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  1. When Alex comes on as a sub I’ll stand up and shout «THE HUNT IS ON!» That is all. Goodbye.
  2. What was that all about?
  3. Well, looking very good for a long stay.
  4. Very difficult to take anyone who leaves out Simon Coleman seriously.
  5. That article is one hell of a day’s work. One hell of a day’s work. How does he do it?
  6. Mick McCarthy

    Care to elaborate?
  7. Pretty obvious that neither will sign. Won’t lose any sleep over it. Representative of what football’s become for me. Greed and shortsightedness. Good riddance.
  8. Announce the stripes!!!

    Will there be a central blue spot?
  9. Waddle didn’t need shorts.
  10. Still grey smoke coming from Hillsborough
  11. 20 years ago today!

    Good thing we replaced Ron with Danny Wilson
  12. Who's out of contract?
  13. I see where you’re coming from, but that would obviously be totally unacceptable to the players and their agents.