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  1. Both Glyn and Ian played for Edlington White Stars Ian was always the better of the two but both good players and always destined for the professional game Ian moved from Doncaster to Everton . they where nurtured by by local coach Roy Cork who was a big friend of Billy Brenner who on most Sunday Mornings could be found at Edlington Welfare watching the youngsters play he was accompanied on many occasions by Peter Wetzl chairman of Doncaster Rovers. Billy was always approachable and would chat to us ,despite his hard man title he was a friendly warm person who was well liked and respected in Edlington on his death his funeral was held in the village.
  2. Sorry for your loss ,being in your own going to be tough . R.I.P
  3. If ever there was an opportunity to rearrange football finances the time is now
  4. Who would want to fight along side of them in the trenches most would be shot at dawn
  5. The other big question is :Will the owner be allowed to use his wealth to prop up the club until the Corona Virus issue passes or would they prefer clubs to go under. Profit and Sustainability rules will have to be suspended leaving any further charges looking a bit stupid.
  6. Very straightforward interview, he shoukd be supported not undermined
  7. I think there are enough outsiders trying to do arm to the club without us being kamikaze pilots
  8. I suspect the Country is very short on testing kits along with the inability to actually analyse results ,good old austerity
  9. I think we have too many keyboard warriors that couldn't run a wee wee up in a brewery
  10. With all this agro against him i would pull the plug on any further subsidy stick the rent up and tell us all to fortisque
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