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  1. My wife worked at Hill Top ,I went to Victoria as a kid
  2. No just ay him in his correct position, playing on the right was stupid of Moore we improved after he moved to the centre yesterday
  3. He will retire at this club and stay on after his playing days are over.
  4. I suspect the charge will stay until the loan is paid in full, that's the normal procedure
  5. Arthur Wharton died in New Edlington on 13th of December 1930, he was buried in an unmarked grave
  6. Arthur Wharton played for Doncaster Rivers and into recently was buried in an unmarked grave in Edlington a memorial as now been erected ,I think Mark Lawrenson got hold of the story and I believe a Match of the Day film was made
  7. In terms of rebuilding the team we have had a revolution it would be difficult to see how a team could gel in the short term . evolution is generally the way forward ,time is needed but there are signs of things coming together,patience is required.
  8. He executed plan b yesterday changed team to suit the opposition and plenty on the bench to change it again if needed
  9. Proper derby match penalty save changed the game and correct me if I'm wrong but haven't all our goals come from open play?
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