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  1. Let's hope you are eating your words in 12 months time
  2. Or leading back at under market rates
  3. The Championship is a tough league to adapt to especially for foreign players . He may crack it under Bruce's guidance ,let's hope he does
  4. When the whole P&S system is totally overhauled along with the system of Parachute payments. Maybe Gibson is doing us all a favour
  5. Selling the ground leads to a lack of collateral when trying to borrow money ,so very short term fix ,probably with the idea that Chansiri will sell it back the the Club company once promotion is achieved
  6. Very short term fix because selling the ground and renting it back at Market rates just increases daily spending and would need an increase in revenue income to cover the costs. Unless it's leased back on favourable terms
  7. It's when you don't wake you need to worrying
  8. Revolution rarely work but evolution does
  9. I wad in Bangkok recently and theu certainly knrw about Chansiri and the owls, we need to build our profile out there, a huge opportunity
  10. We are watching hing Sky Bet EFL not strictly legal but you can get anything here
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