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  1. Yeah, they both have proven that they’re great at managing all the others. Mate.
  2. Monk, as Luhukay, obviously can’t handle big characters like Hutchinson and Westwood.
  3. The fact that Joe Palmer left us to join Wimbledon speaks volumes about how it is to be working for DC.
  4. DC was ruining his career. I’d shaft the chairman too if he stood in the way of my family prospering.
  5. I remember being really please when we brought in Joe Palmer, as it indicated DC was bringing in experienced football people to build a strong administration snd governance of the club. Palmer leaving 18 months later for Wimbledon having achieved nothing says it all. Meire’s frustration is telling me he simply won’t let people do their job. As for Bruce, he sounded frustrated with transfer dealings before the Newcastle debacle. This transfer window made it clear Paixao is still pulling the strings, and the manager lacks authority over transfers. DC is simply unable to change, and we’ll be on a downward spiral as long as e he’s here, unless we stumble over a gem of a manager (like the blunts with Wilder) who’s able to function in this environment. The FPL charging him gives us a glimmer of hope, but if he’s not allowed to run the club, changes are he’ll just let us drop like a stone. Never was a successful business man, and looks like he never will be. A spoilt rich man’s son running into some struggles for the first time in his professional life. Not looking good for us.
  6. You obviously know him personally, so why you tell it to him directly?
  7. Bullen isn’t a legend. David Hirst is a legend, and he stood up to DC.
  8. @Grandad, while never a PR expert - you’re right.
  9. Chansiri doesn’t give a poo . He’s hardly in the country while the club is completely falling apart. A spoilt daddy’s boy with no business acumen. He won’t be selling, though, as noone will be paying the 200 millions he’s asking for. Monk should probably go. No manager ever turns a situation like this around. And we need another false dawn to start believing in Chansiri again. And to have a chance of staying up.
  10. Monk has shown that he is a capable manager at this level. He is not the problem. For his own sake he should quit tonight before he ruins his career. As for our dear owner it’s been clear for years that he is completely incapable of running a football club. Worryingly, though, not only is he not the brightest of people, he is also incredibly stubborn. As for the players they should all be ashamed of themselves - they’re literally stealing money from the club. My only hope is that his daddy will stop him from pi$$ing more of his money up the wall and embarrassing his name. Probably happy to keep him away from his business, though.
  11. I can’t see how anyone can blame Hutchinson or Westwood for our poor form. If Monk can’t handle players with a bit of ego or players who are going to contradict him from time to time, he just isn’t fit to be a manager at this level in modern football. Both have never given anything but 100 percent when playing. Hutch was probably man of the match until he had to go off with injury against Qpr - his last match. It started so promising with Monk, but no manager is ever turning around such a run of form. Bring in Glenn Loovens as caretaker until the end of the season. Couldn’t get any worse. We need to start again. Clear out in the summer.
  12. Clubs with supporters who continuously chant racist abuse at players have to play a match or two without supporters in their stadium. Owner gets thrown out of football for spending his own money and club is deducted fifteen points for it. Fair.
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