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  1. Shezza

    George Boyd

    Could he play as one of three central midfielders in 3-5-2 formation? Bannan, Hutch, Boyd or maybe even as one of an attacking trio Boyd, Nuhiu, Forestieri In shape and injury free he should be more than good enough.
  2. If we had continued to build the way we did during 2015 we probably wouldn’t have been in such a mess. Signing old players with no resale value, high wages and long contracts did. Unless we completely revamp our transfer strategy and bring in proper football people we won’t come close to promotion in years. Nothing to suggest DC is changing though, if he actually believes we can get promoted this year. And earlier this summer we were hearing about signing experienced Championship players - the likes of Boyd and Jones all over again. I can’t believe how little he’s learned. It is, in fact, frightening.
  3. Shezza

    New recruitment policy

    A lot of people were concerned when the chairman and manager kept signing players we were never going to recoup any transfer fee for already back in the summer/autumn of 2016, i.e Pudil and Jones for a combined four million, Fletcher on a long contract and Abdi for four million. It was basically a Premiership or bust strategy. The summer of 2015 was a lot healthier, where we signed younger players and/or players on loan. Bannan on free was shrewd. Before that we made some great business signing Lees cheaply, Lee and Westwood for free. What we need is football people with knowledge to find those kind of deals. We made a mess of the CD situation and it has made us weak in defence for a long time. It’s about doing the basics right, look at bringing in players who lost their way a bit and get them back on track like with did with Bannan and Wallace, get in people who know the market to bring in talented players from the lower leagues and use the loan market like we did with Lopez, Hunt and Pudil. We need a proper revamp of how we approach transfers and add some youngsters from the academy. We’ll need to sell Winnall, Joao, Reach and Forestieri, and release our high earners on contract expiry. If we’re lucky we could keep Lees and Bannan, but even that could be hard to do. It’s the only way out of this complete mess, but I’m doubting we have people at the club to be prepared to do it.
  4. Shezza

    Common sense isn't it?

    Not your best poem, but decent enough, I guess.
  5. I think we’ll be decent this season. Hopefully we’ll bring in two or three decent loanees and we can get Hooper and Lee fit to play. But I can’t see us challenging for promotion. Too many holes in the squad. Got to accept we’re in a transitional period, test some youngsters, and hopefully enjoy the season somewhat.
  6. It was such a big deal. I am so, so sorry.
  7. Shezza

    Adam Reach

    One of the best wing backs in the Championship. Hope we play him there. Then again, we look thin going forward with Hutch, Pelupessy and Bannan in a midfield three.
  8. What’s United’s new home shirt got to do with it?
  9. Someone please ask what’s going on with Abdi. I’ll buy you a beer next time I’m in Sheffield
  10. With you complaining about their slowness it was at least easy to think according to those lines, yes.
  11. Under any circumstance it’s not good for the player or the club. Not saying Pearce is lying either, but let’s hope he has minterpreted FF. AS for David Flitcroft handling this situation, it was always going to come out of control as he doesn’t seem to be the brightest of lightbulb. Club representatives could have at least tried to sort this out between them before calling in the police.
  12. Let’s face, it we have no idea what’s been said - if anything. If it’s racism, FF will be punished and rightly so. But I really don’t think we’d have put out that statement unless we’ve had our own inqueiry into this beforehand. Chansiri doesn’t seem to be the guy that would accept such behaviour.
  13. And why should they give any priority to some spoilt footballers throwing their handbags around?
  14. No surprise, really. Will probably be word against word, though. Hopefully the FA and the police will look into the assault on Lees. Needs to be handled, and Mellis has a history of violence.
  15. Shezza

    Boycott Membership

    Do you always find a random post by users who neg you and vote it down?