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  1. To the tune of Pink Floyds 'Another Brick in the Wall' We don't need no administration We dont need no co-op control No dark sarcasm in the boardroom Board leave the club alone Hey! Board! Leave the club alone!
  2. Where is everyone drinking before the game? I heard about a pub close to train station, I'm also imformed there is a sam smiths pub close by the ground?
  3. I asked about that in the super store, and they said they were only doing the grey one this year. Disappointing really considering I know at least 4/5 people who have commented on it, and would buy it, but knowing there is only the grey one they haven’t bothered.We can't expect the retail staff to get everything right, this year must have been extremely hectic for them, having dropped their supplier, organising a new one and probably deciding on the merchandise on a short deadline.
  4. Can they be warm please? When I got mine the girl bent over and grabbed one out of a box on the floor.I think it's great the strides the club have made with the catering, but these small things do make a big difference.
  5. The new pie range is far superior than that poo they used to serve.
  6. Just thinking most companies now have these notice boards etc.... Wonderd if it would be a good idea to get some sort of poster in pdf format available for download on the OS, then us fans can download and print off, plaster them around the workplace - raising awareness of the new season deals etc. It might drum up a bit of buisness for the club?
  7. Agreed...it would be a good idea, they have been left since 96...It would look awesome looking down Penistone Road on a matchday and seeing 10+ masts complete with SWFC flags attached
  8. I went t'lane to watch the England U21's and was sat in the John Street stand...Noticed they had a merchandise store, which seemed to be doing pretty well even though it was an England match and they were only selling united stuff. Not sure if we would have enough room on North concourse and Kop, maybe an option for the South stand?
  9. I have had an mail from David Smith (Head of Catering) at the club regarding this issue. Apparently they trialled this on the South Stand a couple of seasons ago, but didn't go down to well :-( (see below) "Hi, We are looking at various ways to improve the service / offerings all round the stadium. This project is ongoing and we are in a fantastic position to make a real difference. With your suggestion, the idea in principle is a good one but has a couple of drawbacks. We tried this system a few seasons ago on the south stand and it didn’t go down very well. The basic reason for this was that the majority of customers refused to buy the pre-poured pints saying that they wanted a fresh one, we ended up throwing away dozens of pints of lager / beer. Ideally on the North stand we would be serving draught beers and lagers like they do on the south, but due to the size of the existing kiosks, this is not possible. You need an adequate cellar to cool the barrels / pipes and there simply isn’t room with what we have got at the moment. Having said that, there are a couple of areas that we are looking at as part of the project and there is a real possibility that we could convert one of these into a cellar. This is by no means concrete but I can assure you that we are revisiting everything that we do to see, How we can do things better What better quality we can offer What the fans really want and how we can deliver this Etc. etc Please keep the suggestions coming, as they are all welcomed and valued." I'd like to thank David with taking the time to explain this, he's obviously reading the forum for suggestion/ideas which I also think is a great idea, and I'm sure we will see a difference given time. Well done David and SWFC!!!!
  10. What's everyones thoughts about getting Beres (Pork Shop) into the Stadium?
  11. Do they not have draught Carlsberg on the south stand?...remember sitting on their couple of seasons ago and they had them machines that poured 4/6 pints in one go....
  12. Kelham Island bottle some of their beers now, along with many other breweries. Due to certain health and safety regs I don't think they could have them in their usual glass bottles though, perhaps they could bottle in plastic? Does anyone know if this has a adverse affect on the beer though?
  13. What's everyones thoughts about introducing real ale for some parts of the ground...I'd love them to have some of the Kelham Island beers available, not sure if there would be much demand though?
  14. Start pouring pints 10 minutes before half time, then when the whistle blows we have a head start to get people served quicker, I'm sure we would serve a lot more people at half possibly serve some people twice if they see a small qeue. Also it maybe a good idea to get beer on draught, with them machines that pour 4/6 pints at a time - they have them in South stand and they seem to work well
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