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  1. I had 730pts so missed out sadly. There's probably people out there with more than 730 who have missed out as well. If Wednesday think that a corporate sponsor or a family member of a player is more worthy of a ticket than a fan that's been to more than half the away games over the past 2 season, then they should check their priorities. Shame on Wednesday. Get used to it though because if we go up this could be a fortnightly occurrence.
  2. They played him for a few games but he didn't work either. Was a bit of a controversy because there were murmurs about him being naturalised. Quickly switched back to Almeida cos he had a bit more presence.
  3. This is pretty true. Portugal are famously short up top. They normally play Ronaldo on his own, which he doesn't like and doesn't always work. Otherwise they only have Eder of Swansea, who hasn't worked out. They've had to stick with Almeida and Postiga for years because of the shortage. Its a great opportunity for Joao, and he could get some game time if he impresses because of their lack of depth.
  4. The details for the funeral of lifelong Wednesday fan Stephen Linley's funeral have been sorted by his family today. Steve's Funeral will take place on Wednesday 17th June at Grenoside Crematorium. The ceremony will start at 11.45am. Steve sadly passed away at the end of last week. Many of the posters on here will have met and known Steve, through is avid following of our club. He missed maybe only a dozen games home and away over the past 35 years. A true Owl and a much loved member of our fan base.
  5. I wouldn't exactly call them well run now tbh. Reus was released at 18 and bought back from Gladbach for €17-18m 6 years later. They have a net spend of €60m over the past 2 years and don't look it on the pitch. Back to the good old days I don't understand the obsession with Dortmund. Klopp/Watzke put a decent team together and deserve a lot of credit for it. Hopefully Tuchel will carry it on. They have decent fans, but not the best in North-Rhine Westphalia. They also have some rather dodge ultras which I'm sure would be rightly condemned forthright if they were an Eastern European club. Their fans have a chequered past in that aspect, like the city itself.
  6. Spot on. Already organised. Rangers away in mid-July and then off to Portugal 2-3 days later.
  7. The model club that only survived because one of their rivals bailed them out. Clearly their marketing department is just as valuable as their coach.
  8. Hopefully they'll address the lack of referees. It is becoming a bigger problem than the weather/pitch quality.
  9. Wednesday (mixture of u17's and u19's) 0 Panama U23's 2. Panama were on tour in preparation for their Olympic qualifying campaign. If I remember correctly Panama scored direct from a corner and from the halfway line.
  10. Flares are banned in Poland for sure. Whether the rules are enforced is a different question though. The police are unlikely to stop people setting them off, but clubs are fined everytime their fans set them off. A lot of the clubs have ultras groups which have collections to pay for these fines. There are also regular stadium bans, especially for away fans if they are caught. Slask Wroclaw's fans threw flares at the Polish cup final last year and were banned from away matches for a year. All that being said Lechia Gdansk recently opened talks with the local governor to legalise the use of pyrotechnics. It looks like this could happen, but I don't know what restrictions there will be. It is thought that only certain fans will be able to use the flares and they will have to have training.
  11. http://wap.bild.de/sport/fussball/mame-biram-diouf/stuermer-lehnt-hannover-angebot-ab-29406038.bild.html
  12. Not a chance! He was linked with bvb in january
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