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  1. I’m not sure about this to be honest. he has been fantastic this season and I am a massive fan but we’ve been down this road before. The club need to review the wage structure as a whole and unless Fletcher is on reduced terms then I don’t think it’s a good idea.
  2. Sorry other than falling over when the ball bounced to him and that horrendous lunging tackle I can't really remember him having an impact? In some games he has had a great impact but as much as some people like to slag him off there are equally others who want to heap praise on him when he hasn't done anything
  3. If it was a 5er on the gate I don’t think you’d have got many out of the armchair tonight
  4. I will never understand players being told they aren't part of a managers plans especially when under contract.
  5. Looks horrendous but we seem to have picked points up against the better teams. We need it to stay that way or it could be change of underpants time
  6. Must be a slow day at Shi te sports. Nothing that we didn't already know. I'd take a 12 points deduction now. Think we have enough to stay up and then start again next season.
  7. I don't agree with Monk's tactics some of the time but the least of whats expected of the players is to put a shift in and they aren't doing that. Wednesday night was a horrible, cold evening against awful opposition who were willing to battle for every ball and fight to get 3 points. Our players were not interested as soon as we went a goal down.
  8. They don’t call them Tom and Sam though do they? They use their surnames
  9. Hate it too. The worst for me is "Nando" Makes my teeth itch
  10. Think we will sell 1000s of these. Oddly all the buyers are friends are family of Chansiri
  11. Gave 100% but was a poor player in an extremely poor side. The football at times was dire. His 1 goal was a 90th minute equaliser against Brentford if my memory serves me right.
  12. A couple of defeats and the wet farters are out in force again
  13. Agreed. Should have sat on the 1 goal lead and clung on for victory. Worked wonders for us
  14. I like the analysis but looking at that we aren't going to be too far away Using your high estimates (yes, wishful thinking) you can add iorfa - 2-4 Borner 2-4 Lees 1-3 Fox 1-3 Hutchinson 1-3 Others 5ish Maybe i am just an optimist but I don't think we are going to be too far off
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