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  1. I hope we get as much as possible out of Newcastle. But I just can’t see that it will work if Bruce stays. 99 percent of the time, if a manager or player wants to go he goes. Can only think of the Marco Silva example recently, and that didn’t turn out very well.
  2. I just can’t see how it is going to work for Bruce at SWFC if this falls through and Newcastle appoint somebody else. I wouldn’t want an unmotivated Bruce around.
  3. That is extremely impressive, and would be an interesting choice of manager. There’s one big worry that neither has coached, managed or played at a higher level than League. 500k release clause. Came close to being appointed at WBA. Sounds like the name of a country band.
  4. What’s so special about the Cowley brothers? They’re being linked to every Championship club looking for a manager. Done well in League One, obviously, but so did Chris Turner and Colin West.
  5. As in Steve Bruce doesn’t get the Newcastle job. Wasn’t that hard to read between the lines, I reckon?
  6. Well, he’s going to bring a lot of those foundations with him, taking most of the coaching and scouting staff. I bet Bullen isn’t impressed. Is that dutch coach Jos brought with him still here?
  7. If it’s true that he’s been engineering this move while doing pre season, signing and releasing players, and the move falls through we should sack Steve Bruce for gross misconduct.
  8. Still time to sign Lee Cattermole before he leaves.
  9. We’re you not the one starting the name calling here? Probably got that a little wrong. Well, anyways, if you think we’re mobbing in the right direction that’s fine with me. I don’t. As for sponsors, you might want to add some revenue. The inability to bring in partner’s are very worrying. Bless him for all the money he’s put in, but he needs to surround himself with the right people to get this club moving forward again. Like he’s actually HAS done with the academy.
  10. So you think Chansiri has put in a place a sound football and business strategy, then, taking the club forward? For the amount of money he’s spent, the returns are poor. Exemplified for instance but the almost complete inhability to bring proper sponsors to the club. It’s quite embarrassing watching those D Taxi and Chansiri signs to be honest. I don’t care about shirts, but a lot of people do. And the way we’ve been conducting our business the last few years have been laughable. It’s lost revenue. Add to that the increased ticket prices, failed 1867 and other schemes, the fall out with the Hirsts, etc. He may well be passionate. I never said I wanted a business man for owner. But I want someone who appoints the right advisors, listene to them and let them do their job uninterupted. Having said that, surely he’s done a lot of good for the club, but he has to get his s*** together or it’ll all go pear shaped. Or worse, anniversary cake ball shaped. As for the United shirt you’re still waiting for: Chin up, I bet you’ll get your piece soon.
  11. I’ve long accepted that it’s very unlikely that Hector will return this summer. Surely he’s built some good relations with the club, players and fans, but we’ll never be able to fork out anything between 3 and 5 million this summer. While we’ve finally been able to bring in a top notch manager, I’m starting to believe that the best transfer we can hope for is the transfer of SWFC to a new owner. Somebody who surrounds himself and takes advice from proper football people, learns from his mistakes, knows how to run a business, is able to bring in sponsors and revenue and deliver shirts and accounts in time.
  12. Seems to have played very well at times for Brentford, and they were raving about him after the first 9-10 games last season. Dean Smith holds him high too. Was even rumoured to be interested in taking him to Villa. Bit of a gamble, but wages won’t be huge, at least he’ll be a decent squad player. If Bruce can help him build his confidence he could be a real coup. And Bruce is supposed to be superb at man management. A decent signing for me.
  13. McEachran was starting every game under Dean Smith, and Brentford were doing very well until Smith left for Villa.
  14. Maybe they brought him down to Portugal to trial the new physio we’re bringing in?
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