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  1. I see people keep mentioning the EFL should remove Chansiri. Is this even possible once he passed the fit and proper test? Basically, we have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Any Wednesdayite or Wednesday connected ex-player with a standing in the came should come forward and demand answers. Wilkinson or Waddle. This isn’t Wednesday, it’s Chansiri.
  2. Mandaric picked us up on the cheap. Can’t remember what he had to fork out. But that included Hillsborough. Who owns the stadium now? Still Chansiri? I’m confused.
  3. It’s not classic Wednesday, it’s classic Chansiri. We look done to me.
  4. Maybe they should introduce an IQ test to determine whether a potential new owner is fit and proper. Six years too late, I know.
  5. Looking like it could be anytime soon with Chansiri in charge.
  6. Like buying a new car, crashing it into a brick wall and Ask for double the price. Embarrassing, yes. For Chansiri. He’s a spoilt man child. No business acumen whatsoever.
  7. Who cares what that spoilt man child has to say anyway? Unless it’s «I’ve sold the club».
  8. Well I have no idea. Just desperate want to get rid of the guy, and it seems he is going nowhere.
  9. I think we should go for it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, etc. And I don’t believe they’re neccessarily aware of this stain on their name. It is not like it’s all over the news worldwide. Please feel free to start a thread. More people would listen to you.
  10. The only way to get rid is if his father and brother notices and recognizes this total embarrassment to their family. Evrybody should fill out this form, maybe it would get some attention if hundreds of fans did.
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