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  1. Are you really going to put any relevance into a quote from the Huddersfield chairman?
  2. Their results have obviously been very impressive, but there are so many ‘next big thing in mamagement’ never making the step up. What makes people think they’re so progressive?
  3. If they come to SWFC, and it’s a big if, they come here with a big reputation. Players will listen. If they’re out of they’re depth, however, the players won’t listen for long. But if the club/DC has done proper due dilligence on these two I’m all for. Pulis for me is a death knell.
  4. One day he’ll manage the pigs. He was destined to.
  5. Affection, sure. Connections? Who, exactly? Just not qualified, for me. Maybe, just maybe, he could be a decent assistant for LB.
  6. What a player he is. I hope we give him enough time to recover, and rests him when needed. Most underrated player in the football league. Also, the club should be searching high and low for his long term successor.
  7. Umbongo, Umbongo, Then we signed Luongo, Don''t know why, Should have brought in Franck Songo'o
  8. Looks like Chris Hughton needs a doctor, though.
  9. If he comes here and does well, obviously I’d be delighted with that. But I’d be sceptical appointing him on that basis. If he doesn’t really want the job, but joina because it’s a good payday, hmmm.
  10. I don’t want Hughton if he’ll only come here on very high wages and after weeks persuading him. My biggest concern is if DC talks to Chris Coleman, who might very well charm himself into the job.
  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t want Chris Hughton? Last thing we need is a manager who needs weeks to be persuaded to come here, and then only for big money. No thanks!
  12. Yes, absolutely no point to convince him if he’s not sold on the idea. Rather have Rowett, who seems to want it badly.
  13. Don’ think Bullen will take a chance with youngsters like Penney at this time if he’s after the manager job.
  14. It’s not like Steve Bruce is an irreplaceable football genius. The problem is the timing he jumped ship. A despicable maneuver. And he was safe hands. I think we’d be a good fit for Gary Rowett, but he’d be hired by now if we were after him.
  15. Cowley is an interesting choice. If we are that keen we could maybe tempt him here if the deal is right for everyone involved. Seems like he was speaking with WBA. Better timing in May/June obviously.
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