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  1. Kop not sold out shocker

    They should sell the restricted view seats cheaper,they do in theatres
  2. George Hirst

    As he gone yet
  3. Early Favourites

    us and Middlesbrough
  4. IFollow quality

    It's crap a total waste of money
  5. Pub before derby

    Ticket only ,they where giving them out tonight
  6. Brentford Tho'

    They where the best team
  7. Opportunity for George Hirst

    I don't believe the club have handled it poorly he and his advisers have heard the cash register ring . Money, money ,money that's what i want,never mind that the owls have done a brilliant job in developing him ,you can be sure Chansiri Won't be pushed around by him or his father
  8. Jacob Butterfield

    I've seen him and he has always played well a good addition and competition in midfield,I suspect Abdi will not figure anymore only Lin emergencies. Winnhall leaving makes space for space for Hirst to break into the first team squad and that's what people have been shouting for
  9. I was thinking of darker days than that
  10. So the daily fascist days something and people believe it NAAAH
  11. Reminds me of days past when we did things to keep our fans happy
  12. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    So basically you know nothing about football,I also worked with disabled people until retiring
  13. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    What do you do for a living
  14. CC's replacement.

    Than you for your post