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  1. akbuk


    Teams have worked out that just about everything goes through Bannan and just try to take him out of the game . reach needs to back out wide if he wasn't so nesh he'd make a good wing back
  2. Maybe back to 4-4-2 with reach back out on the left and bring in a wide right sided player /Winger ?
  3. akbuk

    Hectors handball.

    He does it in most games no concentration
  4. And let season ticket holders in free for cup games up to the semi, s
  5. He drove a Bentley to the match on Tuesday
  6. akbuk

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Great I'm on holiday so I can now watch
  7. So we've got a bit of Bully and a Brucey bonus
  8. He's got a Knee injury mudy be off to Barcelona to get it sorted
  9. akbuk

    Ground Sold !

    No but the owners of TUG could open another company to purchase the ground and invest in the club
  10. akbuk

    Ground Sold !

    The agm of one shareholder that should be interesting
  11. akbuk

    Ground Sold !

    Maybe to the company T.U.F
  12. akbuk

    Reach Theory

  13. akbuk


    Before retiring i was a professional negotiator.