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  1. Needs sorting selling tickets should be a very easy process
  2. Got mine but what pain navigating the web site it's feels like they've deliberately made it difficult to renew on line. the web site needs some serious rebuilding
  3. I see Kieran Lee doesn't get a mention these days ,sad he's more important to us
  4. What dates would the semi finals take place on?
  5. He was in the beehive before the match
  6. He had a cracking second half lots of skill and direct with it ,he best the full back when it seemed impossible a
  7. What about the Algerian guy can't remember his name but wasn't he the original overlapping Centre Half
  8. It would be interesting to compare injuries of team that have played at Hillsborough
  9. On figure negotiated between both parties
  10. Worth another years contract to prove himself
  11. Leave him alone and support him
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