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  1. A tough one because they all offer something different. I'd want to Keep Forestieri and Joao as they can play wide in a front 3. I have a feeling this could be a strong season for Rhodes so want to keep him but if an offer comes in then you would have to listen. Nuhiu can go and maybe Winnall if we keep Rhodes
  2. Our best player by a mile. Does all the small things right, versatile and a game changer. If we don't get promoted this season I can see him moving on to a lower prem team and I'd wish him well.
  3. That site is incorrect. kovacevic left for little above nothing
  4. Course I would. Some of the rubbish spouted on here is embarrassing. He is still our manager. Who can blame him for speaking to a Premier League club wanting to take him on. He is only human.
  5. I'm thinking it will more than likely be in Cayman Islands which is where a lot of Holding companies are set up. Just a guess though
  6. Ireland would be nice for me. Any of the Dublin teams or Bray Wanderers
  7. Anything than going for a win is absolutely tinpot.
  8. I think we need 10 points from the next 4 going into the Leeds game which is a huge ask and as much as i'd love it to happen I think we are just going to fall short Roll on next season
  9. Honestly if it is more than zero i'd then the people buying them need an assessment
  10. Go for the win. I know it won't be Belgiums strongest team but if we beat them we can beat any of the others mentioned above
  11. It is going to be a 0 0 draw. No risks taken by either side
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