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  1. akbuk

    The Big Issue.

    He needs to find other investors and sell some of his equity it's not rocket science
  2. akbuk

    The Big Issue.

    He should seek other investors to assist in building the club including selling some of his own equity
  3. Yeah FF back along with MM and LJ,Fletcher keep the same back 3 the wins will come
  4. akbuk

    Joao has to start Friday

    not tough enough for a derby
  5. What contract is the manager on ?
  6. akbuk

    Team for Blades

    About right for me
  7. akbuk

    We are also guilty.

    Yes if they where given the freedom to sell as well ,professional football is a market place buying goes hand in hand with selling
  8. It really shouldn't be
  9. I've run enough companies to know that the deck chairs can be shuffled to accommodate spending ,we are talking about losing a manager and gaining one, a mostly neutral exercise any extra revenue spending can be resolved in the normal everyday management of a business. I'm certain our chairman and his team could resolve this without much problem.
  10. Wouldn't make that much difference to the budget and is manageable
  11. akbuk

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    I've voted out and I have never called for a manager to be sacked before but action is needed now, leave it and we will regret it. bring Steve Bruce in and quick
  12. akbuk

    A Brucy bonus

    Best man for the job