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  1. Not sure why people are complaining tbh, obviously our lot would perform better without us. No bottle, no fight. That interview with Jacob Murphy alluded to it...
  2. If we are going to change the back line (not that I would atm) we should go 3-4-3 Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Reach Hutchinson Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri Keep them on the back foot so much we would not need to defend! I am not too sure we are diciplined enough mind.
  3. I would imagine it probably works the other way around to the op, carlos was very critical of the refs late in his tenure and it only seemed to encourage the refs to punish us further. FF could have been run over by a bus in those days and still get a yellow for diving... I like the way Monk handled it and long may it continue.
  4. Dawson Moses Iorfa Borner Fox Fernando Luongo Hutch Bannan Harris Fletcher Reach will have to perform from the bench, Lee to come on if anyone starts lagging. Palmer if Moses or Fox are getting found out, we are flucked if Fletch isn't having a good game though.
  5. Did we ever find out about his injury? Just read four pages to find out nothing... :)
  6. We should all wear swimming aids; They can't complain surely. We can always deflate them to sit.... Should get some attention
  7. I really dislike whoscored.com's ratings, it's just a computer algorithm based of some numbers... Don't know why sky would publish it, lazy if you ask me.
  8. He had to cover for Moses' shiteness and played quite well! Thorniley was better tho.
  9. How much to have it built? Stadiums are expensive, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_stadiums Efl can get ducked
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