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  1. A memo to Carlos.

    talksport previewed one of our games a few weeks back. we had 94 team changes this season the most in all four divisions.
  2. dj at leicester game

    read in the papers that wolves had rejected bids from two championship clubs for ebanks blake
  3. Just heard some bad news...

    you been reading this: http://www.cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=101776
  4. Kazenga Lua Lua

    jeffrey schlupp ? victor anichebe ?
  5. Liam Sercombe

    have you seen the date of the thread
  6. Season Review DVD

    any torrents available
  7. no betamax and laserdisc only
  8. Foresight over astonishment

    seems nothing changes: west midlands police
  9. Defunct Grounds

    some more images on this vid:
  10. Defunct Grounds

    yeah, but as an away fan we've also been put in the east stand and west stand at different fixtures.
  11. Defunct Grounds

    some great photos on here:My link been to all those apart from the scots one's great memories

    lee strafford - "the BOARD of swfc will not entertain mega wealthy individuals" if the board will not sell to some billionaire the're hardly going to sell to a group of supporters scrambling down the back of the sofa looking for some spare change. the board are going nowhere- alas that means the club as well.
  13. The 1.5 Million

    according to lee strafford on owlsonline last week, he gave the sheffield star a lot more info for their interview , but the stars lawyers advised not to go to print with it.