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  1. Shezza

    Whole Team

    500 pounds to walk out with that bunch?
  2. Do you base all your knowledge on Facebook?
  3. Shezza

    Outside View

    Always disliked it when fans of so-called big clubs come to Hillsborough and pass their judgment on the atmosphere and so forth. It’s f******* condescending.
  4. We didn’t deserve anything, and it was probably his worst game in a wednesday shirt
  5. Shezza

    Anyone know Gary Sweeney?

    Funny you should ask. Somebody stuffed his vallet in my letterbox today!
  6. Shezza

    Can I just say....

    Everytime you neg Mr Farrell, he’ll hunt down an old post of yours and neg you back
  7. Not in squad today. Injured, or not in Jos’ plans?
  8. Shezza


    If we’re going to play one man up front, Fletcher is quality.
  9. Shezza


  10. Shezza


    This guy. Every time he's negged, he looks up one of your old posts and returns it
  11. Shezza

    Strength of our academy

    Didn’t know another talented youngsters left. Who did he leave us for?
  12. Shezza

    No slacking boys...

    I think we have as a good a chance of rebuilding as ever with a lot of expensive contracts expiring next summer. But do we have the football and scouting personnel in place to supply Jos with s proper rebuild? Don’t think so.
  13. Shezza

    The Abdinator!

    Abdi is a write off. He’ll never do anything of quality for us. Ain’t got the legs or mentality for it anymore. Basically been out of the game for two years, and most players never recover from it. He certainly won’t. Got hopes for Lee and Hooper, though. Fingers crossed.