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  1. akbuk

    George Hirst

    Interesting that he hasn't been signed by anyone yet after all its not a secret that he wants out,I wonder why
  2. akbuk

    George Hirst

    Has he gone yet???
  3. No just to do with players being injured let's hope we have better luck this next season
  4. akbuk

    George Hirst

    What did we offer him ?
  5. Loovens gone,Wallace gone,Hurst gone,Clare gone ,Winnal gone wage bill already reduced get rid of one goalkeeper reduced even further . Required one right wing back no other signings except Vanancio, FFP not a problem logic says Fernando will be staying
  6. Maybe the agro from Charlton was because they where carp and she's a woman typical scapegoat
  7. Turkish Owls Based at Akbuk watch matches at either the Sahara Hagi's Place or the Liberty Bar Akbuk. Akbuk is 10 miles from Altinkum. We have 4 owners on our site who are season ticket holders a Donny Fan and couple of Liverpool fans We get fans joining us to watch games and one couple who have split loyalties who's a laugh when a few beers have been drunk
  8. akbuk

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Somethings written on here about him are just abuse and should have been taken down by the admins. If we lose him some fans will have played a big part in the decision.
  9. vernancio a midfielder ?
  10. akbuk

    Lap of honour

    Hunt was at the game he presented a young relative of mine with his shirt before the game
  11. akbuk

    Bursts of applause

    Where you happy
  12. I suppose being a leader in the pitch is his biggest attribute
  13. A good servant to the club i wish him well in whatever he does
  14. Why would we only offer Nuhui a one year deal worth at least 2 or 3 years