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  1. Hopefully he will be playing regularly
  2. Nuhiu

    He also has leadership quality and can spark the team and the crowd into action
  3. Managers quote again

    I think the two play off defeats have inflicted a physiological damage on some of our players ,some need to be moved on for there own good
  4. player ratings

    Nuhiu 10 play him in Saturday
  5. Time For Fans To Act

    Don't do it at all that would be sensible
  6. Time For Fans To Act

    Like a great point tonight and play Big Dave on Saturday
  7. Team for Ipswich

    Lees and Loovens = Clean sheets Van Aken =mistakes he needs to learn his trade in this league and be played off the bench until he is ready
  8. Team for Ipswich

    Van Aken that must be a joke, loovens every time
  9. We will be in the play offs
  10. Barry Bannan too deep

    Bristols game plan was to smother the midfield which is what they did with a minimum of 5 in there and sometimes 6
  11. Unfortunately the fan was detained with relatively little force ,he clearly was out of control and was lucky not to be arrested by the Police or maybe he will be,there was no excuse for his behaviour
  12. I got the impression that the guy who got thrown out ,tried to get the pitch to have a go a the lino
  13. I bought my grandaughter a season ticket £50 until she turned 11 and Then it shot up to £150 ,no thought went into the pricing structure for kids .