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  1. maybe our fire power should be turned on the EFL for overseeing a biased unworkable financial system that rewards failure and sabotages investment from owners who genuinely have money to invest in their clubs
  2. I still don't understand why Chansiri hasn't /didn't sell some of his shares to a trusted member of his family ,why go through all this intrigue to provide money for the club? It also seems rather stupid that an owner can't invest in his own club
  3. Agree so now is the time to take the EFL on
  4. There is absolutely no suggestion of criminal activity the point I am making is the accounts for profit and sustainability are a 3 year rolling process but the efl want to make judgements during the process and not at the end ,is that a reasonable ? That maybe the question a court may need to answer especially since there is allegations of different treatment for different clubs . It seems to me that the whole process is questionable and I doI'd believe the EFL are capable of reforming from within. clearly there is a difference of opinion between the club and the league which is fundamental to good management ,so it could be down to the Courts to interpret for both sides
  5. Different levels of proof and different cases FF was a criminal case
  6. I suppose any legal arguments will centre around the fairness in setting three year financial parameters and then the governing body attempting to judge on an annual basis. my guess is the club has a very arguable case which means the argument may be out of the EFL's hands and into the High Courts ,will they want to take that risk ? maybe the rules need to be tested in law.
  7. Is that a Goldfish on his Pike
  8. Hooper scored for Wellington Phoenix this weekend first game first goal
  9. Iorfa for me with Gary Monk a close second for getting the tactics spot on
  10. I heard that too apparently Matlock for a bath
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