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  1. akbuk

    Wing Backs

    Lee at rwb for me(if he's fit)
  2. Chansiri has often said don't worry he has friends maybe he can get the Tuna company to invest by buying some of his shares
  3. They need us as well a league with no promotion of relegation will fall apart with no legitimacy
  4. Kick Prem teams out of the league cup,start a second tier euro competition and don't worry about promotion to the Prem feck em off
  5. Easy offer an extension on his contract so definitely keep
  6. akbuk

    Lee & Hutch

    If he can't play then he should go but I hope the hip operation has done the trick.
  7. akbuk

    If Hunt leaves....

    He came to us has a Right Back playing him as a wing back makes sense
  8. akbuk

    If Hunt leaves....

    Nah Keiran Lee as RWB
  9. akbuk

    If Hunt leaves....

    Didn't Kieran Lee come to us as a right back ,I think he would be best suited to R.W.B with Palmer and Baker as back up
  10. 3 at the back and 3 up top 1 in nets and rest in middle