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  1. mrrodge

    Half Season Tickets

    Honestly if it is more than zero i'd then the people buying them need an assessment
  2. Go for the win. I know it won't be Belgiums strongest team but if we beat them we can beat any of the others mentioned above
  3. It is going to be a 0 0 draw. No risks taken by either side
  4. Went to school with the ginger one
  5. mrrodge

    Fernando Forestieri

    He has looked back to his old self since coming back from injury. Would be madness to let him go now but I can see his agent trying to engineer a move away for him this summer
  6. I'd have played 3-4-3. Same team but 3 centre backs the same, reach and Hunt as the wing backs, 2 central midfielders and Nuhiu up top through the centre with Joao and Boyd on the flanks
  7. I agree with you. That's why we need to look at the manager. He isn't playing a system suited to the players available to him
  8. Completely disagree There are some strong experienced players who started on Saturday. I wouldn't say it would be a promotion chasing team but certainly shouldn't be near relegation
  9. You are right and you are wrong. Does Zlatan get paid more than Rashford at Man U? Who would command a higher transfer fee?
  10. He doesn't deserve wages to match any of the first team *By first team i mean what would be our strongest first 11 plus a few others
  11. It was also said that he wanted the wage of an established first team player. Which giving are currently ridiculously high wage bill would not be a good idea to offer him would it? Your argument about giving it to some of the dross we have given it to is weak. Just because you make mistakes in some places, it doesn't mean you do the same in others. 2 wrongs don't make a right and all that
  12. I am not saying there is something wrong with having the dream of having Hirst on the back of your Wednesday shirt, but as said it was the best contract offered to a youth player and he is still unproven at professional level. In one thread you are criticizing the chairman for spunking money up the wall and in another you are implying we should have offered more to an unproven striker because his name is Hirst