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  1. Keep Nuhui, Lee and Hutchinson release the rest
  2. Not Bannan's and type of game to physical for him,I would play Luongo in these types of games
  3. The trainer is allowed on and the game carries on, that would stop the fake injuries
  4. Apparently all the Fulham players had a collective head injury
  5. more likely the chairman has said Bullen stays
  6. True the issue at Derby seems to revolve around the value in the club's accounts
  7. And we will have the stadium back off of you and here's your £60 million back
  8. I always thought it would be sorted in tbe international break and happy that Bullen had his chance but I'm afraid his dream is over and the club needs to move on
  9. Bruce has left us in the crap but who should take over from Bullen?
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