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  1. Pudil

    Pudil was excellent again pity he got a yellow card after the game had finished.
  2. Flasks

    Take her to that Dam Flask
  3. What tactics next?

    We have the same problem that we have had most of the season "injuries" Jos decided correctly in my opinion not to risk injury to the only strikers we have that are fit.
  4. Poor defending for there second goal
  5. I think the under 17 prices should have been tweaked the price for 12 to 15 year old should be lowered they have no form of income and the price £150 just increases the parents outgoings
  6. Carlos reception tomorrow

    In the first h and we played di symphony and in the second we played do Rock and Roll
  7. Jones sat in the stands at chesterfield waiting for Megson to get the bullet
  8. Sam Winnall

    They are paying his wages to the end of the season that was the deal come what may,
  9. Everyone knew Swansea where interested in him and I thought Carlos had said on more than one occasion I don't want a contract
  10. I hope we sign him ,he's done well recently
  11. He's been out best player all year and I'm glad he's getting the plaudits better than he's a waste of £5 m
  12. Lucas Joao

    First time I've seen him really get stuck in ,pressed,tackled and played