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  1. Accrington, if they win 4-3, will see it as an achievement. Well, it’s not is it? We’ll be stuck in Division Three as long the two fools are in charge.
  2. It is laughable. We should sack the clueless clown in charge tonight.
  3. Must be something going on beyond the scene. Wanting out?
  4. Two goals up, one goal down. Sad to say, but I’ve just lost the feeling with Chansiri in charge. Hope we win, but just feel no joy when winning or despair when losing with dumb and dumber in charge of the club.
  5. He’s told them it’s not good enough. The guy knows how to manage.
  6. Don’t worry, Darren will dust off and regroup on the training pitch in the morning.
  7. I didn’t say that. It’s very unlikely we’ll find the manager who’ll be able to turn us around and take us forward long term as long as Chansiri is picking him.
  8. Is he gone yet? The only way this club can be saved is if we stumble across a manager that’s a perfect fit and where it just «clicks» into place. Think Holloway at Blackpool or Wilder at United. Unfortunately that’s not very likely. And it sure as hell ain’t Darren Moore.
  9. The guy couldn't handle moving from Bournemouth to Burnley. Now he'll work with the Saudi warlords. Yeah, sounds like a great match.
  10. Chansiri probably won’t sack him until it’s too late to save the season. Clowns, both of them.
  11. The players aren’t playing for him. Got to go.
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