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  1. Extremely disappointed yesterday. Today, let’s just move on from this sorry saga.
  2. Can understand that they’re on bad terms with Chansiri, but the fact that young Hirst has done this to his team mates, coaches and fans that have been supporting him through the years really speaks volumes of his character. As for his dad who’s been affiliated with this club for the best part of thirty years. A hero. A legend. And such a little man.
  3. Are we even sure this is legal? Has it been done befrir? Sets a very worrying precedent that the ultra rich PL club can shaft a Championship club like that. If he moves to Leicester later, surely there must be some kind of compensation. The football world won’t pay much notice, though.
  4. Hopefully on the bench for a local non-league side in a pre season friendly.
  5. Shezza

    Mark Bright Goals

    Mellor did he score 20 for us?
  6. How will that go down with Donald Trump, though? Big Wednesday supporter. Very big.
  7. Shezza

    Preslav Borukov

    His father, Fat Davidov, was heard saying in front of at least ten people that he won’t be signing another contract with us if he’s got a say in it. Sorry folks.
  8. Great comparison. Wonder how many goals Fletcher would have scored at U-23 and U-19 level in a full season.
  9. Was our best player until he got injured this season. I’d definitely keep him.
  10. Shezza

    New Kit

    We’ll be making next seasons’s kit in-house as well, won’t we?
  11. Shezza

    PL U23s and Fringe Players

    Played 26 times for Arsenal this season, though.
  12. When Alex comes on as a sub I’ll stand up and shout «THE HUNT IS ON!» That is all. Goodbye.
  13. What was that all about?