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  1. talksport previewed one of our games a few weeks back. we had 94 team changes this season the most in all four divisions.
  2. that's your platinum out of the window then .. you need to send all your allies back to the castle for the " final battle "
  3. dispatch email from simply games
  4. it's a DLINK router mate and it's WPA2 protected if that makes any difference ?
  5. my laptop connects to my network no problem as do's my ps3 my wife and i both have the same mobile phone (samsung galaxy s ) both phones detect my network but neither will connect. my stepdaughter bought an ipod touch and that detects my network but won't connect. my mother in law brought her laptop round and that connected straight away is there something on these handheld devices that i'm missing ? any help greatly appreciated
  6. my 3D tv plays the files just plug in my external drive into the rear usb port.
  7. just finished the main story -91hrs in total now mopping up the after game quests for the platinum. got a bit grindy towards the end but loved it...will take a very special game to take game of the year title from this.
  8. read in the papers that wolves had rejected bids from two championship clubs for ebanks blake
  9. you been reading this: http://www.cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=101776
  10. think i read somewhere that the number 4 is classed as unlucky in japan/asia perhaps the next playstation might have two names . one for europe/america and one for asia.
  11. epsomowl


    gutted by this moved from torrents when demonoid was closed moved to the matrix when merlins portal closed.. now this , must be a jinx !! don't really want to go back to torrents so if anyone has a spare invite would be greatly appreciatted.
  12. oh dear.. http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/games/916018-medal-of-honor-warfighter-review-lost-cause
  13. next weeks free games are resident evil 5:gold edition and bulletstorm might have to get a new hard drive at this rate
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