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  1. Sorry to hijack the thread. Has anyone got any experience of selling rare records? I have an Oasis collection I'm looking to sell. I just don't really know where to take them or how to value them. You can see them here https://ibb.co/album/iEJWrF
  2. How did you get on? Colombia is safer than Peru or Brazil. It isn't the 80/90s anymore. Anyone with any wits about them would be ok. Only saw Americans getting robbed and caught up in anything, but mainly put it down to their naivety/stupidity. Bogota can be rough in parts, but no worse than keeping an eye on your money in Barcelona or Naples. The generalisation that Colombia is some wild west place is tiring at best.
  3. Get yourself to Barranquilla for the carnival. It is early March. One hell of a party. Cartagena is beautiful. Most beautiful city I've seen outside of Europe. If you head to Tayrona avoid Taganga and maybe Palomino. There's very good chance you'll get robbed there if you're mistaken for an American. Never been there, but the locals we met told us it was a no-go and not worth visiting anyway. Don't let it put you off going to Tayrona though, easily the highlight of Northern Colombia (along with Minca). Don't worry about Zika. We slept anywhere and everywhere when we went (at the height of the crisis in 2016). Brazil had it much worse.
  4. It is fitting that in Sub Pop's 30th anniversary year they may just have released the album of the year.
  5. Just been shown the Rolling Stone review. I think they've been reading my posts https://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/review-arctic-monkeys-tranquility-bass-hotel-w520154
  6. Musically? I'm not trying to be controversial here. The piano compositions are embarrassingly basic. I agree there are some reasonable bass lines, sometimes interesting lyrics. People may like it but he's not talented enough to produce anything of note on a piano, sounds like a gcse music student. If he insists on trying to prove he's a more rounded musician than he is, he should get more piano lessons because God he needs em.
  7. I liked the idea of a slower album, something different. I think its 6 albums so its time for a reinvention. I'm not coming at this from the "lads, lads, lads" perspective but the album is self-indulgent nonsense. The lyrics are far too complex and wordy for the limited arrangements he can put together with a piano. He learnt piano just for the record so I don't expect him to be a virtuoso but he's crap. God knows what the rest of the band are doing/thinking. It should've been a solo album, perhaps an ep.
  8. Barranquilla Carnival is a must. Love Colombia, especially Caribbean coast. The people are warm and outgoing. I know some people always say this about places but they basically dance as they walk. Minca near Santa Marta is one of the best places I've visited. Colombia is safe apart from the far west and some suburbs of Bogota. Its Colombia not Columbia though. I'm doing you a favour pointing it out as you'll annoy them!
  9. Sao Paulo had the same for the last World cup. Charleroi also did the same for Euro 2000, and at the tine the british press were scaremongering due to the angle of the seating. I think there's a little bit of pointing at Russia going on. I'm certain it will be safe for starters. Plus it makes sense. What's point in them building a stadium that will be unsustainable in future. Now they can take those stands down and it will hold 25k after the World cup.
  10. Rhis just reminded me of this thread https://twitter.com/GrzegKrychowiak/status/910903249082953729 https://twitter.com/Dracuch/status/910905800775884800 "He went to England, and there Lodz"
  11. Lodz? For a weekend? I know people who live there who won't say a good word about it. The joke in Poland being that Piotrkowska (the main road in Lodz) runs north to south all the way through the city as its trying to escape to Krakow. Agree with Modboy. Gdansk is probably Poland's best fit for a lads weekend.
  12. I had 730pts so missed out sadly. There's probably people out there with more than 730 who have missed out as well. If Wednesday think that a corporate sponsor or a family member of a player is more worthy of a ticket than a fan that's been to more than half the away games over the past 2 season, then they should check their priorities. Shame on Wednesday. Get used to it though because if we go up this could be a fortnightly occurrence.
  13. You'll struggle with Florins Buy Forint, you'll be ripped-off with Euro's. Just change a smaller amount and use the card.
  14. Go to the market for Langos. Drink loads of red wine. Crawl through for the ruin bars. Kiado Kocsma for Gulasz soup.
  15. If you're interested in history, Novgorod was the capital of the kingdom of Rus and is seen as one of the most significant cities in the Orthodox church's history in Russia. Certainly worth a stop-off if you're passing through.
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