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  1. Clearly Chansiri did have a clue about the change regulations.
  2. Is that a day stipulated by the EFL, my companies accounting ended in the 28/02 each year which came about because of the date of incorporation,I can't imagine all clubs being incorporated on the same day, maybe this explains the EFL rules not being inline with the the latest Government advice
  3. Could the club's in the Championship turn on the efl ? 10 clubs could be very peed off. maybe they will, but being heavy handed in the middle of a Pandemic and when no revenue is coming in puts the EFL in an awkward position
  4. Probably in Azerbaijan with his pants on fire
  5. Nothing wrong with the quality of shirts and i am a qualified Taylor
  6. I wish Carlos would come back probably as a director of Football,I actually do see that happening
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