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  1. I asked a question of Chansiri a few years back and the reply was when we get to the Premiership, that old chestnut
  2. I watched the blind football on Blackpool beach the donkeys had a terrible time
  3. We watched in a bar in Turkey and we've booked a table for Sunday's final,cracking game wasn't it
  4. Why are you making comparisons to the men's game . Women's football stands on its own
  5. Over watched all of England's games and a few of the others went to Don Doncaster to watch the lionesses in a friendly ,came away impressed especiallly with the way they kept up the tempo to the end . Russo came on as a sub and scored then. I would love to see a well supported /financed team playing in the blue and white
  6. Of course he will play regular I suspect mainly from the bench and he get goals
  7. I know people will say it's only a freindly but it's about confidence as well 4-1 won't inspire the team
  8. You tube live swfc official
  9. One of our better p!Ayers last season so let's not
  10. But he is very adaptable and could fill in in an emergency
  11. Dele and Andrien plus Liam can do a job there
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