren't entitled to anything. And it's a way of life following the owls. You'll understand the joy of freezing nights in February . The pubs are still open in these towns we visit
  15. Was in regard to the Carlos comment. But hey ho. Keep smiling. Wawaw
  16. Don't think much more he could've done. Switched it around 70 mins when was needed. Red card was kid up top and only about 10 mins left. Then Rio shut shop even more. Did you watch game Or were you just trying to troll and split fanbase again?
  17. I'm sure was 2nd away game after Ipswich And loads travelled down without tickets but after the Ipswich match. Coppers just stopped buses and wouldn't let us near ground. Our bus ended up at plaistow and we had a few beers with West ham. We didn't have beers with them we did play them later that season.
  18. Just saying. I don't think mr Shaw will play again this season. Held by neck in dressing room by Mr Hutchinson after playing billy big balls and slating tactics. And then told his effort and attitude is balls by Mr paterson. At least the big 2unite for once. Suppose Saturday will tell. But no great loss if true
  19. Really? Here's me being so naive
  20. Can guarantee he ain't on drugs pal. Can also guarantee that he is a glass half full kinda lad. Either way. I'm sure he wont really care what you think.
  21. Been speaking with Mr paterson tonight and he is a very happy and focused lad. He's Patts to the team. And literally no idea where pato has come from. But literally no probs with being pato. I don't care. I'll bet he becomes a Wednesday legend. Especially if the worst happens in last few games. 30 goals in league one next year ? Yep. #wawaw #pato
  22. Haven't searched posts. But bannan does have a clause in his contract where he can leave if we go down. I'm not sure exactly what the figure is. But it isn't a huge number.
  23. It's a fickle life this football thing. Don't know the fella that started this post. But I'm 100% with his views on Wednesday. Chansiri gave us best season for a long time. I think the man does want the best for us. First game of next season I'm sure we will have Blackpool away. We can re open Tower lounge. Take over the Manchester and by 3pm I'll guarantee that I'll have got Mr Gary madine that pissed he will be sat with us and not playing.
  24. Very good post. Social media is a 2 way sword. Best way is don't get involved. I can remember talking to Jay bothroyd after his stupid post about "do you expect me to chase my own flick ons" (or similar) He got took to pieces by the super Sheffield wednesday social media fans. He was right. But he was just amazed by the vitriol and he handed transfer request in next day. Im sure that izzy didn't mean to take a bad corner. He shouldn't need to defend it.
  25. We started far far too intense and as though pressure of world on us. If I'm being honest. We could've scored 5. But whilst I try to be objective. It's a bad night
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