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  1. 1234 barmy army Sheffield Wednesday Sheffield united dunt funkin matter or something of the sort....
  2. I was trying to work it out but couldn't, perhaps someone with headphones could clarify.
  3. I agree that we will be going for loans to plug the gaps now but our embargo didn't seem to stop us getting the frees we wanted... Borner, Harris, Moses etc...
  4. I really don't understand the Joao hating, he was our best player in the first 20 mins. He did start to look a little frustrated as the game went on but only because Espanyol doubled up on him... He was still effective with two defenders around him, he was nullified when they started to triple up on him on the flank but that created so much space for anyone else to use. He made loads of good runs, tracked back well but was substituted at half time. In the second half when Iorfa spooned a headed chance over the bar I overheard someone behind me say "Joao, the goal is that way." Couldn't make it up.... We should not sell Joao we should start him all season. He has the capability if we give him the chance. UTO
  5. Left back, defensive central mid, and Hector if we can. Manager asap.
  6. I was googling Dowie for a laugh and came across this...
  7. Quique Sánchez Flores Nigel Pearson Gary Rowett Dont want Zola or McLaren not too fussed otherwise...
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