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  1. Most people hated the Chupa Chups sponsor but thinking about it, they were/are a world renowned company/logo, everyone knows who they are and what they are famous for. Quite a coup for a championship side, not sure if we had to pay them tho to sponsor us Easily the biggest company to sponsor us.
  2. especially when we get a corner and it shows a picture of what looks like a button
  3. Well I'll be going down tomorrow morning for 2 shirts and if there not on sale I'll be spending my £80 on Gnomes and Meerkats to display in the garden of Neils manshun
  4. Well you'd think the marketing dept would liase with the official site as I still can't see owt on there about being on sale friday. Maybe there just teasing us again?
  5. Well its def Gilders sponsoring the shirt according to Gilders so if theres red on the front its either Honda or Seat
  6. Although on pigs main site Gilders main guy says they are finishing with Uniteds shirt sponsor but carrying on with us.
  7. I'm way behind, only been to Playoff final 2005 and Wycombe last game of the season
  8. If it is Audi it'd be the 4 rings in chrome as they changed their main logo a while back.
  9. Umbro was the first manufacturer to put the Owl in a shield 1993 yellow/black pin stripe one which Chelsea copied.
  10. Its a bugger that 'Leisure rain', why couldn't it have been grass growing rain ffs :ghoulguy: :ghoulguy:
  11. Only for the 150th Anniversary as well as having the same style kit from our first ever season, could even get every players surname who's ever played for us dyed into the shirt as a watermark, (could even bring out a framed version to sell in the store for us fans).
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