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  1. It's a fickle life this football thing. Don't know the fella that started this post. But I'm 100% with his views on Wednesday. Chansiri gave us best season for a long time. I think the man does want the best for us. First game of next season I'm sure we will have Blackpool away. We can re open Tower lounge. Take over the Manchester and by 3pm I'll guarantee that I'll have got Mr Gary madine that pissed he will be sat with us and not playing.
  2. Very good post. Social media is a 2 way sword. Best way is don't get involved. I can remember talking to Jay bothroyd after his stupid post about "do you expect me to chase my own flick ons" (or similar) He got took to pieces by the super Sheffield wednesday social media fans. He was right. But he was just amazed by the vitriol and he handed transfer request in next day. Im sure that izzy didn't mean to take a bad corner. He shouldn't need to defend it.
  3. We started far far too intense and as though pressure of world on us. If I'm being honest. We could've scored 5. But whilst I try to be objective. It's a bad night
  4. It's only what been told mate. He only had a few hours with 1st team training then went with bullen to get ready for united today. And I think his contract been coming a while. But its bullen that told Moore about him and has said ready for first 11
  5. Must admit mate. I didn't really watch much of Rotherham tonight. Was far too involved in seeing how we responded to new formation. And first time in a long time I was nervous about a game. It just didn't work out tonight. And I'm gutted.
  6. Liam Shaw was best player on pitch tonight by a mile. If he could've stayed here he would have. Can't blame him for moving at all. And also can't blame DC for not offering what celtic did. Im told that reach will prob not be signing a new contract now. And also that galvin has been asked to sign a new contract and will be in 1st team squad at weekend
  7. We could all not eat Thai food for a month. Or pay an actor to dress as DC then pay another actor to dress as some stuffing. Then custard pie them in the face. Then throw them in the canal. Ffs. Ha ha ha ha ha.
  8. This thread is brilliant. Been smiling for last 30 mins reading it whilst waiting for boxing. Fancy dress as a chicken stuffing an owl has to be my fav. But, elephants in canal. Sending tins of tuna to club. Spamming email. It's comedy gold. Wow. Just wow Ha ha ha ha ha
  9. It's almost as though he can't spend any money for some reason
  10. Don't know what to say. Honestly. He doesn't seem skint
  11. How will we go bust. Does going down mean chansiri loses all his money?
  12. What exactly are we protesting? If you don't want to go to games. Then don't. It's that simple. Going down isn't great. But I've watched Wednesday in all divisions. And this isn't by anyway the worst position we have been in. Fleetwood. Blackpool. Lincoln. Pboro. Hull. Some great away days really.
  13. Not read all so I apologise if been mentioned. Reach was 2nd on list to sort contract after bannan. Wages are the problem. But I am told he will accept less and have similar contract to bannan. I like reach. Played everywhere and doesn't moan. Hope he stays.
  14. Dalton is Wednesday thru and thru. He was fighting My good mate tonight until Lee tested positive for covid. It's not a boxing/football thing. Dalton has always been Wednesday and his dream to fight at Hillsborough for title
  15. My friend. I pass on what I know as little as possible as that is fair. I think that westwood is negotiating a contract now. Well I know he is. And I believe hutch went abroad and is now back on a contract that is less than half when he went. As I've said. Hutch was nearly put on his arse at half time v Millwall. Both good players. Both thought bigger than swfc. I've no interest in your jibes. You seem intent on what you say is true. And your posts come across as I'd expect a young lad would type. #
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