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  1. Another abstention for me a total lack of mental attitude
  2. Sounds like the prohibition notice was overturned on a technicality with the judge banging heads together hence talks to try to reach an amicable settlement . The other option is imposing a new prohibition notice,let's just see if the club and the authorities can work things out without the assistance of cheer leaders
  3. It would be nice to see/hear /read an interview with Borner
  4. Been a member for over 45 years and we best represent what i wish for in Governance . Including a social conscience that doesn't want to see people living on the streets
  5. I suspect costs will be waved in order that another prohibition notice is not served and a sensible solution can be found.
  6. I assume she will have paid for the shares ? and does that give another influx of investment ? I'm not certain
  7. Illegal is illegal they would soon be found out by the journalist. Illegal payments couldn't be revealed in the accounts so either the accounts balance and are a true picture of they don't just like it is now.
  8. Barring for teams going out of business
  9. Agree and suspect informal talks are already under way
  10. Wage cap is the only way forward and that would apply to relegated teams as well. Parachute payments for redundancy money only.
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