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  1. What a game that was! How did Wilson miss at the end!
  2. That’s harsh. No worse than the others.
  3. Had my doubts about him at CB after his initial rampaging FB performances but thought he was superb tonight! Loved the CB pairing
  4. His position is LW for me. How that fits into the system is another thing. Hasn’t done it for 12 months. Let’s sell him and move on.
  5. Tudgay vs the snortbeasts will take some beating!
  6. Next three league games: Burnley Brum and Brentford! All against close rivals. Rest the lot. If we lose we lose. Can't afford any injuries.
  7. This kid has incredible potential. hope he gets chance to show it!!
  8. I did that when we won 4-1 and scored some outrageous goals a few years back! Sitting on hands was hard! Watching our fans go mental was worth it though.
  9. Well said Darren906! A very valid comment. Shame that some ppl just trawl through threads and condone intelligent posters. Danns is exactly what we need!
  10. Football is not played on paper, it's played on grass! They have NOT contributed anything! I was also excited by the names but these players have not been scouted properly.
  11. Great call on RS. Hit the nail on the head! Can't believe his bought in 12 players and they can't get in the team. So gutted after all the excitement of last season.
  12. Curse of the debut scoring striker...
  13. Think we all need cheering up after a difficult few games... What a moment! I was there on the South. Who was there? Think it vs Salisbury in FA Cup. 30 yard pile driver off the bar. Proudlock hat-trick! Dark Days!
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