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  1. Wonder why Bruce didn’t put Boyd at LB Think I’d prefer Pudil to Palmer at LB, though. Bad luck for SWFC and Lazaar. Seems a top player at this level, and eager to stay. Let’s hope he’s back soon.
  2. Powell and Maddison aren’t good enough.
  3. The black owl with yellow outline we had in the early nineties was class! As was Waddle’s hair. Not sure about the sponsors logo.
  4. I used to love the FA Cup, but the difference between the big boys and the rest has grown huge. When City, Chelsea etc can lose billions for years, while others are burdened by FFP, how will it ever be fair? Let’s win today
  5. For those of you who are fluent in Swedish, Alexander Milosevic pretty much confirms that we’ve shown interest here: https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/fotbollskanalen-on-tour/tv-milosevic-bekraftar-intresse-fran-championship-klubb-hort-lite-om-det/
  6. Must be. He’s got 238 followers on Twitter. Must have been tripled in the last fiffen minute.
  7. Seems like the kind of player we should aim for. Big potential, just needed to take a step back to further his career and did it with his hometown club, winning the league in the prosess. Even top Swedish clubs won’t be able to match Championship wages. We must learn to wheel and deal to progress. Did a bit of good business in Carlos’ first season. Looking for players with potential, or players who are going through a bad spell in their careers and get them back on track.
  8. Probably him turning them down to go abroad. Spent a season at his boyhood club to get going after a couple of rough seasons it seems.
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