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  1. Five goals and eleven assists this season. For me that’s very good for a central midfielder.
  2. Sceptical about signing injury prone players like Odubajo and Powell. Quality players, obviously, but can we afford the risk? We need one or two central mids who can 40+ games a season. As for right back, I think we’re more than good enough with Iorfa and Palmer signs. Unless Palmer is on the move, I’d never sign Odubajo
  3. This doesn’t mean we’re dropping our interest in Hector. We’ve got one proven central defender at the club currently, and he’s quite injury prone. Expect us to sign two center halfs, hopefully one will be Hector.
  4. See I could have read through the there. Alex Hunt, is he with the U-23s now?
  5. Has he been released? Thought was the next big thing.
  6. I thought you were on about the game where FF refused to play.
  7. So he’s going to be told tomorrow but he’s been told already so they decided to do it today.
  8. Hitler supports Liverpool. Used to live there with his cousin.
  9. To be fair, Bannan has nine assists this season. That’s not too bad considering how bad we were under Jos. Having said that, he seems to have lost a bit of urgency to his game compared to how he was playing under Carlos, particularly that first season. I think we should keep him, and I don’t think we’ll go 4-4-2 if Bruce manages to wheel and deal during the summer. Bannan drops too deeply when played in a midfield two. Then again, hasn’t Bannan and Hutch had some brilliant performances lately?
  10. If Kieran Lee is fit I’d definitely give him a one year deal in the summer. A proper pre season and it’d be like signing a new player. Worth the gamble in my opinion.
  11. «Tremendous speech» Churchill doesn’t stand a chance.
  12. Wonder why Bruce didn’t put Boyd at LB Think I’d prefer Pudil to Palmer at LB, though. Bad luck for SWFC and Lazaar. Seems a top player at this level, and eager to stay. Let’s hope he’s back soon.
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