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  1. Oops. I was wondering how long it would take you.
  2. Did I "slag" him. ? Goodbye good luck. See ya Sam
  3. What inside knowledge? You know exactly what my job is. So why be a mouth again ?
  4. Always. No point in just nodding and clicking the like button. Say it as is. Always have done
  5. Nope. You could ask him ? Or pato? Or Palmer?
  6. Wanted same money as pato. Got told no. Nearly caused utter chaos with his mate Westwood. I don't think anyone of staff and players will miss him. Bye again Sam. Don't beg to come back again.
  7. If paiaxo is still allowed to recommend players ? Or if chansiri is ? Why are you so confident that we will have a cracking season next year. When literally nothing has changed ?
  8. As always. Why would you join a different teams forum. Makes no sense to me. Just seems like you are like our "taz". Anyhow. Good luck
  9. A true gentleman and a big voice in changing room
  10. Well. Yes they do. Can only hold him for 24 hrs if arrested .
  11. Absolutely bang on. If arrested then they get 24 hrs to charge. Inviting him is standard as he isn't really a flight risk and no need to secure evidence
  12. Ffs. The attention seeking is back. Pls stop Taz.
  13. Caught the last half hour. Due to other commitments. But seemed everyone had had a good night
  14. Absolutely. I'm at young voices concert at arena tonight. And just watched 3 of our current staff leave their awaiting transport to go back in and sign autographs and have photos with kids and parents. #wawaw
  15. Totally agree. However I wasn't alive when that was the badge. And I didn't trust lad at romish with the easy owl. Never mind the new/original one
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