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  1. Fastest Wednesday goal?

    Was about 90 minutes.
  2. Caption Competition

    Smell my new roll on, suckers!
  3. Matias Joao and Abdi

    Are Matias and Abdi injured?
  4. Poor investment on your behalf then
  5. 25 Years Ago Tonight

    Thanks for the link. Remember, people, it’s very important to have a negative point of view regardless of what you post.

    I’ve been backing him far too long. He’s got to go. DC won’t be sacking him, though.
  7. Can he do a job for us ?

    Are you saying Bazza Gascoyne is our chaplain?
  8. Paul Hurst

    Really? The money, ambitions and expectations will only make it harder for an unexperienced manager. No time to settle in. Some times going for a lower League coach works, but more often i doesn’t. It’s a big no from me. Add to the fact that this guy seems nothing special compared to your Chris Turner, Danny Wilson or Brian Laws - he’s nowhere near qualified for being our manager. A completely ridicolous suggestion.
  9. Paul Hurst

    Yeah, Yeah
  10. Paul Hurst

    It's not a decent shout. It's the kind of appointment that lost us our PL status. The kind of appointment that kept us in lower parts of the Championship and below for years. FFS!

    Like a vulture you're going after SWFC even before full time. Do one, little man

    DO one, little piggy
  13. They're not anything special. If we play at our normal standard second half there's any chance will grab the points. Do it, Wednesday!