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  1. Atmosphere was fine in home end yesterday. Once we stop giving away tickets to people with 600+ priority points who just gain points as they have money. Then we will be fine. It always amazes me why so many people are working a trade instead of being professional football managers. As they know everything about the game.
  2. Few beers tonight with a wednesday legend I bet Sammy boy won't be mouthing around changing rooms again. Cos he better than playing where he's asked. #wawaw
  3. Im saying a discussion was had about it. I'm don't think he had the option to play after the discussion
  4. Well of course I realise that. He didn't want to go on the pitch.
  5. Delete away my friend. The irony would be immense. Social media thread content is not liked. So social media admin suggests poster is on drugs. Discuss the post not the poster.
  6. Yet again. Big time Charlie. Too good to play midfield for us today. Think it's probably 4th time now he's tried to think he's bigger than wednesday. Doesn't play out so well when no superstar goalkeeper to back you does it pal. Want more money than patto mate ? Earn it then. And don't cry when get told to stop barking and bite. #wawaw
  7. Pick up at ticket office Tomo. No charge.
  8. Being stupid. I've lost my st. Will ticket office issue a paper one for Saturday if they can't do a new card by then
  9. Surely ppl can just pay £5 for a decent VPN and watch the games. Or even £50 for an IPTV subscription gets all matches for 12 months.
  10. Jesus. We have some amazing championship manager / coaching text book lads tonight. Bielsa started it all did he ? Play from back to draw teams forward. Today they put two on our 2 in middle. So not much to play into for iorfa and hutch. We switched it up about 5 mins before they went 2 up. Then just after half time we went even more direct. And more of a 3 5 2.. Bad day at the office. Simple as that. Gregors fuming at end and so was bannan. We go again next week.
  11. We didn't lose any composure after going behind. They popped another defender and dropped even deeper. Can't pass around a back 9. Balls into kamberi and corbeanu weren't sticking. So had to go route one . Bad result. But Jesus we are starting to look like a side again #wawaw
  12. Carlos was an excellent manager. Gave us 2 great seasons. And fell just short twice. He wasn't signing the players. He was advising a sports management set. They bought the players. They agreed the wages. Progressive football was new to our fans. And when winning it's great. When we play 45 passes across back and into midfield. And don't move forward. The wednesday crowd don't like it. Big Ron was my fav. Sturrock. Megson and Jones. Also I loved. Cc was the one that we maybe needed if we had gone up. Swings and roundabouts. Darren Moore is getting us back to where the fans and club bond. That's priceless #wawaw
  13. Des walker fastest we've had. Brown is a perfect signing. Great 1st touch. Works hard and nags away when defending. Moore will help him to start making better decisions. A lad in changing rooms as well . Keeping spirits up and always bouncing.
  14. 4 2 3 1 If Hutchinson doesn't make it ( I'm told he will) then Palmer moves to ch and brown goes left back. Think pato will start as well.
  15. You working Saturday. Or is it classed as an away game for ya.? Muggy lad that doesn't go games. I've heard. #wawaw.
  16. I usually go to football grounds to have a pint of real ale. Ffs.
  17. He's there to help out Paul groves. I've no doubt he will be playing in middle at the back as they short. It's a month. Galvin is a very very good prospect for us
  18. Love this post. Being honest I think Mr Moore is more up for this match than Donny are. Obviously they know his 4 2 3 1 formation and will prob go 4 5 1. Big big day for us tomorrow. The buzz around this massive club needs to keep going. And these young lads (and old heads) need us behind them. One bad pass or a sloppy first touch means nothing. We move forward together. #uto #wawaw #ebra
  19. Just got home. What a travelling support we have. Ended up in home end with a few lads and away end looked and sounded immense. Solid performance. Won key battles. All seemed to understand their role. Happy with a point. Think if we needed to win we could have. Spoke with Callum about an hour ago and he all good . Just big bump. #wawaw #wereonourway
  20. Bang on. Had a few nights out with gregors. Yes he was a blunt fan. But wow. Who really cares. I'm sure a few owls lads and players have been on stage with beautiful south in the day. Perfect signing
  21. What a lad. Had a few nights out with him and Mr madine and he knows what Sheffield about. #wawaw
  22. You've seen him play many times ? When? Who were you supporting when you watched him? You do realise football manager isn't real life ?
  23. Liked watching it today. Odd few slip ups and maybe a little too cautious. But matched then physically and seemed a good bond amongst the squad. Wing is going to be very good. I think if crowd had been as up for it as they were last 10 Min and through penalties it would've changed how the new lads played . Good start. Good to see crowd back. Isn't it better when all glory hunters have gone and we will be back to the 17k loyal wednesday boys.
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