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  1. He is open to accept or decline a contract isn't he?
  2. Absolutely not ,no defenders means tightening things up all round playing out and out wingers is asking for trouble
  3. Nothing to do with the defence being mostly injured then?
  4. I agree but you need a defence able to cope with playing wingers unfortunately our are crocks
  5. No he wouldn't be a better choice than Chansiri
  6. A total over exaggerated view of Theo ,he is no world beater ,why would anyone base the purchase of a season ticket on one player
  7. I've been advocating for the league cup to be for EFL teams only for some time now ,so I agree on what you are saying ,it's a bit like premier takes all
  8. What are the chances of the boxing day game going ahead
  9. All viruses weaken over time it took 2 and a half years for Spanish flue to die back each mutation should be weaker from now on. It would help if everyone just got vaccinated
  10. Moore will get us into the play offs at least and with a bit of luck automatics
  11. I wasn't going to because i thought those fans that couldn't afford them before Xmas however credit is now available which allows most fans to purchase and the offer is certainly a good one, so we've gone ahead and bought
  12. Shopido played well expect Corbeanu to be returning to Wolves
  13. And Moore is responsible for players getting injured it's a desperate situation but i doubt he had any other options
  14. I can afford to purchase the ticket,no problem however as a measure of solidarity with other fans ,I refuse to buy
  15. We have good relationships with FBC Sarrono and Luigi De Micheli the history of our 2 clubs is intertwined and goes back in history, both teams play in Blue and White Stripes
  16. England are a very good side, we went to watch the game and will go again
  17. 20 - 0 some great goals well taken and England didn't take there foot off the pedal, just wanted to score as many as possible, crazy game but we certainly enjoyed it. Latvia had obviously used the dog and Duck to make the numbers up. England very professional, strong and fast, must have a chance in the World Cup.
  18. Gonna watch the England Women v Latvia at the Keepmoat tonight
  19. Gonna watch the England Women v Latvia at the Keepmoat tonight
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