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  1. Stick a clause in there that the ground defaults back into club hands should we be relegated. Sorted
  2. Unless we sign a few midfielders we are in trouble. Rest of squad looks balanced. Could ship a striker...
  3. If i could only get one full back it would be a left back. Not saying Palmer is great but better than the options on the left...
  4. Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Fox Pelupessy Hutchinson Reach Bannan Matias Winnall Might work, Prefer a 433 tho.
  5. Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Joey Hector Onomah Reach Forestieri Fletcher Hector to swap for Bannan when he's back.
  6. Cautious optimism, i don't think we will be going up but i did put that bet on at 200/1... UTO
  7. Thats how i saw it. Bannan had an off day. Hector cant pass. We were lucky tonight.
  8. CB - Diego Polenta or Philipp Wollscheid RB - Wallace Oliveira LB - Louis Nganioni Sako on the cheap? Dont know mutch about these players but have played for good clubs in the past and have been on a free long enough to offer low wages... I dont think we can afford proven players.
  9. Loads of freebies left; https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/vertragslosespieler Time to think carefully...
  10. Westwood Palmer Lees JVA Pudil Hutch Reach Bannan Forestieri Fletcher Joao
  11. I will try and find the article but it said something on the lines of more game time to keep international game alive!
  12. Caceres and/or Bennett Charlie Taylor Whelan Boyd All free (well CT will require some compo but...) Keep the money til Jan when we can assess whet we need (whoever gets injured) and smash in the business end...
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