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  1. Will we move to a back 4 for next season, that would help to accommodate NML playing a 4-3-3
  2. Off field timer similar to Rugby,better facilities for fans
  3. I'm sure there will be grants to assist and financing ground improvements shouldn't impact the running of the football side of the club. keep putting it off and it will never get it sorted other clubs manage to build new stadia and see it as an importent investment done correctly new facilities could bring in extra revenue
  4. Try Rampton they'll humour you there
  5. I don't know the timings of the world cup games, but on the big screen before or after our home matches would be good and the club could possibly earn some extra revenue
  6. That's not true I make as much as noise any fvcker, I appreciate your concern that I should after 6 decades, I should move to another area. Great to hear the Wednesday family at its best
  7. When will they go back on sale, I've got another granddaughter to take next season
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