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  1. A bit like Brighton the previous season then
  2. Most of the clubs debt is to Chansiri, there would be no point in putting the club into Administration he would only devalue his debt pobably by 90%. The decision will come. Are the efl going to be put the club in more financial trouble because of Covid 19 and it's effect on revenue streams? The Wigan case is not over yet and it looks like Dave Whelan may come to the rescue and keep the club afloat. The EFL will be behind the black ball because i can't imagine Wigan will not launch an appeal against any points deduction. Intersting times.
  3. If the lack of hate receipts is a big contributing factor then I would be really peed off . This is about servicing debts .EFL need to take a step back
  4. Unfer the circumstances with no gate receipts it would be very harsh not of their own making
  5. All to keep pace with other clubs trying to reach the land of milk and honey,it's stark and underlines the need for change in the finances of all football clubs. Players cannot expect to be paid the ridiculous sums they are getting now. A wage cap is needed and if the finances in football can't be sorted out now then the never will be.
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