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  1. akbuk

    Team at Forest

    Absolutely Stoke ran central midfield yesterday they are a very powerful team had they more confidence we could have been embarrassed
  2. akbuk

    Team at Forest

    Don t change the back four unless you have to ,Hector needs to fight for his place
  3. akbuk

    Team at Forest

    I can't see an argument for putting Hector in ,he's cover for Lees
  4. akbuk

    Momentum Is Building

    Stoke made us look pretty average a good job they have confidence issues
  5. akbuk

    Hurricane Florence

    Wilmington is a place i visited back in the 1990's
  6. akbuk

    Away games, a closed shop?

    It's fair because the same people don't get picked all the time
  7. akbuk

    Away games, a closed shop?

    New season ticket holders will always be at the back of the que. They could introduce a ballot system, this is the way Elite Racing Club deal with owners badges and paddock places when they have horses running which is most weeks ,your success in a ballot depends on whether you have been lucky enough to be successful in previous events. They don't have a problem with this system and have 10,000 members it never causes concern to membership. So there is another way that is fair
  8. Contrary to popular opinion it's been good management from Chansiri
  9. Derby against Blunts car broke down on the way
  10. I live in Donny and was taken to Hillsborough by an ex player Jackie Shaw he played for us in the late 50's my first game was December 1964 Blackpool 4-1 to us I remember John Fantham scoring with a diving header from about 12 yards out . As the saying goes the rest is history. we travelled to the game in a new Ford Pop which still had plastic bags on the seats from when it was first bought
  11. akbuk


    I didn't say I wanted him to go but the scenario for his departure is being painted
  12. akbuk


    Matias played well today and with Hooper and Winall ready to return FF will be gone in January
  13. Can't see Hector replacing Thorniley cover for Lees I think