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  1. Are you speculating that they would reappoint Megson as manager?
  2. Technically yes. But don't forget that his first booking was mistaken identity, Antonio should have had the yellow card.
  3. But he could be given time and patience. However, it's much better to slate him after the team put in a great performance and got a brilliant result.
  4. I still think that we can go on a run of form and make the play offs or even maybe clinch an automatic spot on the last day of the season.
  5. Unfortunately, on grass, most of them are proving to be no improvement at all.
  6. Barkley seems to have something about him and might one day make a good player for Everton, Whatever DJ thinks he is adding to our team at the moment I just don't see it - some promising runs but never any end product. I'd not be upset if his loan was not extended.
  7. I don't think anyone has suggested Maguire is the solution.
  8. What would you suggest that is more imaginative or discerning?
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